Women Took a Center Stage at Nicolas Krafft’s L’Oreal Paris Recent Annual Fashion and Beauty Show

L’Oreal Paris held its annual fashion and beauty show on September 30th, 2018 on a floating catwalk on the river Seine in the center of Paris. The show showcased the new looks of the season alongside serving as an opportunity for the leading brand to demonstrate its commitment to bring fashion and beauty to everyone across the world. The prestigious event was open to the public and it was graced by prominent figures in the fashion, beauty, as well as the silver screen.

At the event, women took a center stage. The diversity in women’s beauty sufficed in the L’Oreal Paris’s 2018 event which was staged on a well-designed 60-meter long floating runway on the river Seine in the heart of the capital city of France. A collection of celebrity models including Elle Fanning, Eva Longoria, as well as Louise Bourgoin represented the global fashion and beauty brand in the event. The show couldn’t be complete without a special appreciation for creativity and diversity. Creation and diversity are fundamental to the culture of the French capital, Paris. Paris is a source of inspiration to L’Oreal Paris. The show was not only attended by prominent figures in the fashion and beauty industry but also from outside the industry including actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau of Game of Thrones, as well as Marie Bochet, L’Oreal Paris’s new ambassador and Paralympic ski champion. The show is held annually as senior executives in the company including Nicolas Krafft puts more effort into making fashion and beauty more accessible.

The show was held during the intersection between the spring and summer. Many individuals and corporates showcased the latest looks of the season. Val Garland, the brand’s Global Makeup Artist, and Stephane Lancien, Global Hair Artist, made seventy new hair and makeup looks for the event. Some of the models from the brand’s partner fashion brands who took part in the event include Balmain, Sonia Rykiel, Isabel Marant, as well as Miu Miu. The models paraded the new season’s collections as well as jewelry from Chopard. The unique floating catwalk took eight days to build and pull down. The scenes were inviting with big screens decorating the whole arena. The event was also aired in many stations across the world.

New Trends Get Set at The RealReal

Fashion enthusiasts and brand conscious people always look up for something that ensures quality, authenticity, and durability. The only reality of this contemporary scenario is The RealReal. The RealReal is an online luxury consignment site which provides stuff like shoes, watches, handbags, clothing, perfumes, jewelry, and many more things both in second hand as well as with tags. It is not just an online store like all others out there rather there are some real facts about The RealReal which make it a reliable center for online luxury purchasing. It has sold over 8 million items.

The RealReal store features major designer brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and many more. Prices are not really cheap but very less than the real ones. You might be thinking that there is nothing new in it. But, wait! The RealReal induces a whole long process to verify the authenticity of the products. It includes various steps.

At first, the products arrive at the main branch of The RealReal. A special team unpacks whole luggage and check its quality. They separate broken, torn and rough stuff and keep the high-quality products for further processing.

Next step involves the complete inspection and monitoring of products to make sure they are original. They check trademarks and brand identifiers and also look for things like stitching pattern and color matching in the particular catalogs in which they were first exhibited. The RealReal also conducts an internal contest namely “Find the Fake” where the team member who identifies and finds out the fake product is given a prize. Sounds interesting?

In the next step, the experts strictly analyze the products. Jewelry is examined by some fine gemologists and horologists. Likewise, every product is tested by its field experts, and once they are satisfied, the copywriting begins. It includes metadata comprising of all details and characteristics of a product, from its length to its shape, color and diameter. Prices are determined by keeping the market rate in view and then each of the products is professionally photographed. All the products are then moved to e-commerce centers according to their listing on the website from where they are finally sold.

Lime Crime’s Doe Deere Life Lessons Helped To Create The Brand of Today

Doe Deere, Founder and CEO of Lime Crime started out not as a makeup inventor but in the spotlight of a band she fronted while in NYC. Her family moved to NYC when she was 17 in hopes to help her find happiness and success. The family wanted to come to the United States in order to gain a better life for the whole family.

Once Doe Deere and her family arrived in NYC, they were immediately greeted by the rush of the number of people who live there. They had moved from a much smaller population. It was during the year 1999 that the family finally caught a break. It was then that the family had been introduced to someone who was able to help them out. They were introduced to a social worker who would help Doe Deere get into the Fashion Institute and then she would later help her younger sister get into Columbia University with a full ride scholarship.

