Anthony Constantinou Explains His Passion For Bayesian Networks And Risk Assessment


Anthony Constantinou earned a Ph.D. in Bayesian networks in 2012 at the university he now teaches at, the University of London Queen Mary. In addition to being a lecturer, he is also the head of this university’s Bayesian Artificial Intelligence Lab, a position he has held since January 2017. He also freelanced as a consultant on Bayesian networks and rating systems. He has provided his services to organizations around the world with a focus on those organizations in the sports betting world.

He is a dual citizen of both the United Kingdom and Cyprus. Due to this Anthony Constantinou is able to travel wherever he needs to go. Being from Cyprus his first language is Greek and he is now highly fluent in English. That he started out speaking Greek means that he is good at intelligence gathering as that is an area that uses both Greek and Latin symbols. Anthony performs research and releases results in English, though, because that can be read by far more people than Greek.

His publication “Bayesian Artificial Intelligence for Decision Making Under Uncertainty” won him an honor for the Principal Investigator on EPSRC Fellowship project. Constantinou finished second in the international special issue competition Machine learning for soccer. His PhD. thesis was nominated for the CPHC/BCS Distinguished Dissertations, He was awarded Distinction for M.Sc. and earned a full EPSRC Ph.D. Scholarship and funding.

He teaches a Bayesian Networks course at his university and also provides guidance to both undergraduates and graduates working toward their Ph.D.’s. Anthony Constantinou says he is heavily involved in academics because it is his passion and something he finds deeply fulfilling. He feels that he is making a significant contribution to his field and likes to share his excitement about what he has spent years learning. See Related Link to learn more.

As a freelancer, Anthony Constantinou works with individuals, companies, and agencies who need help profiling risk assessment and making decisions. He most enjoys working within the area of sports betting including such sports as darts, tennis, and football. He loves sports and artificial intelligence so something that combines these he finds to be gratifying while also helping out his clients.


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Anthony Constantinou And AI Research


Anthony C. Constantinou is a Lecturer/Assistant Professor at Queen Mary University of London. He is also the Head of Bayesian Artificial Intelligence. Bayesian Artificial Intelligence for causal discovery and the intelligent decision making under uncertainty from it are his research interests. Anthony Constantinou applies his research to fields including gaming, sports, finance, economics and medicine by working with organizations worldwide.

Mr. Constantinou attended the University of Hertfordshire, where he received a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (Specialized in Artificial Intelligence), and a Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence with Robotics. He then went on to receive his Doctor of Philosophy, Bayesian networks for prediction, risk assessment and decision making from Queen Mary University of London. Anthony Constantinou moved from a Phd researcher to a Teaching Assistant. Then on to a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow. Currently, he is a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) and Head of the Bayesian AI Lab.

Before attending university, Mr. Constantinou was a soldier in the Greek Cypriot National Guard. After University, he interned at AgenaRisk in London. Later he returned to AgenaRisk to work as a Decision Science consultant. He currently freelances as a consultant in Rating Systems and Bayesian Networks.

Anthony Constantinou has written numerous articles for several notable publications. Some of his recent achievements would include such things as a published piece in the Significance magazine entitled, “Things to Know About Bayesian Networks.”

He has also received many Awards and Honors. These include SET for Britain 2016 Research Exhibition, and Award of Distinction for M.Sc, among others. He is endorsed by Dr. Nargis Pauran, Daniel Polani, Miguel Martinez and several of his colleagues at Queen Mary University of London. Find More Information Here.


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