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Dreamer turned visionary turned success story, Paul Herdsman is an eager businessman of lofty pursuits. Born in the heart of Jamaica, Herdsman fostered his dream of becoming a top dog in business during his adolescence, eventually realizing his aspirations as he transitioned into a young adult.

Now the CEO and co-founder of NICE Global, Herdsman illustrates how industrious efforts breed triumph. A nearshore business solutions company, NICE Global seeks to assist companies in the following fields: boosting revenue, retaining customers, and technical support. Some of their most raved about services include cross-selling and up-selling.

As a man who managed to go from rags to riches, Herdsman has keen insight into the do’s and don’t s of business. More specifically, Herdsman knows what it takes to create a well-oiled organization. Above all else, establishing a convivial and uplifting company culture is paramount. When workers feel valued and respected, their loyalty to the company deepens. For Herdsman, he strives to create a “family feel” in the office. Herdsman states that he cares about his staffers on both a personal and professional level and that this sincere concern inspirits employees.

Moreover, Paul Herdsman finds it crucial to “invest in players.” From training programs to educational outlets, Herdsman is of the school of thought that continuing education bodes well for a harmonious work environment. Similarly, employees who avail themselves of these perks should be acknowledged and rewarded for their efforts to go above and beyond. Herdsman refers to this tactic as “driving momentum.”

Finally, Herdsman puts a premium on hiring the best of the best. With that said, he’s implemented a robust hiring process that guarantees no glaring issues are overlooked. Both experienced and insightful, Herdsman’s pearls of wisdom are highly sought-after. Click Here for more information about Paul Herdsman.


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Paul Herdsman Impressive Career


Paul Herdsman has many titles. At the moment, he is highly recognized because of his achievements as a businessman, entrepreneur, and COO of one of the best companies that are based in Jamaica. Although he has so many responsibilities under his belt, the businessman plans his day so well so that he can accomplish everything and remain as productive as possible.

Maintaining successful operations is not a walk in the park. An individual has to be experienced, and he must be prepared to spend more hours in the workplace than any other area in his life. With Paul’s expertise in customer’s services over the years, Paul Herdsman has made a great impact on the lives of consumers. Organizations that have worked with him have acquired many benefits.

Paul Herdsman is an expert in customer retention, human resources, business development, customer satisfaction, and sales. Nice Global has been achieving so much under the care of the businessman. As a successful professional who is striving to achieve nothing but the best, Paul Herdsman has been able to set himself apart from all the other individuals in the market.

The Jamaican based investor attributes his achievements on his members of staff. Paul Herdsman has been giving his team so much support, and he has made them appreciate the importance of working as a team in the competitive world. The businessman, however, doesn’t give employment opportunities to any professional who submits their application. According to him, only the best and most qualified individuals are fit for a working position in his company. Click Here to learn more about Paul Herdsman.

Paul Herdsman career has had its challenges too. With so many roles to handle in Nice Global, the businessman doesn’t take any chances for granted. Over the years, the businessman has realized the importance of balancing his roles in the company and his personal life, and this has helped him to climb to the top.


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Paul Herdsman Discusses Life At Nice Global…


Paul Herdsman used to work for somebody else just like most other entrepreneurs. He worked a series of management rolls after his education that had him streamlining important customer service processes for corporate clients. Paul enjoyed his uncanny ability to do this correctly and eventually began Nice Global in Jamaica, where they sell their own streamlined services to corporate clients. Need an IT department? Need a sales force? Need a customer inquiry line? These are all the sorts of services that Nice Global has to offer. One trip to Nice offices in Jamaica will show all these services being offered to eager B2B clients.


When asked what his favorite moment in business is, the answer had nothing to do with profits or the achievements of Nice Global. The answer that Paul Herdsman gave had to do with the achievements of his clients! You see, Paul sits these clients down and develops, not only realistic goals for their business, but ways to achieve said goals as well. Following this model affords for a great deal of customer excitement when they see that the goals Paul Herdsman helped them to develop have either been met (or even beat.)


The realistic sort of mindset discussed above also bleeds over into Paul’s brainstorming sessions. He begins these sessions by being as realistic as possible. Any idea, no matter how great on the surface, is picked apart in a realistic fashion. If something potential still exists after they have considered the possible flaws and negative effects, Mr. Herdsman and his team can move forward on that idea. One might argue that this brainstorming approach allows Paul Herdsman and his partners at Nice to get just as excited as one of their B2B clients whenever an idea of theirs has worked out as they felt that it should. Visit This Page to learn more.


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Paul Herdsman- The Characteristics Of An Entrepreneur


The success of a business person is determined by the passion and dedication applied in pursuit of the goals. If you are an entrepreneur, many things will determine whether you will be successful or not. Many times, entrepreneurs find themselves battling various business-related challenges. To overcome such challenges, it needs more than just business skills. There are characters of business person that will determine how far they go with their businesses. These characteristics of a business person should be adopted by entrepreneurs who have a thirst for success. Paul Herdsman, a business solutions provider, is bringing us to terms with these characteristics.

In the article, “Lessons from Entrepreneur Paul Herdsman”, Herdsman gives effective business lessons which he likes to share to aspiring and established business owners alike can use to be successful like himself.

Paul Herdsman believes that the character of a business person should comprise of a positive attitude. Positive thinkers are innovators, and they stand a chance to make it in business. A positive thinker believes that there is no big challenge that they cannot overcome. A positive thinker will rise above challenges and have the necessary solutions to the challenges. View More Information Here.