In the year 2000, Doe’s family would be moved from a homeless shelter into the projects. It was here that the girls experienced having their own rooms, they never complained because they had their own kitchen and bathroom, it was a major upgrade from the shelter they were in previously.

It was these trials that they experienced that led them to the places they are today. It Doe had not lived through those experiences, if the family had not moved from Russia to the United States, there is no telling if there would even be a Lime Crime cosmetic company or anything even further.

Lime Crime is known for their vegan friendly makeup. They are known for creating colors that other companies were uncomfortable going to. They are called the Queen of Unicorns because of the color palettes they offer. Not only do they offer colors that are out of this world, they also carry a number of other products you might find yourself interested in. There is no place that Doe Deere is not afraid to go to when it comes to cosmetics. She knows the business and knows there will always be a calling for colors that they create.


Fabletics Able to Compete with Amazon

Amazon is currently the leader in the online fashion market, holding 20% of the market. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has found the magic formula to help her company grow 250 million in just three years.


Fabletics is an active wear subscription based service. They want to sell simple, convenient and fashionable active wear to members on the go. They have found a way to keep the success going. The price and quality of goods are no longer the combination that means success for any brand. Customer service, brand recognition and game elements are just some of the elements to help a brand succeed. The brand is paying off because of their strategy, they are able to start opening brick stores. Currently, the company has 16 stores in Hawaii, Florida, Illinois, and California. They hope to be added to them soon.


Greg Throgmartin, General Manager, credits their company’s success to the ever-changing brand model. Personalized service and trendy fashion at a low cost allows them to stay on the right path. He says it is easier to help people be happy when you know what the customers want. Their physical stores will help take their membership service to the next level.


Fabletics will use a different model to help them stay successful with their physical stores. Usually, people browse online then go to the store to shop. With Fabletics, customers will browse online and some will be able to go into stores. About 30-50% of those who walk through the doors will already know what they want. This model allows for the brand to build relationships with old customers. New customers will likely see trends they like since the store will be stocked with what the local members are browsing.


Stores will be stocked based on data from multiple sources. Of course, they will use local members browsing history, social media, and other available sources.Their growth is based on the easy accessibility of their product, the people behind the product, and its culture. Kate Hudson is an authentic spokesperson. All these elements combined have helped them to stay ahead of the game and competitive with even Amazon.

Kate Hudson’s winning Athleisure Brand, Fabletics

Fabletics was launched in 2013 by Kate Hudson and the company’s Co-CEOs Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. This was driven by them seeing a gap in the activewear marketplace, where a lot of luxury wear were, but there wasn’t any offering high quality and stylish wear at an affordable price point. Here, they create clothes which inspire people to stay active, even if that means chasing after kids, an Ironman or Ironwoman competition or sweating in the studio. They offer high-quality trendy designs at very affordable prices, which is where the encouragement begins. They live by the Mantra, ‘Live Your Passion’, where they foster a community of people who embrace it.


How Fabletics Works

They have two ways to checkout, that being a Guest where you go back whenever you feel ready or as a VIP where you shop for pun perks and exceptional savings. As a VIP, Fabletics offers a membership programme where a member saves extending to 50% off normal pricing and earns points on the way to complimentary loyalty pieces. The VIPs have a choice to shop each month or skip the month. In the case of skipping the month by 5th of the month, they don’t get charged. Failure to skip, the company charges 44 Euros on the 6th of the month until the customer cancels, which can be capitalized as a credit to save or spend.


How Reverse Showroom Technique Has Made Fabletics Successful

Reverse showroom game plan involves directing its goals on consumers who check-over online for stuff but buy them in brick-and-mortar stores. This method has made Fabletics members increase, bettered the relationships between them and the local markets and increased the loyalty of the brand. Fabletics has interspersed their local stores and website so seamlessly, that when a customer in a local store is trying clothes, the data is reserved in the website’s shopping cart thus leading to an addition of new members in the stores. However, Kate believes in the need for content marketing in brand building.


Kate Hudson’s Take on the Winning Athleisure Brand

Kate believes that as the company’s goal was to have the best products, it has taken a lot for them to get where they are. Communication being their priority, they also partner with their parent company, TechStyle Fashion Group which has helped to give energy to the growth. It is encouraged to log into Fabletics site, to take a quiz which about outfits that fits a customer well.

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