NPRs Article About Rocketship Education Lambasted By Supporters

NPR published an article about Rocketship Education, which many have criticized as unbalanced and loaded with inaccuracies. According to critics, the article did not even present the claim in a fair context. It also failed to completely define what Rocketship Education is all about. Rather, it discussed the challenges that the charter school organization is facing. These challenges are prevalent among many schools including public schools.

The NPR article talked about issues like strict discipline, the intense pressure to succeed academically, the customary and ceremonial classroom practices, and even the long hours spent by students at school. Unfortunately, these are general issues that all schools struggle with and not just Rocketship Education. These issues the writer sighted in the article are also the same issues that drive the students to extremely high test results. Despite these issues, parents remained loyal to the charter school that their children are enrolled.

Another issue that many critics pointed out about the article is the repeated and almost deliberate reference of Rocketship Education as a company. The term company also connotes a business gunning for profit and not non-profit organizations. According to critics, the article failed to mention that nonprofit organizations support for-profit businesses like availing services or purchasing products.

On her Twitter account, the author justified her work by claiming that she used the term company to refer to Rocketship Education to avoid using repetitive words. However, nowhere in her article was Rocketship Education referred to as a non-profit organization. Critics noted that the entire article repeated the term Rocketship 68 times, Rocketship schools 8x, and company 4 times.

About Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education was one of the pioneering charter school systems to heavily utilize various forms of technology in classrooms. Several years ago, the charter school organization realized that they also need to step back a little and have the schools led by teachers. The charter school was founded in 2006 by John Danner and Preston Smith. The organization received various donations from notable people and institutions. It includes a $2 million donation from Netflix’s chief executive officer Reed Hastings. The previous Obama administration also invested $2 million. The Education Department awarded a $250 million grant to Rocketship Education. The charter school changed its name in 2017 and is now called Rocketship Public Schools.

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