Hyland’s Teething Tablets Are Helping Little Ones Get through A Through Time

Teething can be tough! Not only for babies but for their caregivers too. Anyone who has ever had a toothache knows how uncomfortable it can be. Hyland’s is one of the United States largest manufacturers of homeopathic medicine.

Founded in 1903, Hyland’s provides homeopathic medication and treatment for the entire family, and they have an extra soft spot for the little ones. Pharmacy student Cecil Craig began managing the lab at the organization in 1923, and later developed Hyland’s Pink Asprin for children. When he found his daughter was unable to swallow the pill-form, he created a dissolvable tablet for kids who had the same issue. This unique pill would become the staple of Hyland’s line of pediatric medicines, and their most popular product, Hyland’s Teething Tablets.

In 1987, Hyland’s introduced Hyland’s Teething Tablets, a homeopathic solution for oral pain and irritability due to teething. Today, Hyland’s Teething Tablets are the most popular over the counter solution for oral pain in infants. Similar to the organizations Pink Asprin for children, the Hyland’s Teething Tablets come in a quick, dissolvable form, making them an option for all little ones.

While there are several different options available for over the counter pain relief, Hyland’s is one of the only manufactures known to use only natural active ingredients. Hyland’s Teething Tablets and all other Hyland products are completely free of dyes, parabens, artificial flavors, and other harmful or toxic ingredients. Committed to the use of high-quality ingredients and designed with moms and babies in mind, Hyland’s continues to serve families and communities all over.

Read more about Hyland’s here https://www.hylands.com/discontinuation-faqs

Lincolnshire Management knows that  Middle Market Companies Continue to Do Well

Middle market companies are those companies that find themselves smack dab in the middle of the market, they find themselves in the middle of small market companies and big market companies.

Small market companies will be those businesses that may be your local mom and pop shops while large businesses are those that are present within the news media on a regular basis, these are the companies such as Apple, Facebook, Google, McDonalds, Burger King and much more.

Now middle market companies are those that you may work at and only know because of your work there, it is likely that you are not aware of many of the middle market companies that are present within the world today.

Middle market companies such as the ones that Lincolnshire Management invests in are the ones that help the world go around. These middle market companies are the ones that usually have tens of millions of revenue dollars on an annual basis.

Middle market companies will likely not have a billion dollars in revenue. Many middle market companies are doing well and expect to grow and become stronger as the years progress.

Recent data from the U.S Middle Market Business Index conducted by different firms show that these middle market companies are thriving and are likely to do well in the coming uncertain times as well.

At the time of this writing, there are more than 700 middle market companies who are seeing an increase in their revenues and their project growth for this year and the years to come.

Executives within the middle market firms have talked about their profits, their income statements, their balance sheets, and other categories such as compensation and credit, and they seem to be in good spirits.

The evidence of this good market is present within the sale of Holley Performance Products to Sentinel Capital Partners.

Lincolnshire Management and Growth

Lincolnshire Management is expecting to continue to do well with their investments as they continue to focus on investments and acquisitions in middle market companies across the United States. The Lincolnshire Management does not discriminate between different industries and sectors, they invest in companies that they see as fit and healthy and that fit within their criteria.

Lincolnshire Management will be a firm to watch as they continue to stay on top of their investments.

Get Lincolnshire Management directions here https://www.mapquest.com/us/new-york/lincolnshire-management-273481737

Nitin Khanna & the Path to Entrepreneurial Success

Nitin Khanna has done a little bit of everything during his entrepreneurial career. Hailing from India, but currently living in Portland, OR, Nitin Khanna is a graduate from Purdue University. With a Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering, it was easy for Khanna to leave college in search of a job. Khanna saw early on that technology would be the way of the future and for that reason, he chose to work with Oracle after graduation in the ’90s. It wouldn’t take long for Nitin Khanna to realize that his real future was as a leader and builder of his own dreams. Now, Khanna is the CEO of MergerTech, an M&A advisory firm, as well as the former CEO of several major businesses.

Khanna grew up in a family filled with creative and hardworking people. He watched his family take initiative while he was a child so that they could build up their own businesses. Embracing the entrepreneurial spirit early allowed Khanna to get his mind into the right space when he moved to the United States at 17-years-old. By the time that Khanna was just 25, he was ready to start his first company. Nitin Khanna and his brother would found the Saber Corporation which would go on to become integral to the United States government in terms of setting up registration and voting records. The business would soar in value and Khanna would eventually sell his share of the company for a tidy profit.

