Fortress Investment Group acquired by SoftBank Group

Fortress Investment Group LLC is now part of over the SoftBank Group Corp. This deal was completed after SoftBank paid $3.3 billion in cash. After the completion of this deal, after Softbank now owns all the outstanding Fortress shares. The completion of this deal culminated after the shareholders approved the transaction after following all the regulatory approvals. The committee on foreign investment in the United States was also involved before the deal could be sealed.

Even after this acquisition, Fortress Investment Group will remain an independent business with its offices in New York. The leadership of the company will stay intact as principals with Wes Edens, Randy Nardone and Peter Briger continue to steer its management. Before the deal could be completed, SoftBank Group had to agree that it would not interfere with the previous management of the Fortress group. As an independent entity, a Fortress group has been one of the most successful alternative investment firms in the United States, and there was no need to interfere with the previous management.

SoftBank Group is known as an investor in technology. In his previous investments, this firm has invested in tech startups that have revolutionary ideas. The acquisition of Fortress Investment Group was a departure from the norm, and it seems they want to diversify and become the largest investment firm in the world.

Fortress Investment Group LLC is considered a leading global investment firm which is currently managing assets worth over 40 billion on behalf of over 1750 individual and corporate investors. Since its formation in 1998, the Fortress Investment Group has become one of the most established investment firms in the world. It is this success that is likely to have attracted the attention of SoftBank Group.

SoftBank Group was started in the 1980s by Masayoshi Son as a computer accessories company. Over time, it has grown into a significant business especially after acquiring a majority shareholding in Yahoo in 1996.

With the completion of this deal, both organizations are expected to reap huge benefits as they make efforts have to become the biggest companies in respective fields. The management of Fortress Group is optimistic that this deal will favor the long-term plan on the achievement of their goals.

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How Infinity Group Australia Helps Australian Families

In 2013, Graeme Holm started the Infinity Group Australia with the aim of helping the Everyday Australians to improve their finances and secure their futures. The customer-driven approach that Holm developed has come with a lot of proven results, and the firm is now among the fastest Australian debt reduction and money management service providers. Graeme in a recent interview was able to discuss his approach to life, business and finance. As he explains, when he and Rebecca Walker his wife opened the first office for the company, they only had a few desks and one big idea of ensuring that they transform the Australian loan market. Holm was in the knowledge that a lot of people in Australia live paycheck to paycheck making minimum loan repayment in the thirty-year term. This he says needed some changes, and he planned to be part of that change.


The Infinity Group Australia as Graeme Holm says came to bring to life the concept of ongoing guidance and support to clients on their loan journey. The company acts as a personal finance trainer for those clients who approach them. Customers who use the services of infinity group Australia can repay the 30- year term loan in less than ten years. All that is needed as Holm puts it is the right structures. According to Holm, most borrowers like the supportive approach by the Infinity Group Australia as they can go to work, spend good time with their families as they know that their bills are taken care of. The reviews of the company confirm that Holm together with his team can ease their customer’s financial challenges. Many families are now able to achieve their financial goals with the help they receive from Infinity Group Australia.


Graeme Holm is among the top 100 MBA brokers and also the director of the Infinity Group Australia. The firm has a location in Cronulla, Melbourne, Bella Vista and Port Macquarie. Holm has over seventeen years of experience in the financial sector where the first ten years he spent in a Big Four banking sector. It is from there that he got frustrated with just selling one branded product and the fact that the Australian people were receiving very poor deals from the financial institutions that he decided to start the Infinity Group Australia. The company specializes in offering wealth creation, debt reduction and retirement solution services to their clients and for this, the firm has been won several awards.

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