Rick Cofer On Juvenile Arrests


After almost nine years as a prosecutor, Rick Cofer opened up his own law practice; Rick Coffer Law PLLC, representing people charged with crimes in Central Texas. Rick Cofer has extensive experience in criminal matters ranging from drug possession, drunk driving, and family violence, to serious felony offenses like robbery, sexual assault, and murder.

Getting arrested by the police is undoubtedly traumatizing, and for juveniles, it can be even more so. Criminal defense lawyer Rick Cofer out of Austin, Texas is seeing more and more juveniles being arrested. Many times these juveniles are just witnesses. It can be intimidating when police officers show up to a crime scene. Especially for a juvenile who saw what happened and just wants to call his mom. But with the law in the city of Austin being that a juvenile can be detained for questioning without their parents, some juveniles say the wrong thing out of intimidation and wind up in an interrogation room.

If you are bringing children up in Austin, Texas, it is important that they know to tell an officer that they want to talk to a lawyer like Rick Cofer before they talk to the police. Far too often juveniles wind up saying something incrimating and the police jump on the first word they here. Tell this to your children over and over again until it is drilled in their head to always speak to a lawyer first.

Rick Cofer explains that many people are wrong in believing that the purpose of an interrogation is to find out facts about a crime. In reality, they are not used to determine if the person is telling the truth or to find facts about a case. When police officers bring someone in to be interrogated, they have already decided that the person is guilty. They are just waiting to hear a confession or something incriminating so that it can be brought to the prosecutors to incite a guilty verdict. Click Here to learn more about Rick Cofer.

The problem that Rick Cofer sees with juveniles being brought in to be interrogated is that they are much more fragile than adults. Their brains have not yet developed, and they lack what’s called the “executive function” which allows them to manage their thoughts, emotions, and actions in the proper way. They get scared and just want to tell the police what they want to hear. This often elicits a false confession out of the juvenile through seeking a short-term benefit rather than long-term.


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