Now the CEO of MergerTech, Nitin Khanna is always on the lookout for new opportunities. The primary work that Khanna is responsible for has to do with strategizing and vision planning. He has been the focal point of the majority of businesses that he has worked for or developed. Khanna knows that earning money should be his primary inspiration but as a high-level entrepreneur, he needs more than that. Khanna’s current focus is on mentoring other members of his team in order to help them develop their businesses and find their own paths to success. Up next, Khanna is focused on developing new businesses in the burgeoning field of legalized cannabis.

Read more about Nitin here https://www.linkedin.com/in/nitinkhannaceo

Carsten Thiel is Taking the Industry of Biotechnology to the Next Level

Carsten Thiel is a visionary in the industry of biotechnology. Under his leadership, professional experience, alongside expertise, he has led the invaluable launch of different high prolific medical products that include Strensig, Vectibix, besides Neulasta. Carsten Thiel has chaired the introduction of various medical breakthrough therapies through his direct involvement in marketing projects that have improved the lives of millions of patients. Coupled with medical-moral principles at the core of his decision making, Carsten Thiel’s convictions contributed to the revamping of the existing medical protocols that led to consistent patient care coupled with enhanced customer experience.

Being an executive with vast experience in leading the top and bottom-line development, Carsten Thiel has been the managing director for P&L for a significant period. In his tenure, he drove sales at iconic brands via innovation, operational excellence, and guiding large as well as diverse teams in the administration of complicated initiatives.

Carsten Thiel is also the CEO for Alexion where he was in charge of managing a business with a yearly sale of about $3 billion alongside 1,000 employees. He oversaw the sustainability of resources and delivered significant growth. Thiel also built a state-of-the-art metabolic BU that launched two new products. Being the VP of EMEA & Asia Pacific, Carsten led the global business into a significant growth trajectory thereby growing the organization from the initial 700 to 1000 workers by launching Strensiq as well as managing Synageva.

In a different experience, Carsten Thiel exuded confidence in the fact that to be successful in the medical sector one must be empathetic and compassionate to launch a therapeutic product effectively. In 2015, his life-changing experience started after launching a product that offered therapy for a degenerative bone disease that often starts manifesting itself in the womb. Notably, babies born with the disease don’t have properly developed bones or functional ribcage. They can, therefore, not breathe without the support of ventilation.

For details: www.crunchbase.com/person/carsten-thiel

JD.com And Rakuten Comes Into An Agreement To Accelerate The Development And Commercialization Of Unmanned Delivery Solutions in Japan


JD.com, also known as Jingdong Mall, is one of the largest e-commerce companies in China, announced a partnership with Rakuten, Inc., a global innovation company in the e-commerce sector, which will see JD.com’s drones as well as autonomous delivery robots used in Rakuten’s delivery solutions that are unmanned in Japan.

Jingdong Mall is expected to bring its expertise in drones and autonomous delivery robots development while Rakuten bringing expertise in drone delivery service operations throughout Japan including its dedicated shopping apps. The two leading companies will work closely together on the unmanned delivery services of Rakuten to make them suitable for an array of situations and applications.

Rakuten achieved a milestone in 2016 when it launched the Rakuten Drone delivery service. It provided delivery services as well as trials in collaboration with local governments and corporate partners. Rakuten is dedicated to solve the challenges the Japan’s logistics sector faces. Get Additional Information Here.

The Group Managing Executive Officer of Rakuten, Koji Ando, stated that the Rakuten fraternity was delightful to collaborate with Jingdong, a company that has the largest cutting-edge proprietary delivery network in China, knowledge in the use of drones and UGHVs in logistics, and a track record of use of the drones and UGVs. The two partners will combine JD’s drones and UGVs and Rakuten’s unmanned delivery solutions to drive innovation in the logistics sector of Japan as well as allow for provision of greater convenience to Japan consumers.

Jingdong Mall started its drone program in 2015 and in 2016, the company launched the first commercial deliveries in rural China. Currently, the company operates drones in Shaanxi, Jiangsu, as well as other provinces. Since the launch, drones have seen a lot flight time.

JD.com announced the successful development and testing of drones duped as “Indonesia’s first government-approved drone test flight”. The announcement came as good news for Indonesia and Southeast Asia because it marked a start of the use drone for commercial deliveries. Jingdong has also inaugurated smart stations in various cities in China.

President of JD-X, Jun Xiao, said that the e-commerce platform has been leveraging drones and autonomous delivery robots to make deliveries across China for more than two years. JD.com is dedicated to innovating in the logistics sector to increase accessibility, reliability as well as cost-effectiveness. JD.com is also known for various humanitarian efforts and charity contributions. Now, Rakuten’s unmanned delivery solutions in China will be developed and commercialized faster in the wake of JD.com-Rakuten agreement.


