The GCPS Foundation Appreciative Role For Aaron Lupuloff


Long term experience in any particular field of work often forges true mastery of that field in people. The same applies to Aaron Lupuloff who has been managing several organizations most of his career. On October 2015, the Gwinnett County Public Schools (GCPS) Foundation created a new position meant for Aaron in the purpose of assisting the company build capital and manage funds.


The GCPS Foundation is a non-profit organization established for the sole purpose of financially supporting and strengthening education in the Gwinnett County Public Schools. Aaron Lupuloff is a Norcross resident who is known for his experiences from forming the Norcross High School Foundation. At the Norcross High School Foundation, Aaron served as the treasurer, vice president, and president. He also was among the members who formed the GCPS Foundation.


GCPS Foundation President David Seago talked of the pleasure they had for getting the new member on board. According to David, Aaron Lupuloff’s devotion to his community through his philanthropic works, his involvement in public education, and his expertise in the management of corporations make him well adapted for this position. Apart from assisting in the management of non-profit organizations, Lupuloff for the last two decades has been involved with several financial service firms.


He served as the senior managing director for Bear Stearns and JP Morgan. At Raymond James, Aaron Lupuloff was the managing director, and later held a managing position at the Fifth Third Street Bank Securities. He was also a past member of the Board of the Georgia Tech Parents Advisory as well as founder. See This Page for additional information.


Aaron Lupuloff’s is a graduate of the University of Alabama with a degree in business administration. After education, Lupuloff pursued several financial service industries since 1982. Along with his wife Jan, Aaron supports the Camp Twin Lakes, Partners Against Domestic Violence and the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. The two partners were instated in the NHS Foundation Hall of Fame in 2011.


Aaron and Jan have four children, two NHS graduates in 2007 and the other in 2009 and third who by 2015 was a senior at high school. GCPS hopes to give Aaron Lupuloff the best time while serving for the organization.



Roseann Bennett Of Center For Assessment And Treatment Highlights Her Reasons For Establishing The Organization

Roseann Bennett is a prominent, New Jersey-based licensed family and marriage counselor. She has vast experience in marital therapy, treatment planning, and case management. Over the years, she has been working the adolescents and their families.

With her husband, Bennett has co-founded Center for Assessment and Treatment, a not-for-profit organization, where she serves as the executive director too. She is the head of the American Association for Marriage as well as Family Therapy Approved Supervisor. Currently, she also serves as the president of the Northern Chapter Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.

Her career started when she helped others to make a significant impact in the family system. It’s something she always aspired to do. For that reason, Roseann Bennett obtained her Master’s degree in Psychological Studies from the prestigious Seton Hall University. She then pursued a Specialist Education from the same school, before taking up a course in the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. Bennett is currently helping individuals from different walks of life, including Warren and Somerset. See This Page for related information.

Her business at the Center for Assessment and Treatment primarily entails healing people. Although she doesn’t administer medication to that, Roseann Bennett offers help toward guiding clients to a natural-healing path. Sometimes, a few sessions are enough. Other times it takes years to find support for an individual. The idea of establishing the Center for Assessment and Treatment came after she had worked in the local community for decades, doing in-home based therapy.

Bennett transitioned to outpatient care. Her patient’s long waits to access therapy became a concern to her. They had to wait for six months to see a therapist, a case she describes as especially true for those who came from low-income earning families. The lack of better healthcare systems encouraged her to establish an organization that would offer mental healthcare and treatment to patients from impoverished families.


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Vinod Gupta Creates Polytechnic School For Women


Vinod Gupta was born on July 4, 1946 in Saharanpur, India. Gupta was educated in a Small village near New Delhi. Vin Gupta majored in Agricultural Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology, located in Kharagpur. After receiving his bachelor’s degree at the Institute, Gupta headed for the United States. Gupta earned his master’s degree in Agricultural Engineering at the University of Nebraska, located in Lincoln.


After graduation, Gupta began his career working at Commodore Corporation as a marketing research analyst. Mr. Gupta compiled a list of mobile home owners, so he could solicit them to sell his products. Gupta eventually ordered local phonebooks from the entire area and created his own mailing lists. Some people doubted that Gupta could get customers through his own mailing list for American Business Information that Gupta founded in 1972. ABI quickly became the successful go to company for other businesses.


In the early 1990s, Gupta changed his company’s name to InfoUSA. Gupta is now investing in his foundation to help business women.


After years of success, Vinod Gupta wanted to give back to his community of Rampur Maniharan. He donated $1 million towards developing Ram Rati Gupta Polytechnic School for which promotes “Women’s Education”, established in 2000. Women business students can earn their post graduate degrees in as little as two years. It was Gupta’s dream to give independent women the chance to get ahead in India.


The polytechnic school offers courses in textile design, computer applications, information technology, and web design. Vinod Gupta set up a foundation to raise money for a young girls’ school in his hometown India village. Mr. Gupta wanted to raise enough money to supply the girls with bus service and textbooks. In the societal past, girls in India did not have the same chance at higher education as boys did. View Related Info Here.


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Roseann Bennett Offers Some Advice For Those Wanting To Know More About Autism


Roseann Bennett has been working in the mental health sector for many years and primarily serves adolescents and families in need. Her mental health agency, the Center for Assessment and Treatment, has been serving her community since 2010 and has made a huge difference. Many people who would have otherwise had nowhere else to turn to due to their economical status have found help at the center, thanks to Roseann Bennett. On top of serving her clients in New Jersey, Bennett is a writer who educates people through her blog.

