Jingdong Is Making Medicine Safer

Jingdong is making waves in the world of medicine after introducing the JD Medicine Open Tracing Solution. Their system uses blockchain technology to make the supply chains surrounding pharmaceuticals more transparent for their customers. Transparency is important these days and customers are demanding to know where their products are coming from and how high of quality they are. This is especially important when it comes to things like food and medicine and JD.com wants their customers to feel comfortable with their purchases. They are teaming up with other big names in industries such as medical software and hardware manufacturers to make sure that their solution can be deployed smoothly and as quickly as possible.

This big development was announced by JD.com at their Beijing Big Data Summit in 2018. Their system can be found on the company’s Blockchain Open Platform. There are a lot of concerns in China about how authentic the medications that people are taking. With the technology from JD.com, consumers will be able to feel more secure about what they are taking and the company that it comes from. Every part of production will be tracked by the tracing solution from Jingdong. This includes everything from medical application all the way up to the sale of the medication. The user interface is simple to use and improves the efficiency of how it collects data by using solutions that are part of the Internet of Things.

After a sizeable number of safety incidents concerning pharmaceuticals made headlines in China, JD.com decided to take action to improve customer safety and satisfaction. While these issues affected a variety of different products that were found to be substandard, one of the huge concerns that people had was the safety of the vaccines that were being given to their loved ones and themselves. In these safety incidents, they found that not only were people receiving vaccines and medications that were substandard when it came to quality, in some cases, but they were also even expired. This is why so many customers in China have started demanding more transparency in medicine and the rest of their products.

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