Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens, specialist and reporter

Felipe Montoro Jens reported from the annual Inter-American Development meeting from Argentina Mendoza. This year’s gathering will be attended by many Latin American leaders to discuss infrastructure projects and the economy. This year the Minister of planning, DyogoOliveria, and the President of Inter-American Development, Luis Alberto Monreno. Luis Caputo and Garrido, who is the Secretary of Economy and Business Support. Each attendee discussed various areas of concerns as it pertains to the economy and interest on various infrastructure projects. Felipe reported on topics ranging from highway development projects to funding constraints for job stimulation.

The GDP of Brazil grew in 2017 by 1%, marking the first signs of the country pulling its way out of the “economic crisis.” Felipe Montoro Jens reported on a R$44 billion, 54 projects economic and infrastructure development initiative by the Brazilian government. These funds were projected to upgrade 800 kilometers of highway between Anapolis (GO) and Alianca (TO), also the road connecting Comodoro (MT) and Porto Velho (RO). Read this article at about Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe shared the plans of the mayor of Rio de Janeiro to invest R$ 2.3 million to expand the early childhood development network in the city, by building 40,000 preschools and 20,000-day care centers. In the state of Piaui, there are plans in the works to expand and upgrade the sewage systems by from 20 percent to 80 percent.

Bahia state’s Light Rail systems are currently expanding the light rail system in the country, by upgrading 19 miles of road and 21 stops. There is also a considerable internet access expansion or availability project taking place in Piaui state, with the implementation of fiber optic cables and over 1000 access points.

There is another record-breaking story in Belo Horizonte implementing the most significant public, private partnership in history. Felipe noted Belo Horizonte project is upgrading over 100,000 lights from traditional lighting to LED. Read More:


Matthew Fleeger Continues To Draw On His Talents To Expand The Companies He Is A Part Of

Matthew Fleeger is a talented entrepreneur who has been able to find success in more than one industry. He currently serves as the chief executive officer of Gulf Coast Western, LLC., which focuses on exploring, acquiring, and developing domestic gas and oil reserves. The company mainly works in the gulf coast region in the U.S. and has built many successful partnerships along the way.

Matthew Fleeger took over the leadership role for the company some years back and is happy to be able to continue working in the family-owned business. Gulf Coast Western has been working with partners in Southwestern Louisiana for many years and has also been able to develop many different prospects due to these partnerships. The company is headquartered in Texas but continues to produce oil and gas in more than one southern U.S. state.

Matthew Fleeger has been working with Northcote Energy Ltd. in order to grow his company. In fact, Gulf Coast Western bought up 50 percent of the assets and working interests of the company. Fleeger’s company has also been looking to expand into many other states in the U.S. and has been building new partnerships to do so. A large percentage of the company’s that are partnered with Gulf Coast are working with them in more than one way.

Matthew Fleeger studied at the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University, where he earned his degree in business administration. He has used his education to help him become a leader in the oil and gas industry. His team building skills continue to allow him to create new ventures and exciting business opportunities. He is also the founder of MedSolutions, Inc. and served as the company’s president and CEO for more than a decade. Fleeger has also built one of the most successful indoor tanning ventures in the United States.


Bhanu Choudhrie appointed to chair England’s 2010 commonwealth games business advisory Board

The British-American businessman Bhanu Choudhrie was announced that he would chair England’s 2010 commonwealth games business advisory Board. The Delhi born entrepreneur was born in the Choudhrie clan that is considered to be one of the most influential and richest families in India. He is the director of C&C Alpha group which a holding company for public investors venturing in capital funding businesses. The 2010 commonwealth games which were to be held in Delhi were very much anticipated.

