Carsten Thiel is Taking the Industry of Biotechnology to the Next Level

Carsten Thiel is a visionary in the industry of biotechnology. Under his leadership, professional experience, alongside expertise, he has led the invaluable launch of different high prolific medical products that include Strensig, Vectibix, besides Neulasta. Carsten Thiel has chaired the introduction of various medical breakthrough therapies through his direct involvement in marketing projects that have improved the lives of millions of patients. Coupled with medical-moral principles at the core of his decision making, Carsten Thiel’s convictions contributed to the revamping of the existing medical protocols that led to consistent patient care coupled with enhanced customer experience.

Being an executive with vast experience in leading the top and bottom-line development, Carsten Thiel has been the managing director for P&L for a significant period. In his tenure, he drove sales at iconic brands via innovation, operational excellence, and guiding large as well as diverse teams in the administration of complicated initiatives.

Carsten Thiel is also the CEO for Alexion where he was in charge of managing a business with a yearly sale of about $3 billion alongside 1,000 employees. He oversaw the sustainability of resources and delivered significant growth. Thiel also built a state-of-the-art metabolic BU that launched two new products. Being the VP of EMEA & Asia Pacific, Carsten led the global business into a significant growth trajectory thereby growing the organization from the initial 700 to 1000 workers by launching Strensiq as well as managing Synageva.

In a different experience, Carsten Thiel exuded confidence in the fact that to be successful in the medical sector one must be empathetic and compassionate to launch a therapeutic product effectively. In 2015, his life-changing experience started after launching a product that offered therapy for a degenerative bone disease that often starts manifesting itself in the womb. Notably, babies born with the disease don’t have properly developed bones or functional ribcage. They can, therefore, not breathe without the support of ventilation.

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“Marc Beer : Renovia Is Trying To Improve The Life Quality Of Women “

Today, with the development of modern medicine, most diseases are treatable. The important thing is to detect them in time. Joined together, technology and modern have mixed their capacities so that today it’s much easier to respond quickly in order to save our health. The early diagnostics sometimes can be of great importance when especially when we are dealing with cancer-related diseases.


Today, modern diagnostic methods are more available, and so they are more accessible to those in need. Technological and medical and innovation are truly a major step in diagnosing and treating various diseases.


Although we are living in the information era, we’re still pretty uninformed about women pelvic floor diseases. That’s why we could say that education joined with modern diagnostic is of major importance in order to effectively prevent and treat this highly spread disease.


The Mission Of Renovia Inc

Renovia Inc. is the company headed by Marc Beer the CEO. This company has focused on making new products which are directed to solving problems connected to women pelvic floor.


This medical-tech company is situated in Boston where they are working on the development of diagnostic performing. These innovations are used for therapy purpose in urinary incontinence and pelvic floor disorders. Most researchers agree with the fact that this disorder is widely spread in women. To be more concrete, it affects more than 250 million women worldwide.


Investors Of Renovia Inc.

The first presented medical product of Renovia Inc. was the Leva, – approved officially by the FDA in 2018. Afterward, Renovia has attracted plenty of investors, among them The Longwood Fund. The Longwood Fund is an investment company that’s highly pointing to health care issues. They invested in Renovia, joining two other investment enterprises – Ascension Ventures from Missouri and Perceptive Advisors from New York. The funds will be invested in developing and testing of four different diagnostic devices. That’s also including the Leva devices of the new generation.


Marc Beer CEO of Renovia Inc. is extremely satisfied with the support that the company has received from some of the leading investors. Marc Beer claims that this is the product of good cooperation. As he said, Renovia and company’s investors are sharing the exact same vision of future healthcare and prevention matters. Together, they hope they will manage to improve the treatment and the life quality for thousands of women who are suffering from pelvic floor disorder.


Innovations Of Renovia Inc.

Marc Beer recently revealed facts about combining the digital health platform and innovative sensor technology. This combination in diagnostics will give some very valuable information regarding the medical procedure, new treatment possibilities, and a general understanding and education on the subject of the pelvic floor disorder. However, Renovia Inc. hasn’t made its official statement considering investments and the new lines of their products.


Marc Beer’s business engagement with Renovia Inc. dates from 2015.


