How Carsten Thiel Landed in His Pharmaceutical Profession

Specialists in the realm of pharmaceuticals are burning the midnight oil to develop new treatment methods for chronic diseases. Carsten Thiel was born and raised in Berlin. He was an exemplary student and achieved good grades that enabled him to study chemistry in Malbrook. He later left his motherland country to join the University of Bristol in the southwest of the United Kingdom. In the university, he earned a bachelor’s degree in organic chemistry. He later decided to specialize in biochemistry.

To quench his thirst for education, Carsten Thiel attended Max Planck Institute for Biological Chemistry where he graduated with a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology. He focused on a sensitive topic that involves the transition of healthy body cells into cancerous cells.

Upon completing his formal education, Thiel earned a fascinating position with Hoffman La- Roche. Hoffman la- Roche is a diligent biotechnology firm. In the company, he served as a communication and product manager. To deliver in his new position, he leveraged on his education alongside acquired experience to build his reputation in the company. Due to his dedication, he was offered a more prestigious position in the company. This time around he was responsible for scientific marketing and market assessment.

Carsten Thiel has showcased his skills by innovating new pharma products. His successful career is beautified by launching strong, successful products. He is a firm believer of integrity, independence, and openness in service delivery. He advocates for responsibility in a profession. According to Thiel, bringing an idea to life should start with a positive attitude. When you have a positive mind, then you have half of what it takes to succeed. To achieve great results, Thiel encourages leaders to embrace and promote teamwork. Collaboration and diverse talents always deliver positive results.

On the other hand, as a leader, you have to embrace inclusivity. Listen to your peers, employees, and researcher. Listening does not only open a podium to learn new ideas but always promote loyalty in an organization. An employee feels appreciated when he/ she is listened to. Listen to their opinions, finding and experiences to formulate new strategies.

Surprising Carsten Thiel grew up in a family of medical doctors. He developed a passion for medical biology at a tender age. Currently, he devotes his time to learn a new technology which can help in treating patients.