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The advisory board was to secure funding for England’s participation in the games. Bhanu Choudhrie was working with other successful and high profile Entrepreneurs with interest in the sports world. C&C Alpha group under the leadership of Bhanu Choudhrie has invested in a diverse range of businesses from hospitality project that has resulted in award-winning spa hotels located in Mauritius and India. The company has also invested in care homes in the United Kingdom. C&C Alpha group has also launched a filming and distribution company for Bollywood movies. A month prior to him being selected as a board member, CGE had raised over £100,000. This was made possible by CGE becoming official friends of England commonwealth team through the signing of SMEs. Bhanu Choudhrie was really excited being the chair of the board and focused on making sure that England would have success in the games. He was determined to make sure that all the 400 English Athletes who were to participate in the commonwealth games were given everything they needed for them to succeed. The development director of the games Joana Robison that she was very happy and excited having Bhanu Choudhrie on board. She believes that his experience and contact in England and India would be of great importance to the team. Joana Robison was on her part focused on preparing the team to give their absolute best in the games.


Nitin Khanna & the Path to Entrepreneurial Success

Nitin Khanna has done a little bit of everything during his entrepreneurial career. Hailing from India, but currently living in Portland, OR, Nitin Khanna is a graduate from Purdue University. With a Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering, it was easy for Khanna to leave college in search of a job. Khanna saw early on that technology would be the way of the future and for that reason, he chose to work with Oracle after graduation in the ’90s. It wouldn’t take long for Nitin Khanna to realize that his real future was as a leader and builder of his own dreams. Now, Khanna is the CEO of MergerTech, an M&A advisory firm, as well as the former CEO of several major businesses.

Khanna grew up in a family filled with creative and hardworking people. He watched his family take initiative while he was a child so that they could build up their own businesses. Embracing the entrepreneurial spirit early allowed Khanna to get his mind into the right space when he moved to the United States at 17-years-old. By the time that Khanna was just 25, he was ready to start his first company. Nitin Khanna and his brother would found the Saber Corporation which would go on to become integral to the United States government in terms of setting up registration and voting records. The business would soar in value and Khanna would eventually sell his share of the company for a tidy profit.

Now the CEO of MergerTech, Nitin Khanna is always on the lookout for new opportunities. The primary work that Khanna is responsible for has to do with strategizing and vision planning. He has been the focal point of the majority of businesses that he has worked for or developed. Khanna knows that earning money should be his primary inspiration but as a high-level entrepreneur, he needs more than that. Khanna’s current focus is on mentoring other members of his team in order to help them develop their businesses and find their own paths to success. Up next, Khanna is focused on developing new businesses in the burgeoning field of legalized cannabis.

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Nicolas Krafft as A Leader in Loreal

Nicolas Krafft is the Global Vice President of Business Development. But what is more about this company Nicolas Krafft works in? We look at one event to get a clue about the global fashion brand. On September 2018 L’Oreal in Paris held the yearly fashion and glamour show on a walkway on river Seine at the heart of Paris. The presentation focused not only showcasing the latest trend in beauty and style but also for the company to restate its role in ensuring fashion and glamour are demystified.

The show which was open to everyone was attended by the established names in the fashion, glamour and the film industry. Women’s beauty was showcased in a variety of outfits and an inclusive manner. The sixty-meter runway on river Seine provided an excellent stage for this event. Models such as Eva Longoria and Elle Fanning were also in attendance. So much creativity endowed the show as well and seemed to blend with much of French culture. Actors such as Jaime Lannister of Game of Thrones, was one of the actors who turned up to support the show.

The L’Oreal Paris team created new hairstyles and makeup specifically for this show. Different supermodels also took on stage to showcase the various outfits by the thirteen partner brands such as Chopard for the show. It took more than a week to set up and take down the distinct floating runway.

The marketing and promotion of the event seemed to have been done well. The function was broadcasted in over thirty nations at a go. Big screens were also present in the venue, and drones showed even the most inaccessible area by the large cameras that graced the event. These provided an opportunity for passers-by and tourist to watch from the banks of river Seine.

This event is a clear account of how L’Oreal works its values and open and inclusive business culture. This value is what the company believes are the elements to success besides producing quality fashion and beauty products. With the leaders such as Nicolas Krafft who has held various roles previously the company is headed in the right direction. He has been the Deputy General Manager for Eastern Europe from mid-2011 to 2013.