Before he becomes the CEO of Renovia Inc. he was working in other medical companies. Marc Beer brought to Renovia more than 25 years of his wide experience in biotechnological developing, as well as in pharmacy. Marc Beer was one who closed a chain of financing with some of the leading capital funds. Learn more:


Sharon Prince Announces Partnership To End Modern-Day Slavery And Violence Against Women

Sharon Prince is a businesswoman who lives in New Canaan, Connecticut. She was once the President of 66North which is an Icelandic firm that sells technical outerwear.

She is also one of the founders of the Grace Farms Foundation which created an 88-acre space in New Canaan that serves a community gathering place. The Grace Farms Foundation has a chapel and an award-winning building called “The River Building” that is used to help people engage in the arts, justice, and other purposes.

Sharon Prince is this organization’s chair and president. She recently announced that she had signed an agreement between the Grace Farms, Unchain, and Georgia. This partnership will develop a set of standards and practices in order to end modern-day slavery. Get Related Information Here.

Georgia has been working on developing a green, sustainable, and technologically adept society that will serve as a role model for other countries. They want to teach investors, companies, and other nations on how to create transparency when it comes to global supply chains.

Sharon Prince says that the Grace Farms Foundation will work with both Unchain and the Georgian government to review existing policy and legal frameworks and then further develop them to ensure that supply chains are transparent and function in a transparent manner.

She says that that goal is to disrupt and fight back against human trafficking and violence against women. Sharon Prince says that governments and corporations need to commit to ending these practices everywhere in the world. She said that Georgia, with Grace Farms is setting itself apart as a global leader when it comes to developing a multi-pronged ethical business model which will create positive social change while also accelerating economic growth.


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CEO Deignan’s Success Story

Robert Deignan is an American businessman and the co-founder of ATS Digital Services. He currently runs as its Chief Executive Officer. Robert Deignan is a highly motivated individual, coupled with his entrepreneurial spirit makes him stand out as a businessman.

Robert Deignan founded the ATS Digital services in December 2011.ATS Digital services is a firm that deals with various digital technology and computer issues. Additionally, the firm fixes computers with slow networks and other technical problems.

Under the leadership of Robert Deignan, the company has adopted advanced software and technologies in its operations. It is recognized as one of the leading firms offering digital services. Robert, who hails from Florida, founded the ATS Digital services with the aim of providing digital support to businesses and individuals.

Robert Deignan is a graduate from Purdue University where he pursued

organizational leadership. His education background laid a strong foundation for his career in the corporate world. Robert acquired leadership qualities that are imperative for the management of any business entity.

In a recent interview, Robert Deignan explains that the idea to come up with ATS Digital Services came up while he worked at another company in 2009. The company was experiencing software problems, and this prompted him to think of a solution that would offer technical support.

Robert states that he gets most of his ideas through observation and the need to make the business better. Over the years, ATS Digital Services have experienced rapid growth and an increase in profitability.

Notably, Robert Deignan has extensive knowledge and experience in technology. Before the inception of ATS Digital Services, Robert Deignan worked in an Anti-Malware Software company. It contributed tremendously in his growth both at a personal and individual level. Moreover, in 1998 Robert Deignan established a company called Fanlink Inc though it collapsed in 2001.

However, Robert Deignan did not give up. His resilience and determination contributed to his career growth. His advice to upcoming entrepreneurs is to embrace modern technology in their operations. Similarly, entrepreneurs should use their analytical and problem-solving capabilities to offer solutions to problems of their clients.

Clay Hutson Is One Of The Best Sound Engineers And Project Managers In The Music Industry

Clay Hutson is a unique individual who works with clients in the music and entertainment industry. He always takes into account the experience and wishes of the musical artists he works with so he can create some of the best shows in the business. Hutson has worked as a project manager, stage manager, and sound engineer and understands all of the ins and outs of what make a show spectacular.

Clay Hutson could have taken many directions in his life when the company he was working for began to experience troubles due to a recession. He had plenty of experience in his industry because he had been working in it for so long before considering doing his own thing. He made the decision to take a huge chance and went out on his own by creating a production management company.

Since he first started out on his own, Clay Hutson has worked with many different famous musicians and other well known figures. He served the corporate entertainment industry for some time through his business and even worked with Billy Graham during one of his traveling shows. Ultimately, his love of music drew him back to working with musicians, and it is in this niche that he shines. His shows are known for their energy, design, and the way that they feature the strengths of the artists he is serving. Hutson has worked with Pink, Guns’n’Roses, Garbage, Kid Rock, and many other popular music figures.

