Barbara Stokes Made A Generous Donation To Habitat For Humanity To Give Back To Her Community

A generous contribution was made by Barbara and Scott Stokes of Green Structure Homes. The disaster relief contractor is based out of Huntsville, Alabama and made a donation of building materials worth $50k. The donation was received by Madison County’s Habitat for Humanity. This organizations has been helping individuals needing low cost housing since 1987. They have helped rehab 65 homes and built an additional 203. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

The donated building materials included Hardie fascia board and a lot of drywall. Barbara Stokes used her company’s in-house logistics and four trips with a semi-truck to deliver the brand new materials. She also works with an in-house engineering and design team to ensure her innovative ideas are completed. She is constantly searching for ways to make her homes more comfortable, durable and safer. This has given GSH the reputation of manufacturing intuitive, environmentally friendly and energy efficient modular homes. Follow Barbara Stokes on

GSH and Barbara Stokes were there to provide assistance for the victims of Hurricane Harvey. The company was contracted by FEMA for a $28 million contract to help rebuild the numerous areas devastated by the hurricane. When she first received this extremely large order she leaned on her family for the strength to provide as many families with housing as possible. GSH is about much more than disaster relief. They believe in giving back to their community and are thrilled the new materials will be used to help families. Barbara Stokes stated how proud she is to help Habitat for Humanity.

GSH has also made contributions to Madison County’s Habitat for Humanity in the past. Last June, Barbara Stokes donated building materials worth $75,000. This included an entire truck of Hardie fascia, 1600 sheets of drywall and 58,000 thousand square feet of flooring. These contributions enriched the lives of the people of Madison County. The Habitat for Humanity provides families with physical and mental hardships with decent and affordable housing. The donations from GSH reduced the construction cost and decreased the price for the clients. The majority of the drywall donation will complete nine separate homes with the rest being stored for future projects.

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