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CEO Deignan’s Success Story

Robert Deignan is an American businessman and the co-founder of ATS Digital Services. He currently runs as its Chief Executive Officer. Robert Deignan is a highly motivated individual, coupled with his entrepreneurial spirit makes him stand out as a businessman.

Robert Deignan founded the ATS Digital services in December 2011.ATS Digital services is a firm that deals with various digital technology and computer issues. Additionally, the firm fixes computers with slow networks and other technical problems.

Under the leadership of Robert Deignan, the company has adopted advanced software and technologies in its operations. It is recognized as one of the leading firms offering digital services. Robert, who hails from Florida, founded the ATS Digital services with the aim of providing digital support to businesses and individuals.

Robert Deignan is a graduate from Purdue University where he pursued

organizational leadership. His education background laid a strong foundation for his career in the corporate world. Robert acquired leadership qualities that are imperative for the management of any business entity.

In a recent interview, Robert Deignan explains that the idea to come up with ATS Digital Services came up while he worked at another company in 2009. The company was experiencing software problems, and this prompted him to think of a solution that would offer technical support.

Robert states that he gets most of his ideas through observation and the need to make the business better. Over the years, ATS Digital Services have experienced rapid growth and an increase in profitability.

Notably, Robert Deignan has extensive knowledge and experience in technology. Before the inception of ATS Digital Services, Robert Deignan worked in an Anti-Malware Software company. It contributed tremendously in his growth both at a personal and individual level. Moreover, in 1998 Robert Deignan established a company called Fanlink Inc though it collapsed in 2001.

However, Robert Deignan did not give up. His resilience and determination contributed to his career growth. His advice to upcoming entrepreneurs is to embrace modern technology in their operations. Similarly, entrepreneurs should use their analytical and problem-solving capabilities to offer solutions to problems of their clients.


“Fighting Burn Out In Workplaces “

Paul Saunders is the chairman and CEO of James River Capital Corp. He has worked with this organization since 1985. He holds a bachelor’s in business administration from the University of Virginia and a master in business administration from the University of Chicago. His passion for finance led him to the investment banking industry. Currently, he is in investment trading and doing exemplary in that field. He loved trading because he felt that it is a field that is based on married and not hierarchy.


Paul Saunders has worked Warburg Paribas Becker in the corporate finance department and at AG Becker in the commodity department. He has also served at Kidder, Peabody & co as the director of managed accounts and commodity funds. He later became the president of KP Futures Management the predecessor of James River Capital Corp. Since 1995; he has held the position of chairman and CEO. Paul Saunders is married and loves involving himself in philanthropic causes. Recently he started the Saunders Family Foundation to assist charitable organizations in accomplishing their goals.


James River Capital


James River Capital Corp was initially formed as an alternative investment department of Kidder Peabody & Co. In 1995, it was secured as an independent investment firm by Paul Saunders.


Burn out


Paul Saunders has an opinion on various matters related to business administration. As a leader at James River Capital Corp, he has come to learn about many things pertaining to the management of a business. One of the things he highlights is the management of employees’ burnout. He treats this as one of the major causes of poor performance in a business environment.


Burnout is emotional or physical exhaustion due to stress. Burnout is common in workplaces due to personal and work-related stress. However, it has the potential to create poor performance in an organization. Employees who experience burnout are likely to doubt their competence and ability to obtain their objectives.


Paul Saunders has a few points that he would like to share with other business leaders. There are some steps that need to be taken in order to address early signs of burn out as well as dealing with already taken cases of burnout.




Paul Saunders value communication and honesty in the management of a business. Employees need to be treated as valuable partners in a business, and they should, therefore, be incorporated in every decision-making process.

When organizations are making important decisions on matters such as promotions and compensation, all workers should be involved. It is good to ensure that some employees do not feel ignored. Discrimination among employees can lead to low motivation in your workplace. The criteria used in awarding employees should be clear to everyone to create a level playing ground. Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/company/james-river-capital-corp


Louis Chenevert: How to Make your Workers Productive

Louis Chenevert retired just recently from his position in one of the leading organizations in the world. The businessman has been holding top positions in prestigious firms, and this is why he has learned so much about businesses. His career accomplishments have been used to educate other young people who want to become successful in the tough market. In one of his recent publication, the American based professional advices his followers about one of the issues that make them have sleepless nights; increasing profits in business. Every company looks for all possible ways of ensuring that they are growing their business. The competition, however, doesn’t make things easy. Louis Chenevert has given people the secret to successful businesses. According to him, company employees have the key to success. Use the following tips to make your company workers happy.

