Shiraz Boghani; Exhibiting Professional Management in the Business and Medical Industries

Shiraz Boghani is a 30-year experienced hotelier who exhibits deep passion, professionalism, and commitment in his sector of operation. He is currently the Splendid Hospitality group chairman and has achieved tremendous success over the years in the hotel industry. This is depicted by the several awards which he received particularly the 2016 Asian Business Awards that led to him being named The Hotelier of the Year. This prestigious award reflected his pursuit in the industry alongside his unique leadership skills. The awards judgment was done by renowned experts like Jitesh Gadhia, an investment banker, AMG executive editor Shailesh R Solanki, Amit Roy, a leading journalist, and AMG group managing director among others. During the ceremony, Shiraz Boghani expressed his excitement mentioning his pride as a member of the Splendid Hospitality Group’s achievement. He further recognized the management staff, the Splendid Family as a whole and the professional executive’s efforts. As a qualified accountant, Boghani manages his 19 trading UK hotels and he emerged as one of the top branded London service hotels pioneers in the 90s.

Without placing all his eggs in one basket, Shiraz Boghani also co-founded Sussex Healthcare, which is a completely different line of business from the hotel industry. The Healthcare is based in New England and has a mission of providing best class specialist and elderly care for the educationally or physically disabled. Besides fiscal success, Sussex Healthcare has acquired the ISO 9000:2000 international standard, indicating the company’s triumphant milestone. Sussex Healthcare provides the patients with optimum care through special equipment and facilities investigations, and, continuous staff training by seeing them through various colleges and institute educational programs. Besides providing palliative care, Sussex Healthcare provides dementia victims with neurological care. Under Shiraz Boghani’s leadership, the Sussex has broadened to 18 homes having more than 500 beds.

Shiraz is also the Sojourn Hotels founding partner where he is the chairman and as a visionary leader, he dedicates his resources and time to various charity initiatives. Being the vocal UK Aga Khan Foundation supporter he was, he worked closely with the Aga Khan University arbitration Board and the National Conciliation. He moved to the UK in 1969 to begin his accountant career and later joined KMPG, which was then Thompson McLintock & Co.

Shervin Pishevar Will Tell You What He Thinks Of The Trump Administration And The Economy

Go ahead and try to stop Shervin Pishevar from sharing how he feels about any particular topic at all. It is never going to work out for you. The man will push through and make sure that his opinions are heard by those he feels need to hear them. In particular, the group that he has been focused on as of late are his Twitter followers. He knows that they care about what he has to say, and he cares about getting out as much of his message as he possibly can while they are still listening to him.

Shervin Pishevar has been very critical of the Trump Administration and its plan for tax cuts. He believes that the bill that was passed by the Republican Congress and signed by President Trump does not do anything to stimulate the economy in a meaningful way. Rather, he feels that it is just another handout to corporations and others who could already afford to pay their share of taxes anyway. While this may paint Shervin Pishevar as a political character with strong opinions on those topics, that is probably not how he would view himself.

Instead, Shervin Pishevar tends to think of himself as an observer of economic events who then commentates on what he thinks is the most likely thing to happen. He is frequently right in his predictions, and this is what makes him such an interesting character. It makes him into one of those people that you want to keep an eye on.

At this very moment Shervin Pishevar continues to share the viewpoints that he believes are correct about everything from the stock market pricing to what it means if China continues its assent into becoming a major world superpower in terms of economics. He has views on all of those things, and you would be hard pressed to stop him from sharing those views if you allow it. Think about all of this and consider if you want to perk up and listen to what Shervin Pishevar has to say or if you are okay with cowering away from it.

The Rise of OSI Group from Grass to Grace

If the Guinness Book of World Records would feature the most inspiring success stories in the United States of America, OSI Group takes a vantage position beating thousands of other companies in the same field. After his debut in America as a German immigrant, Otto Kolschowsky did not lay down waiting for relief from his new home. Armed with nothing but a sole idea in 1909, Otto started off his escapade into the food processing industry with a little butchery in Oak Park, situated in the outskirts of Illinois. Despite the many challenges meted upon him as a foreigner, his success has proven that sheer hard work and determination is mandatory for one’s success.

