Organo Gold Fenix XT Mango Peach Energy Drink Mix

We all live very busy lives and getting a boost of energy can sometimes be a problem, so naturally when it comes to getting energy during the day many of us turn to carbonated energy drinks that are sold in most major retailers. The problem is that many of these energy drinks are very harmful, and their ingredients do the body more harm then good. Organo Gold has seen this as a problem for consumers and they have created an energy drink mix that is unlike anything you have tried before.


The Organo Gold Fenix XT Mango Peach Energy Drink Mix is an all natural drink mix that is meant for people who want a burst of energy during the day but they dont want all of the sugar rush that comes with most of the modern energy drinks that are currently available. Read more at about Organo Gold. The Mango mixture blends natural flavors that will quench any thurst, and the natural herbs that have been blended into the mixture make this quite the healthy drink option for you to enjoy. The main ingredient that has been mixed into the Organo Gold Fenix XT Mango Peach Energy Drink Mix is Rhodiola. This natural herb has been consumed by athletes for centuries as a way to boost stamina and endurance during fitness compititions. Organo Gold has figured out how to market this as a one of a kind natural energy drink, and they have combined some of the most wonderful flavors that you will ever taste. Mango is naturally one of the sweetest fruits that you will eat, being one of the most popular forms of melon. The Organo Gold Fenix XT Mango Peach Energy Drink Mix is a one of a kind product that will keep you hydrated during even the hottest times of dehydration. Follow Organo Gold on

Talk Fusion’s Fusion on the Go App: An Advance in Personalized Business Marketing

Talk Fusion, an award-winning, popular business tool which gives companies the ability to amp up their marketing efforts by actively engaging its clients and giving them a remarkable experience via video. This tool is the brainchild of founder and CEO Bob Reina, who saw the need for better video sending capabilities through email. Talk Fusion was brought into the world in 2007, and in 2016 they branched out into the expanding world of apps by adding a video chat app to their repertoire. As of today, the Talk Fusion business model is available to businesses in over 140 countries


The new app comes equipped with helpful, easy-to-navigate features to assist companies with keeping on the cutting edge of the business world. The Fusion on the Go app is available on iTunes and the Google Play store for iOS 7 operating systems, and 4.4.3 Android systems, or newer, respectively.


Talk Fusion’s leading product, Video Email, is easy with the use of the Fusion on the Go app to connect with contacts quickly and much more personally. Video email messages can be sent directly from any Apple or Android device to clients, and can be seen anywhere they are located. That personal touch is what gives Talk Fusion’s businesses their edge against other business competitors, by making their clients feel involved and significant in a world overrun with technology that so often labels clients by number.


The app allows for recording, uploading, and sending videos, as well as the convenient ability to make video calls between multiple devices. Private chat rooms that can be created, archived, and revisited anytime, and unlimited messaging only add to the benefits of the app. All features can be accessed any time via a 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi connection.


Recent upgrades include picture messaging, a new chat feature on the app, plus the ability to create country-based chat rooms. Plus you can chat with multiple friends at once, and view which of your contacts are currently online. The app boasts excellent, crystal-clear video picture quality. Fusion on the Go offers all of these features and services ad-free, unlike some similar competitor’s apps.


Talk Fusion has brought its A-game when it comes to providing a functional, user-friendly app. Fusion on the Go is the clear choice for businesses who wish to personally connect to their clients and colleagues quickly and easily.


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The Chainsmokers Share Exclusive Details About the Making of “Somebody”

Fresh off of attending the 60th Annual Grammy Awards in January of 2018, The Chainsmokers have released a tutorial on their Facebook demonstrating how their latest hit song came together. Their song, “Somebody,” relies upon the combination of sounds that have made The Chainsmokers stand out from other DJ groups: the unique blend of modular synth work with pitched-up vocals.

In the clip posted to their Facebook, The Chainsmokers relax in their studio and give a key insight into how the song was made. They reveal, for instance, that part of the vocals for “Somebody” were originally composed and recorded for a different song. When the decision was made to add the vocals to “Somebody” instead, this resulted in a need for a pitch change, giving the song the recognizable distinction that fans have come to love.

