A Blend of Sports And Arts At The Academy Of Art University

To most people, arts and athletics are incompatible. However, the Academy of Art University in San Francisco has proved the majority wrong. This institution was founded in 1929 by Richard S. Stephens. It is currently being led by Dr. Elisa Stephens who is its President and Emeritus Richard A. Stephens who is the Chairman. It is a private pro-profit institution that admits talented artists and athletes and then teaches and trains them on how to achieve excellence in their fields of choice.

This unique education institution draws from the similarities between athletes and artists, to run a successful system. These are the kind of similarities that other persons would turn a blind eye to because a lot of people believe that creatives and jocks are worlds apart.

These similar traits shared by athletes and artists include but are not limited to; the ability to maintain a thick skin, excellent time management skills, ability to effectively talk about their passion at length, sound planning and organizational skills and real ambition. It is their sense of true ambition that fuels all the other characteristics in these individuals.

The Academy of Art University 16 sports teams is collectively known as the Urban Knights. The Urban Knights participate in 9 sports in NCAA Division II and Pacific West Conference. They have won several championships over the years since they began competing professionally in 2008.

The academy offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the following areas; acting, advertising, jewelry & metal arts, animation & visual effects, architecture, music production & sound design for visual media, art education, motion pictures & television, art history, photography, fashion, graphic design, fine art, multimedia communication, web design, music production & visual development, game development, writing for film, television and digital media.

The Academy of Art University is the kind of higher education institution that gives an individual a hands-on experience on what they want to do in their lives. It offers students an opportunity to practice and enhance their inborn talents and acquired skills and blend them for great success in the future.