Otto’s exceptional expertise in service delivery and customer relations skyrocketed the demand for his products, and the booming business called for the meat shop’s expansion. His new-found base in Maywood, Chicago earmarked the transition from a retailer to becoming one of the leading wholesale meat processors in the region. With its operations’ impact being felt in and across Chicago, it was time to restrategize, and in 1928, the business rebranded to Otto & Sons. This move cemented its position in the industry and withstood various storms over decades up until the world wars.

The aftermath of Second World War came as a blessing in disguise for Otto & Sons, as the spirited effort to rejuvenate the economic activities in America led to the growth of new towns, whose food needs had to be fully met. McDonald’s restaurant brokered an agreement with Otto & Sons to be its primary supplier of fresh beef. Within no time, McDonald’s had spread its wings, covering almost all cities and towns in America which in turn put Otto & Sons on the limelight by establishing a plant for their products in 1973. In 1975, the thriving company rebranded to OSI Group.

Over the years, the company has embraced technology in its operations in a bid to ensure they deliver high quality and quantity products. The firm built a plant for flash freezing food with liquid nitrogen for McDonald’s. This was cost effective and strengthened the relations between the two companies as a producer and consumer.

Brief Overview Of The Company’s Achievements

With its notable influence in the food market, OSI Group featured in the American Forbes as one of the largest private companies with its net worth estimated at $6.1 Billion.

OSI Group achievements have enabled them to sneak their way into the Global Meat Market growth report of 2018. The story is based on its market dominance, use of technological advancement in ensuring high-quality standards of meat, growth status of the company from a mere butchery to a billion-dollar mogul, and the company’s impact of the society.

The OSI Group prides itself on having a workforce of more than 20,000 employees.

How Infinity Group Australia Helps Australian Families

In 2013, Graeme Holm started the Infinity Group Australia with the aim of helping the Everyday Australians to improve their finances and secure their futures. The customer-driven approach that Holm developed has come with a lot of proven results, and the firm is now among the fastest Australian debt reduction and money management service providers. Graeme in a recent interview was able to discuss his approach to life, business and finance. As he explains, when he and Rebecca Walker his wife opened the first office for the company, they only had a few desks and one big idea of ensuring that they transform the Australian loan market. Holm was in the knowledge that a lot of people in Australia live paycheck to paycheck making minimum loan repayment in the thirty-year term. This he says needed some changes, and he planned to be part of that change.


The Infinity Group Australia as Graeme Holm says came to bring to life the concept of ongoing guidance and support to clients on their loan journey. The company acts as a personal finance trainer for those clients who approach them. Customers who use the services of infinity group Australia can repay the 30- year term loan in less than ten years. All that is needed as Holm puts it is the right structures. According to Holm, most borrowers like the supportive approach by the Infinity Group Australia as they can go to work, spend good time with their families as they know that their bills are taken care of. The reviews of the company confirm that Holm together with his team can ease their customer’s financial challenges. Many families are now able to achieve their financial goals with the help they receive from Infinity Group Australia.


Graeme Holm is among the top 100 MBA brokers and also the director of the Infinity Group Australia. The firm has a location in Cronulla, Melbourne, Bella Vista and Port Macquarie. Holm has over seventeen years of experience in the financial sector where the first ten years he spent in a Big Four banking sector. It is from there that he got frustrated with just selling one branded product and the fact that the Australian people were receiving very poor deals from the financial institutions that he decided to start the Infinity Group Australia. The company specializes in offering wealth creation, debt reduction and retirement solution services to their clients and for this, the firm has been won several awards.

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The Sector-Specific Knowledge, Expert Guidance and Exposure Involving Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group is one of the world’s most ominous and most successful alternative asset management firms today.

Three of the most insightful articles that people can read about Fortress Investment Group can be found in the Patch, Daily Forex Report and Hi-Tech Chronicle news portals.

In the Patch article entitled “A Force of Innovation: Two Decades..”, people are reminded of how the company was started since it was formed in 1998. There’s a lot of details in there about how the company was founded as mainly a private equity management company, but now has grown as a large and varied trendsetter in the world of investments. The article also shared how the company is able to strengthen itself, earned high-reputation and built an invaluable brand in the field of asset-based investment, capital markets and sector-specific knowledge of institutions and companies. The asset-based investments of the company are addressing investors needs for long-term cash flow, as well as assists them in building their companies’ pricing, owning and managing needs.