Roseann Bennett knows that there are many people who don’t know a lot about autism. She has worked to educate people about autism so they can treat autistic individuals with the respect and understanding they deserve. Roseann Bennett wants more people to understand that not every kind of autism is identical and that there is a spectrum, which has revealed a range of different types of autism.

Another misunderstanding she hopes to clear up is that parents are not to blame for their child’s autism. This may seem obvious so most, but, for some reason, many people don’t know that autism can be caused by infections during a pregnancy, drugs that were taken, or abnormalities in a person’s brain. Visit This Page for additional information.

Roseann Bennett wants people to know that the sooner they discover that their child is autistic, the better. When autism is discovered earlier, there is a better chance for the child to learn and develop the kinds of communication skills that will serve them throughout their lives. They can also learn to be more independent and pick up many much needed skills. Bennett has also worked to educate the public about the fact that autistic kids are still kids. They have many of the same needs that normal kids have and should be treated the same.


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Vinod Gupta Encourages Individuals To Take Their Chances To Achieve Success


Obviously, there is a misconception about success and how people achieve success in their lives. Vinod Gupta is one of those individuals who has always offered insight on how people achieve success.

According to the Everest Group LLC CEO, Vinod Gupta, there are a large number of people around the world who have recorded significant success around the world. The problem is that most of the upcoming individuals have a perception that it is possible for one to come from zero to hero within a short period.

Vinod Gupta highlights that what seems like overnight success is a product of hard work that people have been able to put behind the walls. People only see a successful person, but they do not realize that the hard work that individuals incorporated before they could be able to achieve the success that is currently seen by all the individuals around the world. According to Gupta, success comes through belief and hard work.

This means that any person out there needs to put a significant shift and effort so that they can be able to achieve the success that they desire. Individuals should have unshakable ideas and new and innovative strategies that would give them an advantage over other individuals, especially those who are competing for the same resources and market. One of the most important point that Vinod Gupta encourages individuals to incorporate is taking chances. Refer to This Page for the source article.

According to Vinod Gupta, fortunes favors the bold, which is a clear message that only those individuals who take chances attain success. Vinod Gupta notes that he had all the necessary excuses not to move to the United States such as different culture, lack of the necessary resources, and a humble upbringing. However, despite all those challenges, he took his chances and moved to the unfamiliar territory where he has since recorded significant changes in his life.


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Vinod Gupta- Creating Wealth Out Of A Little idea


Anyone who would like to see success come their way should be ready to make a sacrifice. Success in business does not come easy. Many challenges must be defeated for the fruits to be seen. The challenges of a business can be many especially when you there is no sufficient capital to start. Therefore, for a business to succeed, it requires more than just money. If you look at the money you have, you might never succeed. Make it about the idea. Ensure that you have built your idea and success will follow. When people like what you are doing, even without enough capital they will come in and offer support.


Vinod Gupta is a successful business person. He is one of the people who has made it in the business sector. However, his success did not come easy. He is one of the people who had made an effort to create a successful out of nothing when he started American Business Information. He did not have even the money to start and had to borrow $100. He had come up with a brilliant idea of creating a database for business information in the United States. He created a listed of all mobile home providers in the country as was asked by his employer, Commodore Corp. After creating the list, he got so many requests from other companies who wanted the list. It is at this point that he noticed there was a need to create a database company for business information.


Vinod Gupta is now a successful business person who is using his wealth to help others. He’s especially inclined to promoting the value of Education; especially to Women’s Education. Vinod Gupta is mentoring a generation of entrepreneurs who will grow up well educated and with the skills needed to succeed. Vinod Gupta has built the Vinod Gupta School of Management for this purpose. Visit This Page to learn more.



The National Steel Car Operations Under CEO Gregory Aziz


The National Steel Car is the biggest producer of rolling stocks around the globe. The company is based in Canada, and it supplies products to many parts of North America. In recent years, it has started exporting to China and other countries. National Steel Car manufactures railroad freight. It has been one of the most consistent suppliers of these products for the past one century. The company has been doing a commendable job of bringing as many people as possible into the rail industry. While some people are thinking about it being a dead sector, National Steel Car is proving that it is not yet there.

The National Steel Car has the best quality products. Quality is one of the main factors that customers are interested in, and they seem to understand this matter aptly. The management of the company has always strived to give the customers the best products possible. They do not compromise on quality because they know it can drive customers away. Customer service deserves to be at its best. This company has in the past few decades reversed the operations in its production area. Production used to be low but is now getting better.

About Gregory Aziz

Gregory James Aziz is the chief executive officer of the National Steel Car. He bought the company in 1994 from another company known as Dofasco. He bought it because he believed that it is an investment that holds huge potential. Although it was not doing well at the time of purchase, he knew that the only thing lacking was proper management. The rail sector is still profitable if well managed. Since Greg Aziz took over as the head of this company, he has transformed it completely. It is now back to normal operations, and it is doing better than other competitors.

1Gregory James Aziz is from Ontario. He attended the Western Ontario University where he graduated with bachelors in economics. After his graduation, he joined a family owned food company. He assisted this company to become one of the biggest in North America. The company was a wholesale business before he came in and by the time he was leaving, it was importing food products from Europe and South America. Go Here to learn more.

Greg had managed to raise its status through the application of brilliant decisions while managing this company. The company is now ranked among the top contributors to the growth of the railway industry