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Agera Energy is an independent supplier of energy and natural gas. The company works hard to provide green products and solutions with an eco friendly mind set and approach. They want to be a partner within the local community. Agera Energy has achieved the Westchester Green Business certification and was the first energy service company to become certified in the county.

Agera Energy is a proud employer within the community and wants employees to be involved in green initiatives. At Agera Energy they encourage an aggressive recycling program and encourage employees to use reusable water bottles which can save 13,000 plastic bottles per year.

Agera Energy also supports businesses who transition to LED lighting options in their buildings. The switch to LED lighting can be an eco friendly energy solution. With potential money saving programs across the country this switch can also save businesses money.

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Talos Energy Synergies with Stone Energy

Oil and gas is an important part of modern day life. Everything from vehicles to homes to recreational vehicles depends on this resource to survive, and the need for gasoline doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.

Talos Energy is just one of the hundreds of oil producers who make sure people have the necessary goods they require. Recently, Talos Energy took extra steps to ensure growth, profit, and greater exploration. The company merged with Stone Energy.

Both companies were exploring possibilities in the Gulf of Mexico. This is one of the primary reasons why the merger made sense. The merger creates the possibility of greater exploration, exploitation, and production. The deal between Talos and Stone sets them up to become one of the premier E&Ps in the Gulf of Mexico.

The method to achieving success for Talos consists of purchasing under-valued assets and beginning exploration. They utilize accurate geophysical data to determine which assets they should buy and where they should drill.

Timothy Duncan, the CEO of Talos Energy, is happy with the merger, calling it a opportunity to bring capital to their investors and pursue other goals while still maintaining their focus off the Gulf of Mexico.

The merger brings Talos’ acre count up to 1.2 million, truly making them a force to be reckoned with in the Gulf of Mexico. The 2017 production numbers were impressive. 47,000 boe/d were created by Talos. The third quarter alone produced an average of 28,7000 boe/d.

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In addition to Timothy Duncan, Talos’ leadership team is made up of Gregory A. Beard, Christine Hommes, Robert M. Tichio, and many other knowledgeable minds. The company was founded in 2012 by Duncan after receiving a $600 million dollar investment from Apollo Golbal Management and Riverstone Holdings.

In the Summer of 2017, Talos Energy lucked out, discovering a formation that could house up to 1.4 billion barrels of crude oil. It is expected that 425 million barrels will be extracted from this formation.

Talos Energy received the Discovery Award

An independent oil and gas company, Talos Energy received the award for the Discovery of the Year 2017. The company is located in Houston and is dedicated to providing quality services and products to its clients. Talos Energy Group is an expert in sealing acquisition agreements for developed and operated shelf deepwater resources in the Gulf of Mexico. After an acquisition, the oil and gas products and services provider employs its highly-advanced techniques to explore, exploit and optimize those assets. Talos’ management team comprises of individuals who have a cohesive passion for working together for the well-being of the entire firm. This organization has been in operation for over ten years now, and it has achieved a track record of remarkable results.

Talos won the Discovery Award of the Year 2017 following the great achievements that it acquired in the year 2017. The company received the honor during the WoodMackenzie’s yearly exploration award celebrations in June 2018.

The award was accorded to the firm following its Zama oil discovery offshore Mexico that it achieved in July 2017. The invention was the first offshore exploration well that has ever been drilled by a private entity in the history of Mexico. Zama discovery well is estimated to be holding an oil capacity of between 1.4 to 2 billion barrels of commercial oil equivalent. Therefore, Zama fits to be placed as the most significant discovery of the year considering the amount of oil that is expected to be produced from the well.

In a press conference on May 7th, Timothy Duncan, who is the Chief Executive Officer and President of Talos Energy termed Zama find as a historic and significant discovery in the whole nation.

Talos Energy Company claims 35% of the discovery’s interest share while its two partners Premier Oil and Sierra Oil and Gas hold 25% and 40% interest share respectively. The three partners are set to make Zama Well an excellent resource for them and the entire of the country.

The award depended on over 200 votes from experts and senior business owners and managers who voted for the most amazing discovery of the year 2017.