On the other hand, the Hi-Tech Chronicle article entitled “Fortress Investment Group and iPass…”, it is revealed that one of the latest ventures today of Fortress is to partner with iPass to arrange a specific and strong credit facility that can address many investors’ needs. It is there that people can learn that Fortress is already handling about $40.9 billion in assets, with more than 1,500 private and corporate clients spread across the globe. The new credit facility with iPass, a mobile connectivity company, will then establish the Wi-Fi service of the firm, making it more secure, accessible and competitive as a consumer option in the market. This would not have been possible without Fortress Investment Group’s expert guidance.

The Daily Forex Report, on the other hand, highlighted the details of the Fortress’ recent partnership with iPass. There’s a total of about $20M in the credit facility of the partnership, and that’s a significant amount to build a strategy to increase iPass’ market share. Further, the credit facility built will then strengthen the assets of iPass, including its SmartConnect technology and the patent portfolio that is highly in demand.

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History Of OG Juan Perez And Jay-Z

Juan “OG” Perez (age 50) is a Harlem, New York native and attended the Brandeis High School in Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Jay-Z and OG Juan started their friendship back in the mid-90’s when they were introduced by one co-founders of Roc-A-Fella Records , Kareem Burke, also known as “Biggs.” They instantly had a bond over New York and the love of sports. OG Juan received his first shout out from Jay-Z in a lyric on The Black Album in 2003. The lyrics was: “OG Juan, What up? Whatssup Dez?” also referencing OG Juan’s wife Desiree Perez. At this time OG Juan was the owner of Baseline Studios. In 2003 the couple started ventures in the opening of sports bars and lounges in New York City. This includes the famous 40/40 club.

New York City Sports have always been one of the main factors of the relationship between Jay-Z and OG Juan. Celebrities gravitated to the 40/40 club for this reason as Jay-Z and OG Juan were often spotted out at major sporting events. These athletes would often ask Jay-Z and OG Juan for advice which sparked the idea of creating an area for a sports agency in Roc Nation.

In 2013 they announced Roc Nation Sports, securing Yankees second baseman, Robinson Cano. This took Cano from up under top sports agent Scott Boras. Of course, Jay-Z aggressively called out Boras in lyrics from the Magna Carta Holy Grail album. At this time he also confirmed signing NBA player Kevin Durant.

OG Juan is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Roc Nation Sports and mirroring their mission statement in the same way it manages its other artists in the music industry. The success has proven itself to be a great venture for the two as working partners.

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Face of OSI Industries

OSI Industries also known as OSI group has been making heads turn in the food industry since its beginning in 1909. In fact it among the top global food processing company in the market today. Just like any beginner company, OSI bears a very humble but exciting beginning. Although the company is currently a food firm; it began as a neighborhood butcher shop under the management of a German immigrant in Chicago. This was way back in the early 20th century. Despite such a beginning, the company has undergone many changes. The first and obvious one is a food processing firm not only in the United States but internationally. Secondly, OSI Industries compared to its beginning has a vast number of customers in the United States of America as well as globally. Perhaps such growth is the main reason behind the opening of various OSI branches across the globe. The number of its employees is equally significant as market size. The company as of today has a total of 20,000 working along with nearly 65 offices operating in 17 countries.

The company has received various awards since its shift from a simple butcher to a food firm. The reckoned accomplished net of the company took place in 2016. Here, Forbes listed OSI Industries in top 100. Notably, the company by ten ranked at position 58 with a net worth of $6.1 billion. Speculations are that the company would rank among the top 10 with a relatively higher net worth if a similar analysis were to be done today. This is because the more the years pass by, the more the company continues to grow and shine. Attributing to the annual triumph of the company is the quality of goods and services it delivers to be the general public and the dedication of the workers. Most if not all loyal consumers of OSI admit that they cannot depart from company as it offers them with the goods and services they require on a daily basis. In addition to their quality services, the current success of the company is attributed to David McDonald who took is the chief executive of OSI Industries

Who is David McDonald

David McDonald is a graduate from the Iowa State University (ISU) with a bachelor’s degree in animal science. Donald career is full of awards because he won the Wallace E. Barron during his time as a student. Donald also serves as a financial supporter of Alpha Gamma Rho scholarship. David has remained committed to ISU to a point he gives students internship opportunities at the OSI industries.