With their unique sounds and genre-defying music, The Chainsmokers have been one of the most successful American DJ and production duos to emerge in the 21st century. First breaking onto the scene in 2014 with their song “#Selfie,” the band has gone on to release three extended plays and one full-length studio album. The Chainsmokers is composed of Alex Pall, who operates as the DJ, and Andrew Taggart, who operates as the band’s producer and vocalist. As a group, The Chainmakers have been noted for their ability to transcend the boundaries that exist between hip-hop, dance music, indie and pop. Their diverse range likely comes from the diverse group of influences cited by the band, which range from Taylor Swift to Blink-182.

In 2018, The Chainsmokers topped The Billboard Dance 100 Top Artists chart. Billboard praised the group’s crossover savvy and ability to put on fully bombastic arena shows that appealed to more than one type of listener. The group has garnered more than 2 million concert ticket sales and over 10 billion online streaming downloads. Beginning in 2017, The Chainsmokers began a three-year long residency in Las Vegas at the Wynn Nightlife.

The Chainsmokers new single, Somebody, and their success in 2018.

The Chainsmokers have been all over the charts and billboards since the dawn of 2018. The duo has performed their songs on the most hyped platforms and events like the Ultra Music Festival in Miami. This is in loyalty to their long-term plan to put a new face into electronic dance music, a quest they are on the blink of fulfilling. Their new single somebody is the ultimate soundtrack that reflects the daily struggles of our lives. The lyrics to the song are reflective, with a mix of emotional sentiments and some philosophical bits.

Chainsmokers have been on a nice run of success this year, with their acclaimed single hit; don’t let me down, hitting a billion views on Spotify. According to Alex Pall, one of the DJing duo, somebody is projected to be a major success given the level of versatility that they have invested in the track. Success has not ceased following the Chainsmokers as they recently topped the Billboard Dance 100. Andrew Taggart thanked the fans for their support in an appreciation video, saying that they are excited as much as they are honored to top the list, citing that in the previous years they did not even make the cut.

In the new song, Somebody, the Chainsmokers feature Drew Love of THEY, a popular American R&B duo. Chainsmokers always take pride in the fact that they write their own lyrics and in this song, it is no different. Andrew Taggart teams up with Drew Love and Emily Warren in writing the catchy lyrics to the new radio-banger hit. Somebody has received praise from all over the industry for its well-crafted beats that feature somber keys and atmospheric syncs. Most people have described the song as the strongest production in 2018 from the duo.

More about the Chainsmokers

They are an American DJing duo, made up by Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall. The two met in 2012 in New York City and has since grown to a household name. Their major break was in 2014 with their hit single #selfie which featured at top twenty in most charts in different countries. Their first live performance was in September 2014, when they opened for Timeflies.

Mina Ebrahimi-Passionate Cook and Entrepreneur

Mina Ebrahimi is the founder and CEO of Saint Germain, a reputable catering company. She has a real passion for cooking, and she turned it into her career when she started her own catering company. It took a lot of effort and grit, but she now owns a company that delivers high-quality food and superior service.

Mina’s parents first immigrated to the USA in 1978, and she worked in the family bakery, Seven Corners, at the age of 11. There she learned many practical and valuable skills such as customer service and she ran the café when it was relocated to Tyson’s Galleria as the Saint Germain Café.

When she reached the age of 26, she began her own company known as Saint Germain Catering. Her company’s specialty is corporate catering and hosting special events such as weddings. She turned her company into a full-service catering company that hosts weddings, special events, business luncheons, and private parties. Her company has 32 employees that are full-time and eight employees that work for her part-time.

Mina has been recognized for all of her hard work and achievements and has been awarded the Enterprising Women of the Year Award and Top 40 Under 40 Award. She has also received many other awards and recognition as well.

Mina is also very compassionate and has given generously to many non-profit organizations including Operation Homefront DC, and the 25th Project that helps provide food to the homeless in the Northern VA area. She has even sponsored McBaine, a dog that detects cancer.

She also founded the Jack-Ebrahimi Program at the Pennsylvania University which helps women to have a bright future. Mina is all about rising up to your full potential and believe that when you direct your mind to something you can obtain it. She has turned her success into a useful tool to help others to realize and achieve their dreams and has proven that no matter what your passion is, if you want it bad enough and work towards it, it can be done. She is also a strong advocate for women in business.

Betsy DeVos: Doing Her Part to Make America Great Again

There are so many different things that need to change when it comes to systems in America. We live in a time where the current president claims that he wants to “make America great again”, but what does such an assertion mean for every day Americans? It’s true, that they will more than likely expect some types of government overhauls, but what can they do to help enact a real degree of change. Well, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos believes that the first thing they can do is look at their children’s school system and make some very tough decisions about what they believe is going to be best for their children.


