A Short Biography of Serge Belamant

Serge Belamant is an alumnus of the Witwatersrand University, a higher learning institution located in Johannesburg, South Africa. Belamant pursued Computer Science and Technology while at this institution. Born in Tulle, France in 1953, Belamant relocated to South Africa with his family when he was 14 years old. Consequently, the soon-to-be blockchain pioneer pursued his high school education in South Africa.

Serge Belamant is currently a patent holder in the field of modern blockchain technology while also being a respected expert in the field. Belamant’s experience and expertise in the space of blockchain technology make him one of the most peer respected professionals in the field of blockchain technology. Besides, his years in the industry makes him one of the most sought-after professionals in the blockchain and technology industry. Find out more about Serge Belamant at Bloomberg.com

Serge Belamant’s experience in blockchain technology, coupled with his understanding of the technology space has been providing him with opportunities to work in numerous firms under different capacities. Even before being the seasoned expert he is, Belamant had already discovered his passion for programming and writing code; this played a significant role in his eventual coding of the first digital transaction software. Belamant established himself as a pioneer in the blockchain industry after writing and implementing the first digital transaction software.

While most individuals recognize Serge Belamant for developing and implementing technological solutions for the financial sector, the blockchain pioneer has also worked on other tech solutions for the global financial industry that revolutionized digital financial transactions. Belamant has been prioritizing the creation of tech solutions that enhance the efficiency and security of the commercial banking system.

Belamant established his first company Net1 UEPS Technologies in 1989. The firm specialty was designing the (UEPS) Universal Electronic Payment Systems; this being a solo project. After successfully creating the UEPS, Belamant was approached by VISA (one of the largest issuer of electronic cards) in 1995. VISA wanted Belamant to design a chip offline pre-authorized card.

Belamant successfully designed the chip offline pre-authorized card for VISA. Subsequently, Belamant’s client (VISA) began issuing these cards. Today, the chip offline pre-authorized card is commonly referred to as the chip-enabled credit card or chip-enabled debit card.

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Family Therapist Roseann Bennett Writes Article About Autism Misconceptions

Family therapist Roseann Bennett says there is a lot of bad information out there about autism. She released an article on April 2nd, 2018, about autism. This date was World Autism Awareness Day and she wanted to take the opportunity to help people become more informed about autism. Bennett believes being educated about this disorder is important for everyone whether they come into people with it on a daily basis or just need to be more respectful of people who are autistic.

She founded the Center for Assessment and Treatment with her husband Todd, Roseann’s mission was to bridge the gap between in-home therapy and outpatient therapy.

First, Roseann Bennett wrote that every case of autism is different. Just because you have met one person with autism doesn’t mean you know how all other people with autism are. There is a spectrum of behaviors associated with autism which results in some people being high-functioning autistic people and other people having more of the “classic” symptoms of this disorder. See Related Link for additional information.

Roseann Bennett wrote that someone doesn’t become autistic because of bad parenting. Early on researchers thought that was the case and that parents not engaging with their children resulted in autism. This idea was long ago debunked. Things that have been shown to cause autism include metabolic issues, brain abnormalities, infections, a mother ingesting certain substances while pregnant, and genetic abnormalities.

The sooner a child is identified as having autism the better. Roseann Bennett wrote that this doesn’t result in a better chance of being “cured” of autism, though. What it does mean is that they will can be taught learning and communication skills at an earlier age. This can result in fewer behavioral issues and a better ability to adapt to situations. Also, parents will know that they need to encourage social interest from an earlier age and make that one of their focuses.

Moreover, In an article with Medical Daily Times entitled “Roseann Bennett, LFMT, Mental Health Awareness Week Spotlight”, licensed therapist Roseann Bennett offers quicks tips to keeping your Mental health in-check; tips people can use to stay on track with their well-being – both in and out of the workplace.


Find her and the Center on https://www.roseannbennett.net/contact


NPRs Article About Rocketship Education Lambasted By Supporters

NPR published an article about Rocketship Education, which many have criticized as unbalanced and loaded with inaccuracies. According to critics, the article did not even present the claim in a fair context. It also failed to completely define what Rocketship Education is all about. Rather, it discussed the challenges that the charter school organization is facing. These challenges are prevalent among many schools including public schools.