Another thing about entrepreneurs who win is that they embrace teamwork. As a business owner, you need to have people who believe in the ideas you have. The team that you work with will determine how you succeed. Choose people who will be productive even without supervision. On the same breath, the people you associate with need to be inspiring you. According to Paul Herdsman, when you mingle with successful people, you will learn how to remain productive. The vice versa happens when you choose the wrong company.

Paul Herdsman is the Chief Executive Officer of NICE Global. His main role is to provide business solutions to business that are in dire need of being served in the right manner. Paul Herdsman has always wished to be a solutions provider to entrepreneurs who would like to see fast growth of their enterprises.


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Paul Herdsman – His Hobbies


Paul Herdsman’s favorite things to do are playing golf and fishing. Paul thinks it is important to have interest outside of work. His hobbies help him to run NICE Global where he is the COO and co-founder of.

Paul started fishing at six years old. Paul asked his parents for a fishing pole for Christmas and they got it for him. He was not sure why he asked for the fishing pole, but thought maybe he watched a tv show or read a book about fishing poles.

Paul Herdsman knew at that moment that he would fish forever. Paul’s interest in golfing started after he finished high school. Paul always known about golf and wanted to play golf. Paul and his twin brother played other sports but could never find the time for playing golf.

Paul was hooked to golf once he finally made a commitment to play. Paul found golf to be a challenging sport he had ever played before. Paul makes time to play golf and go fishing once a week. He loves to do both as they both help him keep his mind away from tension and stress in his life. See This Article for additional information.

Paul also takes at least two golf trips a year playing for five days straight. There are a lot of golf courses in South Florida where Paul lives. Paul likes to play on courses like The Old Course at St. Andrews, Old Head Golf Links, and The Straits Course at Whistling Straits.

Paul’s proudest achievement was when he and his team won a fishing tournament in Florida. Paul and his team have won other fishing tournaments in the past. In golf, Paul has shot his personal best score of 75. Besides work, Paul is a proud father of two who takes time bonding with the family.


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Paul Herdsman: Brief Background Of Work Life Including Strategies

Paul Herdsman serves as the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of NICE Global. The company is a business solution that’s near shore. It’s located in Montego Bay, Jamaica where Paul Herdsman was born. In doing this Herdsman had three different things crucial for an entrepreneur, know-how, dedication, and hard work.

NICE Global aids companies who have an interest in maintaining more customers. This has been done in lowering overhead and adding revenue. They give out different things like technical support, service outsourcing, support after-hours, back office-operations. They also have email services that are outsourced, this includes services of up-selling and cross-selling. Also, it handles something disliked by customers, calling a company and obtaining a machine that seems to not understand their voice commands. NICE Global gives out answering services. This would promise customers of a company the chance to talk to a live operator every time a call occurs.

The success of this company came from an out business with a lot of thought. With Paul Herdsman at the helm of the company, the company was able to reach its goal. He did hard work in co-founding the company, he also assisted to help construct it to what it is now.

In the article, “Lessons from Entrepreneur Paul Herdsman”, Herdsman gives business lessons to aspiring and established entrepreneurs to be successful like himself and bring their companies like NICE Global stand out from the competition.

One example is “Create Culture”. NICE Global concerns with the employees they have and growth. This is both professionally and personally. The company has delight on having the office feel like a family. A philosophy Herdsman has is to place family first. Click Here for more information.

In light of this he is a married man with two kids. Another strategy he has is to “Understand Everyone’s Positions”. Something Paul Herdsman has learned is that a good boss is aware with one every department does and all of its duties, but it’s also vital for the other employees to know everyone’s roles too. This is a lesson Herdsman came to know early in his life and has not left his mind. Also, by guaranteeing that everyone respects and knows every department’s role, it makes a greater harmony in the team. Also, a productive well-oiled machine.


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Paul Herdsman, Intellectual Property And Examples Of This Business Strategy

When people are looking at different business strategies, one thing they have to realize is that there is value in each of them. Some of the most innovative businesses have come from business strategies that are least expected. One thing that this has shown is that it is not necessary to be a loudmouth or social butterfly in order to make a mark in this world. Chief Operating Officer of NICE Global, Paul Herdsman himself would agree that in some cases, all that is needed is an idea in order to greatly influence an industry. For instance, the intellectual property strategy has influenced even the entertainment industry. Learn more about Herdsman’s business strategies on 12 Success Tips for Entrepreneurs From NICE Global CO-Founder Paul Herdsman.


One example that Paul Herdsman is aware of is Dolby. Dolby is a famous household name. As a matter of fact, many audio appliances have the name Dolby on it. One of the reasons behind this is that the owner of Dolby has influenced sound in many different ways. One of the most important things the company has done is implement noise reduction technology. While some would say that Dolby was responsible for multi-channel sound, multi-channel sound has been around long before the company was founded. However, Dolby was also responsible for the advancement of sound technology for entertainment. See This Article for more information.


One thing that an entrepreneur is going to do when it comes to intellectual property is protect their property. One thing that they don’t want is for someone to steal their ideas and make money off of it. This is something that happens more often than people would like to think. Paul Herdsman himself is aware of the frustration and tragedy that comes with having to deal with intellectual property theft. One thing that can help is if people do everything they can to claim their intellectual property which can come in the form of a copyright or a patent.



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