By doing this, Betsy DeVos believes that parents will feel a sense of empowerment that needs to accompany more decisions that are being made in this age of American involvement. The problem is, that America isn’t great right now and students are actually being put in a position where they are not getting an education that is competitive with other students around the globe. Parents need to look at this and ascertain whether or not this is going to be something they need to take action on. It might be possible that privatization of the educational system in America can be the only way to help revive that dying system.


Betsy DeVos is one of the major proponents of school choice. Another way of describing school choice is by thinking of a type of private education. Parents can accomplish this through a variety of ways that match a variety of budgets. Homeschooling is a very economical option that parents can elect to go through, it will foster a greater amount of bonding and help parents ensure that their children are receiving a quality education that they understand. They also have the option of sending their children to a virtual school where they have an exposure to children from many different backgrounds that will allow them to gain a deeper knowledge of the world. They also have more time devoted to self-directive activities that will help them develop skills necessary for self-learning. Parents that must work outside of the home or are not available can look into the charter school or private school systems. Both offer superb levels of education that will keep the parents involved in the process throughout their entire learning career.


Betsy DeVos knows that there are options available, parents just need to understand those options as well. While these were just a few of the ones that they can elect to enroll their children, there are new types of hybrid programs springing up every single day. These programs can offer a unique perspective that will allow students to tailor their parental level of involvement based on the schedules that all family members have. The thing is, that this allows parents to customize the education approach instead of plopping their children down into a system that has been operating under the same type of standards for years without adapting in any kind of way. Betsy DeVos knows that change is good, and this change will make America great.


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Making Waves in Mental Health Care With Neurocore

Neurocore is at the center of attention in the medical field. The company is a cutting edge, science based, technology centered mecca for individuals who are experiencing a slew of mental health problems. The company is making headlines, on many forums, across the globe.

One article recently published talked about the company’s courageous journey into helping many patients combat the effects of anxiety disorders and stress. The treatments for anxiety designed by the professionals at Neurocore are noninvasive and drug free. Essentially the treatments are designed to help the patient learn to cope with the triggers and other fundamental parts of their anxiety disorders. Read more about Neurocore at

Another article recently published discussed Neurocore’s motto that eating a healthy diet will increase your brain’s health. The article list a variety of items that people could incorporate into their diets to help increase their heart, brain, and overall health. The article also suggested the individuals who consumed a diet similar to the popular Mediterranean Diet were consistently healthier than the general population.

Neurocore’s motto is basically to inspire people to live healthier lives. The company has designed several different programs that help their patients achieve better concentration, more restful sleep, manage stressful situations, and other various life skills that help reduce anxiety and other mental illness situations. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

The most comprehensive program offered by Neurocore is their Memory Boot Camp. Memory Boot Camp is a twelve week period of various classes and personal coaching sessions. There are a total of twenty-four one on one coaching sessions and thirty additional classes in the entire program. Each participant also gets a complete diagnostic testing panel, vitamins, and other dietary supplements to help aid in the success of their program.

This holistic, drug free, program has gained such popularity and success that Neurocore has opened nine centers since its’ inception in 2006. Six of the centers are located in the state of Michigan. They are located in the cities of Livonia, Grand Rapids, Grandville, Holland, Sterling Heights, and West Bloomfield. The center also has two locations in Florida. They are located in the cities of Boca Raton and West Palm Beach.


Paul Herdsman, Intellectual Property And Examples Of This Business Strategy

When people are looking at different business strategies, one thing they have to realize is that there is value in each of them. Some of the most innovative businesses have come from business strategies that are least expected. One thing that this has shown is that it is not necessary to be a loudmouth or social butterfly in order to make a mark in this world. Chief Operating Officer of NICE Global, Paul Herdsman himself would agree that in some cases, all that is needed is an idea in order to greatly influence an industry. For instance, the intellectual property strategy has influenced even the entertainment industry. Learn more about Herdsman’s business strategies on 12 Success Tips for Entrepreneurs From NICE Global CO-Founder Paul Herdsman.


One example that Paul Herdsman is aware of is Dolby. Dolby is a famous household name. As a matter of fact, many audio appliances have the name Dolby on it. One of the reasons behind this is that the owner of Dolby has influenced sound in many different ways. One of the most important things the company has done is implement noise reduction technology. While some would say that Dolby was responsible for multi-channel sound, multi-channel sound has been around long before the company was founded. However, Dolby was also responsible for the advancement of sound technology for entertainment. See This Article for more information.