Clay Hutson has been able to consistently be productive as entrepreneur because he is usually three steps ahead of what is taking place. When he is traveling with a musical group or individual, he always starts early in the morning so he can get a complete idea of how everything is laid out at the venue the performance will take place at. Once the show gets underway, Clay Hutson will delegate tasks to other workers who can help to carry his vision out. As a show continues, he ensures that everything will go smoothly when it ends by knowing every single thing that needs to be done before the job is finished. He is one of the best in the music industry of today.

Shafik Sachedina Role in Taking Care of the Elderly

The lives of the seniors matters a lot to the society. Taking care of the elderly is a noble cause, but very few people in the world are willing to invest in it. Shafik Sachedina is a professional who have invested in this area, and they are reaping good benefits. The London based medic knows specialized care is very essential for the individuals who want to live a long life after they have retired. Shafik Sachedina thought about the most effective way of helping these special members of the community, and he partnered with a hotel executive to establish Sussex Healthcare. More than twenty-five years later, the company is leading the global market, and it has remained focused into its mission.

More about of Shafik on Behance

Sussex Healthcare started offering elderly excellent service from the first day it started its operations. Based in the southern coast in the United Kingdom, the organization has helped many residents, especially those who have mental problems to live well. Shafik Sachedina was very wise when venturing into this department and this is why he sought the help of the most experienced individuals to take care of the seniors living in his healthcare facility. The experienced healthcare professionals are available day and night, and they deliver the best to the many residents who have chosen to stay in Sussex Healthcare.

Shafik Sachedina is a notable leader in the corporate world. The businessman has always been interested in business, but he had put his dreams on hold so that he could complete his medical degree. His parents moved from Tanzania so that their son could have the chance to study dentistry in a great facility. When he graduated, the businessman worked and performed dental surgeries on many people. His passion for business was so strong that Shafik Sachedina decided to start Sussex Healthcare. His goal was to give more than the ordinary healthcare services to the elderly. His business partner has been instrumental in giving the dental surgeon the support he needs to give his patients the best. The two partners work hand in hand, and they consult before making any major decisions.

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Introducing HydraShield from Jeunesse Global

As a health and beauty company, Jeunesse Global is looking to create new and innovative products that people are passionate about. Those products include anything from sleeping supplements to advanced shampoos and conditioners. Jeunesse Global aims to cover a variety of health and wellness needs, including skin care. That is why the company is introducing a new line of Luminesce products called HydraShield.


The makers behind the HydraShield mask recognize a problem in today’s world: pollution and its negative effects on the human body. The consumption of pollutants is linked to a higher risk of health issues such as premature aging, organ damage, or even cancer. Proper skin care is needed to combat visible aging of the skin. That is where the Luminesce line of dermatological products come in.


The HydraShied mask is designed with some of the most effective ingredients in order to protect your skin against harmful environmental agents. Antioxidant-rich shea butter, coconut, aloe, and Asian grass are just some of the science-tested ingredients used in this Luminesce line. HydraShield uses these ingredients to protect, hydrate, and soothe the skin. The product’s technology ultimately works to restore the skin’s original, youthful complexion. The HydraShield Mask is made up of bio cellulose sheets, a natural fiber that brings beneficial properties the wearer’s skin. Made up of bacteria, bio cellulose masks are able to attract and retain moisture to properly hydrate the skin.


Other Luminesce products include a cellular rejuvenation serum for tired skin, a daily moisturizing complex for all skin types, an advanced night repair cream, a youth-restoring cleanser, an essential body renewal lotion, a skin brightener, a lifting masque for the spa. Luminesce’s HydraShield has an advantage over other skincare products; it’s designed to fight against environmental agents as well as create soft, smooth skin. The HydraShield mask is just one product in a long line of innovations that Jeunesse Global has to offer.


Louis Chenevert: How to Make your Workers Productive

Louis Chenevert retired just recently from his position in one of the leading organizations in the world. The businessman has been holding top positions in prestigious firms, and this is why he has learned so much about businesses. His career accomplishments have been used to educate other young people who want to become successful in the tough market. In one of his recent publication, the American based professional advices his followers about one of the issues that make them have sleepless nights; increasing profits in business. Every company looks for all possible ways of ensuring that they are growing their business. The competition, however, doesn’t make things easy. Louis Chenevert has given people the secret to successful businesses. According to him, company employees have the key to success. Use the following tips to make your company workers happy.