Award those who are working hard: In all working environments, there are some personalities who prove to be better and committed to their responsibilities compared to the others. Louis Chenevert believes that a company will stand to benefit if the top management awards these few who are working. Giving these people recognition will be a way of motivating them to increase their effort. The rest of the team will also be challenged, and they will also increase their efforts in the future. Awarding the employees does not have to cost the company an arm and a leg. There are simple ways that will not require so much money. For instance, two or three days off will make the employee happier and relaxed to resume duty in a better mood. Giving them a certificate is also good.

Best working environment: Everyone wants to spend their time in a working environment that is conducive. The company bosses should do away with any form of negativity because it only affects the workers in a bad way. There are many ways of removing the bad personalities in the working place. Ensure that the offices have been furnished well, regardless of the amount of money you will be forced to spend. The common areas for lunch hours should also be ideal for all workers.


Information About JD.com As A Retail In China


JD.com or Jingdong Mall is one of the largest retailers that is based in China. There are many of the corporate social responsibility that has issued with regards to the role that is playing on the matters of the commitment as far as global sustainability is concerned. The retail has also made its move in the mission of giving back to the community.

The report as per the CSR shows the accomplishment that it had in the year 2013 on the issues of the innovation, sustainability and also the empowerment on the operations of the company. The report also entails the issues of the description of the company. Many things have made JD.com to be at the position that it occupies at the moment. For instance, the excellent leadership that has been set in place. Furthermore, the management of the company has insisted on the specialization among the staffs to make the process of its operation flow smoothly.

Some of the projects that are run by Jingdong Mall, which includes the “Green Stream Initiative” and “Recycling Program” has enabled the company to foster the mission of waste reduction in the environment.

JD.com has also invested in the field of technology in pushing for many programs within the company. The platform that has been created by the firm has made the organization be one of the self-inventory on the matters of the speedy supply and the donations. Some of the projects have also made the stakeholders and the many suppliers to believe in the processes and the transaction of the JD. Additionally, it has boosted the level of transparency within the company and increased the level of efficiency. Find More Information Here.

Most of the people and different organizations have supported the work and the efforts that have been set in position by the company. As the most significant retail in China, it has also approved the drone flight. This was one of the best technology to be integrated into the system with an effort of opening up commercial purposes in Asia.

JD has managed to achieve a lot in the field of business and environmental sustainability through the application of technology.


Watch their video on https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj1O__aZW_05RdTCL8E3kUA


Drones Take Flight in Indonesia Thanks To JD.Com


The government of Indonesia has approved drone delivery for the first time in the country’s history, thanks to a successful lobbying effort by Chinese retailer JD.com.

On January 8, JD.com’s drone took off from Jagabita Village in West Java carrying backpacks and text books to the MIS Nurul Falah Leles Elementary School. JD.com donated the school supplies to these students, part of their philanthropic commitment to education.

JD.com has been a big player in expanding Indonesia’s e-commerce. Since starting operations in 2016, JD.ID has serviced more than 20 million customers in 483 cities. This is an infrastructure and data network that JD.com has committed to assisting humanitarian endeavors.

Jon Liao, JD.com’s Chief Strategy Officer, extended his thanks to the Indonesia’s government to be part of the country’s history with this drone flight. Liao commented on his experience with drone delivery in China, the convenience it brings to customers, and the implementation of top-tier technology to further the service. Working with the World Economic Fund is and Indonesia’s government is sure to be part of JD.com’s future as they look to expand what the company can do for their e-commerce.

JD.com has long partnered with the World Economic Fund and has been a partner of their Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This part of JD.com’s work has been involved in forging partnerships to help frame policy, increase collaboration between stakeholders, and advance the science and technology that helps the business sector. Indonesia provides an opportunity for these parties to meet one of their top priorities, improving drone technology to deliver supplies to remote areas.

Head of Drones and Tomorrow’s Airspace at the World Economic Forum, Timothy Reuter sees the trial run in Indonesia is a bright sign for the country and the future of the technology tested there. By aligning itself with commercial trends in China, Indonesia could become a business leader for Southeast Asia by using drone delivery to expand medical and humanitarian missions where commercial good can now be accessed.

Though there are regulations left to hammer out before drone deliver is the norm, the formal announcement was made at the World Economic Forum at Davos this January. Members of the Ministry of Transportation, Civil Aviation and Air Navigation of Indonesia were present for the inaugural flight. Find More Information Here.


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