One thing that an entrepreneur is going to do when it comes to intellectual property is protect their property. One thing that they don’t want is for someone to steal their ideas and make money off of it. This is something that happens more often than people would like to think. Paul Herdsman himself is aware of the frustration and tragedy that comes with having to deal with intellectual property theft. One thing that can help is if people do everything they can to claim their intellectual property which can come in the form of a copyright or a patent.



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The Successful Business Career Of Shiraz Boghani

Shiraz Boghani has shined in the business world and as a successful hotelier, he has taught other entrepreneur’s ways through which they can achieve success through their investments. Boghani is the current chairman of Splendid Hospitality Group and he also owns a vast number of prestigious hotels in the United Kingdom. Shiraz Boghani is passionate about hotels and he has operated and run a vast number of hotels for the last thirty years. Besides his passion for investing in hotels, the renowned entrepreneur is also a qualified accountant and in the early 1990`s, he was among the first individuals to announce his establishment of hotels with unlimited service brands.


Shiraz Boghani has played a major role in helping other people develop their investments and through his many years of experience, he has achieved a lot of expertise in the hotels and management sector. Besides, he likes sharing ideas with other people and through this, he has helped to develop the careers of most individuals in the UK as well as Asia. Shiraz`s hard work is the major reason as to why he has successfully established a vast number of hotels in the country besides making a good name for himself. Refer to This Article for more information.


The renowned investor has made a great reputation for himself through his establishments and many people strive to emulate his steps so as to succeed in business. Shiraz was recently honored as the best hotelier of the year in the Asian Business Award and he received accreditation for his ability to manage and run over nineteen hotels in the country successfully.


In his recent venture at the Splendid Hospitality Group, Shiraz has already proved to people of his impeccable management skills through the great fame that the firm has gained since its establishment. The firm has received accreditation from a vast number of individuals, particularly those that have visited it, with a significant number of them pleased with the modern facilities that it possesses. Besides, the facility has exercised high standards of customer service with admirable customer attendants that are fully committed towards delivering the best.



Due to the passion that Shiraz has towards the hotel industry, he has also launched the Hilton London Backside Project, which has been ranked among the largest and most prestigious hotels in the country. He is also moved by the idea of innovation and adoption of new ways to operate businesses and since the beginning of his career, he has strived to bring a difference in his ventures.



Dick DeVos Gives From The Heart

In the new age of social media, there are many things that people see that would not be visible in earlier times. With technology such as smartphones, many people have access to technology that allows them to quickly record video and audio to put on social media websites. This is one of the popular aspects of social media. The ability to have things shown at a moments notice. Sometimes a good percentage of things are shown in real time.


As social media has become an integral part of daily life for many people, it is hard to keep events and actions out of the public eye. An area that use to be behind the scenes without much notice, philanthropy has changed. In earlier times, people worked behind the scenes to do many good deeds without much attention. People gave of their time and money to be a benefit to others and only a few people ever really knew what was done.


Now, philanthropy has become a topic of interest because of platforms such as social media. People share what others are doing, and people giving to help others is a human interest situation that people like to share on social media and news outlets.


In the philanthropy community there are many people who have become famous because of their giving. A few people have become recognized names around the world for the level of giving that they provide. Millions of dollars are given by some people to help charities and causes.


One of the people who has been highlighted in the philanthropy community in recent years is Dick DeVos. A businessman who has given nearly 140 million dollars of his own money over the years to help people in need, Dick DeVos has been mentioned frequently in social media and other mediums for his generous given to worthwhile causes.


Long before there was social media, the Internet, or the wave of technology that is currently used today, Dick DeVos was helping people behind the scenes. He was giving of his time and money. The desire to help others comes from a place inside the heart of Dick DeVos. He has a caring soul that is shared with his wife Betsy DeVos. The couple has been a shining light in the philanthropy community for many years.


Dick DeVos has been and continues to be a man that does what he feels is the best to help others. He takes the same caring heart that he shows in his philanthropy endeavors to the boardrooms where he serves in executive positions for the companies he guides in the business world.


Dick DeVos is an excellent businessman who knows what it takes to be a successful leader in the business world. He has always taken the companies where he serves in top-level executive positions to greater business success.


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