Wes Edens Is A Co-Founder Of Fortress Investment Group Who Can Now Add Hotelier To His Long List Of Accomplishments

Wes Edens is the owner of the Milwaukee Bucks and a co-founder of Fortress Investment Group. He has worked with Fortress as its chief investment officer for some time and focuses his energy on a spread of different business sectors. He also serves Fortress as its principal and private equity chief investment officer as well as its co-chairman. Before working for Fortress, he worked with BlackRock Financial Management, Inc. as a partner and also served the Lehman Brothers as a partner and managing director.

Wes Edens has recently decided to become a hotelier, as well, and has invested $100 million , along with three of his friends, into Caldera House in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Edens is known for his love of skiing and was asked why Jackson Hole was the first place he decided to build a hotel at. He commented that the city was the only place he had even thought about building a hotel. He also admitted that Jackson Hole is his favorite place to be as he loves the Western vibe that the town has.

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Wes Edens also recently commented on how Jackson Hole compares to other resorts in the United States as a ski destination. He maintained that the city is the top ranked ski resort in the country and extolled the virtues of the mountain as well as its challenging ski runs. He also talked about the trip to Jackson Hole and how quickly a person can land in the nearest airport and then suddenly be in the middle of a scenic area immediately. On top of this, Edens is a fan of the adventures that can be had in the city and praised it for how easily people can get from their hotels to a ski slope.

Wes Edens studied at Oregon State University and picked up his Bachelor of Science degree in finance and business administration more than three decades ago. His degree has helped him to take part of all of the business ventures he has been successful with. With his latest venture in Jackson Hole, he expects to offer people the time of their lives in one of the most rare destinations on the planet.

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Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade Growth Over the Four Decades in Brazil

CAOA was founded back in 1979 by Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade. The firm has created a wide reputation for itself when it comes to automobile manufacturing and distribution in Brazil. Currently, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade hails as the acting chair on the Board of Directors of the firm. The firm was built from the ground up to one of the largest car dealers in Brazil.

It was started when Dr. Carlos ordered the Ford Landau through a local Ford dealership back in Campina. But due to financial woes, the firm went insolvent and failed to deliver the Ford Landau to Dr. Carlos. As part of the compensation plan, the Ford dealership was passed on to his as repayment for the Ford Landau.

It took a lot of groundwork for Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade to stabilize the Ford dealership. Dr. Carlos was an accomplished and retired medical practitioner in Brazil. But in a matter of close to five years, the Ford dealership had done tremendously well. It transitioned into the largest Ford dealership in the country.

Another business opportunity presented itself in 1992 after the ruling out of the prohibition of importation of vehicles in Brazil. Dr. Carlos was quick to pick up a partnership with the Renault brand. The partnership was lucrative and in a matter of a year it led in terms of sales of the imported cars.

With the innovation undertaken by CAOA, the Subaru brand announced in 19998 CAOA as their exclusive importer of the brand. This led to the tripling of sales in the same year. The following year saw CAOA attain the representation of the Hyundai brand. The brand led in terms of sales in Brazil, especially with the Tuscon model.

CAOA constructed the first fully dedicated Hyundai manufacturing plant in Brazil dubbed the CAOA Automobile Assembly. The success of the plant saw Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Grande land the Entrepreneur of the Year award by the IstoE Dinheiro magazine firm.

The firm has won a number of accolades such as the “Most Admired”, “Good DOER Company “and many more. Through a partnership with the Chinese Chery, CAOA launched the CAO A Chery manufacturing plant.

Robert Deignan creates a leading customer services provider

Robert Deignan is the founder of ATS Digital Services, one of the most successful businesses in the field of tech customer support. With technology changing rapidly, it is becoming essential that we have companies that can resolve tech-related problems. Not everyone is well informed to resolve tech problems. Majority of the people who use tech gadgets cannot repair them if they are damaged. Many others cannot even do simple troubleshooting. What does that mean? It means that we are at the right time where tech digital solution companies are necessary. They will play a significant role in resolving some of the challenges we are encountering right now.