The NPR article talked about issues like strict discipline, the intense pressure to succeed academically, the customary and ceremonial classroom practices, and even the long hours spent by students at school. Unfortunately, these are general issues that all schools struggle with and not just Rocketship Education. These issues the writer sighted in the article are also the same issues that drive the students to extremely high test results. Despite these issues, parents remained loyal to the charter school that their children are enrolled.

Another issue that many critics pointed out about the article is the repeated and almost deliberate reference of Rocketship Education as a company. The term company also connotes a business gunning for profit and not non-profit organizations. According to critics, the article failed to mention that nonprofit organizations support for-profit businesses like availing services or purchasing products.

On her Twitter account, the author justified her work by claiming that she used the term company to refer to Rocketship Education to avoid using repetitive words. However, nowhere in her article was Rocketship Education referred to as a non-profit organization. Critics noted that the entire article repeated the term Rocketship 68 times, Rocketship schools 8x, and company 4 times.

About Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education was one of the pioneering charter school systems to heavily utilize various forms of technology in classrooms. Several years ago, the charter school organization realized that they also need to step back a little and have the schools led by teachers. The charter school was founded in 2006 by John Danner and Preston Smith. The organization received various donations from notable people and institutions. It includes a $2 million donation from Netflix’s chief executive officer Reed Hastings. The previous Obama administration also invested $2 million. The Education Department awarded a $250 million grant to Rocketship Education. The charter school changed its name in 2017 and is now called Rocketship Public Schools.

Connect with Rocketship Education here https://www.facebook.com/RocketshipSchools/

Carsten Thiel And His Contribution To Healthcare

For many years, Carsten Thiel has been researching on various topics relating to medicine. He is the brain behind the development of some of the most effective products in the markets today. Thiel’s love for biotechnology is one of the things that have propelled him to the top. Looking at some of the products that he has formulated, you will notice that he is focused to coming up with therapies that help people to overcome the emerging challenges in the medical world.


Impactful medical products

What Carsten Thiel believes in is the establishment of products that will have a major impact in the medical industry. He was to come up with solutions that manage the most complex situations such as surgery. Because of this, he has been combining technology with medicine to come up with these solutions. Read This Article for additional information

For instance, he helped to launch medical therapies such as Prolia and Neulasta. These are products that changed the way people treated several diseases and therefore, he had made his mark as an authority in this industry.


Solutions to the latest problems

Another thing that shows that Carsten Thiel has made enormous contributions to the healthcare industry is his eye for the latest challenges. Looking at his latest products, you will notice that he is focusing on weight loss. He wants people to enjoy better way of managing weight loss. While launching the products, he said that weight loss had become a global problem and therefore, there was need of effective medicines to tackle it.

When Carsten Thiel was born in Berlin, Germany, the country was divided between the east and the west. This affected his education and so, when it was time to join the University, he chose to move to the University of Bristol. This is one of the biggest universities in the UK, and it is where he got his education. He later joined other universities and got his PhD.


Visit his page on https://www.facebook.com/carsten.thiel.58


Gino Pozzo Is Devoted To Helping His Teams Up The Ranks

Football is popular among almost all of Europe and there are a few big names known for helping move teams up the ranks thanks to their ownership Gino Pozzo and the rest of the Pozzo family are some of these names and have been owners of football clubs since 1986. Since then, they have gone on to acquire 2 more teams and became the first family to own this many clubs at once.

Prior to getting into the business of football club ownership, the family of Gino Pozzo had a long history of woodworking. The family had run a business surrounding the field for a few generations already. While they may have ended up selling the business in order to put more focus on sports, the parents of Gino Pozzo now have an electrical appliance business.

When the family purchased their first team, the Udinese Calcio football club. They managed to help the team move up to the Premier League and became well known for their capable style of ownership. No matter how busy Gino Pozzo happens to be with his other investments, he still makes sure that he does the football clubs that he owns correctly.

Gino Pozzo moved to the United States and earned his Master’s Degree from Harvard University. After this, he moved to Spain after he married his wife and in 2013 moved once again to London with his wife and their 3 kids. He made this decision to give his newest team the attention that it needed. In 2013, Gino Pozzo purchased the Waterford Football Club who were only playing the 4th Division at the time. With goals of making it to the Premier League, the team has been showing improvement since it was acquired by Gino Pozzo. This year, all of their teams played at a high level in their leagues.