The Stresses of Technical Difficulties and Tricky Money According to Infinity Group Australia

Infinity Group Australia goes in depth with what people face when they rely on credit cards when they make their purchases. While it is bad enough that a lot of people put themselves in a lot of credit card debt because of the amount of money they spend on the products they buy, there are also plenty of other issues that can come from credit card use. Graeme Holm touches on these issues when he talks about why people should use cash in order to stay out of debt. Credit card holders often learn about these issues the hard way.


One thing that can happen to people who rely on credit cards for purchases is that they will experience technical difficulties. They often come in the form of the transaction not being able to be completed. It is common for a store to experience some kind of difficulty in processing credit or debt transactions. However, another issue that can come is actually costly. For instance, some transactions can duplicate for the consumer. This can result in some surprisingly high bills. Another major issue with credit card use is hidden fees. Many credit card users do not read through everything before they sign the agreement. This results in a lot of nasty surprises. Learn more:


These are just some of the reasons that Infinity Group Australia recommends avoiding the use of credit cards and relying on cash for spending. There is no hidden fee for using cash. Also, cash is very simple in that there is very little room for technical difficulties. One does not have to worry about any double charges. Once the last penny of cash is spent, one is not going to go into the negative. Basically, one is not going to be able to spend what he doesn’t have if he sticks with cash.

What Drives the Impressive Results of Rocketship Education Students?

What Drives the Impressive Results of Rocketship Education Students?

Public charter schools are often vulnerable to attacks by their critiques. This is no different with the California-based non-profit public charter Rocketship Education. In a vicious attack from blogger Kamenetz of NPR in 2016 (which Rocketship CEO dubbed “a takedown piece”), various aspects arose. First, NPR painted a lousy picture on classroom management techniques of Rocketship. Next were how students use technology and how the least qualified teaching staffs face challenges. Even though the blogger Anya Kamenetz admitted that Rocketship is lauded nationally for its impressive student performances, she critiques the cost of getting these results. And Preston Smith, the co-founder and chief executive of Rocketship, gave a detailed response to the critiques.

The response by Smith revolved around the details behind the impressive results of Rocketship Education students, which he claims that Kamenetz failed to capture in her blog. The public charter schools received 90% turnaround of students. This means that even though these students have spots in their district homes, they chose to come back to Rocketship every year. Reason? First, there is a balanced approach on how to manage behavioral changes; the network doesn’t have any policy on bathroom and silent breaks because there must be a balance, and these breaks remain to the discretion of teachers who understands students’ needs. Smith also acknowledges the use of technology for innovation, beyond screen time. This has been a routine practice for his school networks. Finally, over 8,000 parents sent their kids to Rocketship schools in 2017, with others on the waiting list. These parents drive miles of roads throughout the country to take their children to the charter network. Certainly, they couldn’t be doing this in vain – there must be a reason. And the reason, rephrasing the school’s mission, is to use technology and innovation for quality education.

About Rocketship Education

Rocketship focuses on low-income regions of Washington DC., Wisconsin, California, and Tennessee. The 12-year-old school is non-profits, and Preston Smith is the CEO after the departure of John Danner. The firm opened its first school in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 2013. Since then, it has expanded into being a chain of applauded national public charter schools.

The Career Of Roseann Bennett

Children love dogs very much and mostly they are drawn to these pets because of their friendliness and their joyful nature. The significance of the dogs has been documented over a long period of time and it has been found to be significant to living human beings. The dogs are said to be an important tool during therapy. There are therapists like Roseann Bennett, who have found pets like dogs too of great help when dealing with clients in matters of therapy.


Bennett can help us answer several questions lingering in people’s minds about the relationship between therapy and dogs. Some of these questions are, How Dogs Improve A Client’s Life? What breeds that do make a great therapy dog? And lastly, who do benefit from working with these dogs.


Bennett is a licensed marriage and family therapist. She has more than 10 years’ experience in this job. She is an expert in this job and her peers always recognize her as a better person. She comes from New Jersey and there, she serves as President of the Northern chapter of the New Jersey Association Of Marriage and Family Therapy. She is among the founding members of the Center for Assessment and Treatment. She opened this place in the year 2010, where she has been working and operating form over the past years.


She together with her colleagues in the center, do not receive any funding for their operation in these mental health services they offer. Nevertheless, they work tirelessly, to ensure that the mental health of the patients who visit her is catered for. She is a kind-heated woman and she does not turn clients away because they are not able to pay for the services they receive from the center. She has also worked with children where she became interested in the Canine Assisted Therapy. See This Article for additional information.


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