Robert Deignan created ATS Digital Services because he could tell in advance that the tech industry would get bigger and tech-related problems would become more pertinent. In such cases, we need to look at what this company can offer to deal with the challenges that he has spotted in the industry. According to Robert Deignan, ATS Digital Services is a company that can offer all the best solutions related to technology. He established this company after he did thorough research and found out what the customers were looking for in the tech industry. A company in the tech industry need to be able to facilitate remote troubleshooting of devices. Not everyone will want to take his device to a center where repairs should be done. A call away should be enough to help customers through remote access. Physical access is only necessary where hardware parts have to be repaired.

Robert Deignan new from a young age that he would be an entrepreneur. He, however, wanted to be a successful entrepreneur who would make a name in the industry through the things he was doing. In just a few years after leaving Purdue University where he took a degree in business management, he was into business creating his first company known as Fanlink.

ATS Digital Service is today, the top provider of digital solutions. Through this company, he has managed to keep a good track record as a service provider. He has worked very well with his team to build a strong company.

Malcolm Casselle

Online gaming has always been fun for game enthusiast. It is the recent years, however, that virtual game skins have become incredibly popular. This has made it into a billion dollar industry. The company Wax (Worldwide Asset eXchange) has created an online virtual asset trading website. On this site, you can trade and sell your assets and skins through a WAX blockchain security. There are many aspects to this website that allow security and fun. It also allows you to show unique skins while you are playing, which in some games is incredibly popular.

Malcolm Casselle is the president of WAX, entrepreneur, and CIO of OPSkins. This is the number one online marketplace to buy and sell virtual items from video games. In his previous professional ventures, he was president and CTO at tronc, before that he was SVP and GM at Digital Media. He has even previously, led startups in the digital industry such as MediaPass, Xfire, and Groupon’s joint venture with Tencent in China. More than that he has been an active investor in big-name companies such as Facebook, Zynga, big data, and blockchain verticals. He has also most recently invested in bitcoin-related companies. He is also co-founder of PCCW. Malcolm has degrees in computer science from MIT and Stanford University. He also speaks Japanese and Mandarin.

Malcolm has accomplished quite a lot in his career lifetime. He started in 1995 as CTO of NetNoir, then he went on to being a director at a Hong-Kong based capital Union Investments, then to CEO of the global social network for core video game players. Most recently, he was named CTO president of tronc and now works as president of WAX, as well as CIO of OPSkins. All in all, Malcolm Caselle is a hard-working entrepreneur that is well versed in his career path.

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Stream Energy Gives Customers Better Rates

Even though Stream Energy can’t guarantee they’ll have the absolute best rates all the time, they now a lot about coming up with ideas to make sure they have great rates. When they work with customers, they do so in a way that allows them the chance to show them they’re making more out of the industry options they have. It’s their goal to always give people what they need while they’re also coming up with positive experiences for the future. The idea behind Stream Energy is making sure their clients have everything they need even if the company has to make some sacrifices to make that happen. They want others to realize they’re doing things the right way and they’re giving more people the options that will help them see what they can get out of different situations. Between their hard work and the hard work they get from others, Stream knows what to do.

While they were coming up with new ideas for helping other people, Stream Energy realized they had to do things to make sure their philanthropic efforts were the best they could be. Stream knew a lot of people had to have the chance to do things the right way and they had to make things easier on everyone in the industry. They always focused on how they could help others and what they would need to do to make sure they were providing people with the most positive experiences possible.

The ideas that Stream Energy were among the best and they allowed people to see what they could get from coming up with ideas on their own. Thanks to Stream, people could see positive opportunities they previously weren’t able to see. They could also come up with ideas that would help them work on different experiences as they continued doing more in the future. The company knew it was time to help people and knew they had the chance to give back with everything they did. They took advantage of this and focused on how they could give others a positive experience no matter what.