Award those who are working hard: In all working environments, there are some personalities who prove to be better and committed to their responsibilities compared to the others. Louis Chenevert believes that a company will stand to benefit if the top management awards these few who are working. Giving these people recognition will be a way of motivating them to increase their effort. The rest of the team will also be challenged, and they will also increase their efforts in the future. Awarding the employees does not have to cost the company an arm and a leg. There are simple ways that will not require so much money. For instance, two or three days off will make the employee happier and relaxed to resume duty in a better mood. Giving them a certificate is also good.

Best working environment: Everyone wants to spend their time in a working environment that is conducive. The company bosses should do away with any form of negativity because it only affects the workers in a bad way. There are many ways of removing the bad personalities in the working place. Ensure that the offices have been furnished well, regardless of the amount of money you will be forced to spend. The common areas for lunch hours should also be ideal for all workers.

Shervin Pishevar has authority to tweet about the stock market


In the early days of February 2018, the US stock market made a major drop and erased all the gains made in the first month of the year. At the same time, prominent venture capitalist Shervin Pishevar made at least 50 successive tweets on the financial future of the United States among about financial related topics. He touched on globalization, entrepreneurship, bitcoin, bond market, among others. Shervin Pishevar is the co-founder of Virgin Hyperloop as well as the former managing director of Sherpa Capital He’s also a prolific investor who believes in supporting brilliant startup ideas so that they can grow. He has invested in companies such as Uber and Airbnb which have today and into multi-billion-dollar businesses.

The tweets by Shervin Pishevar came at the most opportune time. It was a time when every economic indicator was pointing towards a decline in economic performance. Inflation, government debt, and rising interest rates were all taking place at the moment. All these are potential indicators of hard economic times in the future. At the same time, the government enacted a new policy that introduced a new tax regime that would see corporates enjoy massive tax cuts. With all these factors coming into play at the same time, Pishevar could not help but wonder when the markets would head for the ditch.

Shervin Pishevar went on to explain that the losses recorded by the stock market in February were just the beginning of a long journey to the downside. He was expecting this stock market to lose over 6000 points in the coming months. He believed that the loss would be enough to erase the gains made in recent times.

As the co-founder of Sherpa Capital, Shervin Pishevar has had an opportunity to work with many businesses and hand-picked some of the best Silicon Valley winners that have gone ahead to become tech giants. From his portfolio, it is clear that he is not just an investor but a clairvoyant who is ready to see brilliant ideas succeed. He is therefore not a person who can be disregarded whenever he makes a point related to the performance of the economy or any other financial related matter.

Michael Nierenberg: A Career Of Success

As the business world becomes more competitive in today’s world, success becomes harder and harder to achieve. With increased competition, new technology constantly coming down the pipeline, and consumers expecting more and more from companies, knowing the best decisions to make can be difficult even for the most experienced executive. However, for executives such as Michael Nierenberg, making the most complex and difficult decisions has seemed to come easy. Even from his earliest days in the business world, he has had an uncanny knack for making the key decisions that have helped numerous companies turn the corner and find success.

Currently the CEO, President, and Chairman of the Board of noted investment company New Residential Investment Corporation, Michael Nierenberg has demonstrated time and time again a talent for getting the best out of companies and the people working there. Whether this has involved coming up with global marketing strategies, analyzing data as to how foreign exchange trading operations would impact the national economy, or working with other members of a company to develop a strategic plan for success, Michael Nierenberg has more often than not made the decisions that helped one company after another leave its competitors far behind.

With experience at many of the world’s most prestigious financial services companies, Michael has been able to use what he has learned at each stop along the way to help make New Residential Investment Corporation one of the most successful financial services firms in the nation. Having spent years working for such firms as JP Morgan, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, and Bear Stearns, Michael Nierenberg has been able to climb the ladder of success at each company in short periods of time, demonstrating his unique business talents and abilities.

As he continues to lead New Residential Investment Corporation to new and unprecedented heights of success, Michael Nierenberg will no doubt be looked upon as one of today’s most dynamic and fascinating business minds. Because of this, he will also continue to do as before, which is to empower those around him to do their very best each and every day.

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