Find out more about Gino Pozzo: https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/gino-pozzo/profil/trainer/43237

Carsten Thiel is Taking the Industry of Biotechnology to the Next Level

Carsten Thiel is a visionary in the industry of biotechnology. Under his leadership, professional experience, alongside expertise, he has led the invaluable launch of different high prolific medical products that include Strensig, Vectibix, besides Neulasta. Carsten Thiel has chaired the introduction of various medical breakthrough therapies through his direct involvement in marketing projects that have improved the lives of millions of patients. Coupled with medical-moral principles at the core of his decision making, Carsten Thiel’s convictions contributed to the revamping of the existing medical protocols that led to consistent patient care coupled with enhanced customer experience.

Being an executive with vast experience in leading the top and bottom-line development, Carsten Thiel has been the managing director for P&L for a significant period. In his tenure, he drove sales at iconic brands via innovation, operational excellence, and guiding large as well as diverse teams in the administration of complicated initiatives.

Carsten Thiel is also the CEO for Alexion where he was in charge of managing a business with a yearly sale of about $3 billion alongside 1,000 employees. He oversaw the sustainability of resources and delivered significant growth. Thiel also built a state-of-the-art metabolic BU that launched two new products. Being the VP of EMEA & Asia Pacific, Carsten led the global business into a significant growth trajectory thereby growing the organization from the initial 700 to 1000 workers by launching Strensiq as well as managing Synageva.

In a different experience, Carsten Thiel exuded confidence in the fact that to be successful in the medical sector one must be empathetic and compassionate to launch a therapeutic product effectively. In 2015, his life-changing experience started after launching a product that offered therapy for a degenerative bone disease that often starts manifesting itself in the womb. Notably, babies born with the disease don’t have properly developed bones or functional ribcage. They can, therefore, not breathe without the support of ventilation.

For details: www.crunchbase.com/person/carsten-thiel


Neurocore is a great research group that for years has been studying the brain specifically those with mental disorders. While having a normal brain for comparison is vital the research group has been interested in drug free ways to truly treat those with mental disorders. What the group found was that while every brain is slightly different those with mental disorders have obvious spots on the brain where it is just not functioning correctly at all either in the form of being overactive or underactive. Many of the people with mental disorders actually have many different spots on the brain that have this in common. Read more about Neurocore at Patch.com.

So the group then went to work trying to figure out how to solve with this without using drugs. For those that did use drugs the brain scan was the same or the pills were only a temporary alter which of course did not last past the period in which the pill was in effect. So the group ended up falling into brain training as that had proof in the past to help treat things like focus and minor issues. But what the Neurocore group realized is that this really was altering the brain slowly and causing it to train itself. Thus the brain training in theory should be able to help those with mental disorders and treat these people. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

But there was another hurdle to come across which was no one has ever done this type of brain training before. Because the group was doing something completely new they would have to use all of their resources in order to develop the brain training that is meant for this. But no one size fits all with brain training and quickly they learned it would have to be individualized for each patient. After much testing the group has done it and now is treating mental disorders with brain training. By doing this the group is helping to get people off of medication, actually treat and change their brain, the group even thinks this could be one of the ways to cure these disorders for many people that are able to put the work into the brain training. Those that come to them for brain training are able to overcome many of their problems in time and lead a normal life. The treatment that is offered by them is not yet covered by health insurance but that is something the centers are currently working on. In the meantime the centers are expanding as more people are interested in drug free treatment for mental disorders.

Check: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/neurocore

Here is Isabel dos Santos , Africa’s first woman billionaire

With a net worth of $3 billion, Isabel dos Santos is the richest woman in Africa. The daughter of the former president of Angola, José Eduardo dos Santos, is a well-known businesswoman who at 45 years of age has achieved overwhelming success in her life and career. Her strong can-do mentality is what projects her ahead of other players in the highly competitive business world (Forbes).

Having been brought up by a father who pushed her to be the best version of herself and not to expect handouts from men has contributed immensely to her global success. Isabel dos Santos says that her upbringing gave her the upper hand in business, as she learnt at an early age the values of hard work and putting it sweat capital in her business. The Angolan billionaire is associated with several top companies in Angola where she is a shareholder including cable TV firm Nos SGPS.

Isabel dos Santos leverages her wealth, power and influence to not only improve her business but also lift the lives of the less privileged in the society. In her various companies, Isabel has installed a culture of giving back to the community. It is a norm for her employees to dedicate part of their resources, time and knowledge to advance various noble projects that benefit the people of Angola. She also supports many local charities and foundations that shares in her philanthropic vision.

One of Isabel dos Santos´ major goals is to eradicate malaria and reduce the number of deaths caused by the disease. Isabel has consistently channeled a substantial amount of resources towards the course of eliminating malaria. As the richest woman in her country, Isabel dos Santos shoulders the responsibility of motivating other women in the country and helping them navigate the male-dominated business world. As such, she is a vehement advocate for girl child education.

Isabel says that educating girls in the society is crucial, because they are the future mothers who will pass it down to their children. Isabel dos Santos believes that education is the best tool to empower the women of Angola. Having attended King’s College in London where she attained her engineering degree, Isabel knows first-hand the gains of a good education.

More interesting facts at https://www.ukuncut.org.uk/isabel-dos-santos-technology/

Allied Wallet Becomes a Leader in the Payment Space Offering the Best Solutions for Merchants and Consumers

Allied Wallet is one of the largest providers of mainstream online payment processing in the world. It boasts a global payment gateway infrastructure which helps to reduce fraud and ensure cyber security. Founded in 2002, Allied Wallet has come a long way to build a name in the tech world as it seeks to transform online shopping experiences.

The company is in constant motion to unleash new possibilities for the payment industry. It was featured in The Technology Headlines where the company’s CEO, Dr. Andy Khawaja, shared a lot about the future of the company. He has been named ‘Iconic Figure of Finance’ in last year’s monthly issue of CEO Monthly. The senior executive was recognized for his ability to press towards the future of digital payments and exemplary leadership that has enabled the company to overcome the challenges it faced and realize excellence.

Allied Wallet has been at the forefront of efforts to revolutionize the e-commerce sector leading the financial technology industry. It leverages innovation, advances and forward-thinking company culture to realize success. The company has faced its share of challenges since its inception but it has been able to press on and achieve success in creating better payment solutions for consumers and online business owners. According to Dr. Andy Khawaja, they have been challenging the status quo to grow and evolve.

The company is also bringing AI technology to the payment space in an effort to create the online shopping standards of the future. Dr. Andy Khawaja and the entire management team recognizes that it will take a collaborative effort to get there. The company’s leadership style involves empowering its employees. They are concerned about the happiness of their staff. The company culture has also been upheld across their offices in locations such as New York, Los Angeles, Frankfurt and many more. Allied´s culture involves positivity and freedom helping achieve companywide success. Today, merchants are able to accept global payments because the company offers PCI compliant merchant services leveraging state-of-the-art payment gateway. The gateway optimizes businesses such as supermarkets, restaurants, car rental companies and hotels. Going into the future, Allied Wallet anticipates to continue evolving as what the venture holds for it unveils.

More interesting facts at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wOefYWsglbA

Article Title: Meet Prime Mover Biotechnician: Carsten Thiel

To make an impact in the realm of biotechnology, you have to be a visionary and innovative leader. Carsten Thiel is an expert biotechnician who has parlayed his skills by launching high-quality medical products. Some of the well-known products he has innovated are Neulasta, Prolia, Vectibix, and Strensiq.

Carsten Thiel was born in Berlin. Since his childhood, he was an exemplary student who valued his academic work by giving it the effort it deserves. He attended Marburg University where he graduated with a degree in chemistry. To quench his thirst for education Carsten Thiel attended the University of Bristol in the southwest of the United Kingdom. All through his higher education studies he did chemistry and later specialized in biotechnology. he achieved the peak of education by earning a Ph.D. in molecular biology from the distinguished Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry.

Carsten Thiel set his foot in the job market in Hoffman La- Roche biotechnology firm. In this firm, Carsten was the communication and product manager. Being his first position, he utilized it by gathering knowledge, interpersonal skills, and innovative thinking. He became a reputable leader in the company which led to his promotion in scientific marketing. During his tenure in scientific marketing, he accustomed key accounts management.

He used the earned experience to provide quality customer service, innovate viable products to serve the existing market and promote ethics and integrity in the pharmaceutical industry. After gaining vast experience in his international position, he got an opportunity to launch new product. He launched a weight loss product, Xenical. Marketing his product was a bit easy since he had rich experience in marketing fine chemicals and vitamins to medical personnel’s.

Carsten Thiel came up with well-calculated strategies to promote and protect the product. He established a reliable communication system to subscribers and ensured customers were aware of any side effects. This would, in turn, protect the reputation of the product.

Carsten Thiel’s: Twitter.