Nitin Khanna & the Path to Entrepreneurial Success

Nitin Khanna has done a little bit of everything during his entrepreneurial career. Hailing from India, but currently living in Portland, OR, Nitin Khanna is a graduate from Purdue University. With a Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering, it was easy for Khanna to leave college in search of a job. Khanna saw early on that technology would be the way of the future and for that reason, he chose to work with Oracle after graduation in the ’90s. It wouldn’t take long for Nitin Khanna to realize that his real future was as a leader and builder of his own dreams. Now, Khanna is the CEO of MergerTech, an M&A advisory firm, as well as the former CEO of several major businesses.

Khanna grew up in a family filled with creative and hardworking people. He watched his family take initiative while he was a child so that they could build up their own businesses. Embracing the entrepreneurial spirit early allowed Khanna to get his mind into the right space when he moved to the United States at 17-years-old. By the time that Khanna was just 25, he was ready to start his first company. Nitin Khanna and his brother would found the Saber Corporation which would go on to become integral to the United States government in terms of setting up registration and voting records. The business would soar in value and Khanna would eventually sell his share of the company for a tidy profit.

Now the CEO of MergerTech, Nitin Khanna is always on the lookout for new opportunities. The primary work that Khanna is responsible for has to do with strategizing and vision planning. He has been the focal point of the majority of businesses that he has worked for or developed. Khanna knows that earning money should be his primary inspiration but as a high-level entrepreneur, he needs more than that. Khanna’s current focus is on mentoring other members of his team in order to help them develop their businesses and find their own paths to success. Up next, Khanna is focused on developing new businesses in the burgeoning field of legalized cannabis.

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Carsten Thiel And His Contribution To Healthcare

For many years, Carsten Thiel has been researching on various topics relating to medicine. He is the brain behind the development of some of the most effective products in the markets today. Thiel’s love for biotechnology is one of the things that have propelled him to the top. Looking at some of the products that he has formulated, you will notice that he is focused to coming up with therapies that help people to overcome the emerging challenges in the medical world.


Impactful medical products

What Carsten Thiel believes in is the establishment of products that will have a major impact in the medical industry. He was to come up with solutions that manage the most complex situations such as surgery. Because of this, he has been combining technology with medicine to come up with these solutions. Read This Article for additional information

For instance, he helped to launch medical therapies such as Prolia and Neulasta. These are products that changed the way people treated several diseases and therefore, he had made his mark as an authority in this industry.


Solutions to the latest problems

Another thing that shows that Carsten Thiel has made enormous contributions to the healthcare industry is his eye for the latest challenges. Looking at his latest products, you will notice that he is focusing on weight loss. He wants people to enjoy better way of managing weight loss. While launching the products, he said that weight loss had become a global problem and therefore, there was need of effective medicines to tackle it.

When Carsten Thiel was born in Berlin, Germany, the country was divided between the east and the west. This affected his education and so, when it was time to join the University, he chose to move to the University of Bristol. This is one of the biggest universities in the UK, and it is where he got his education. He later joined other universities and got his PhD.


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Gino Pozzo Is Devoted To Helping His Teams Up The Ranks

Football is popular among almost all of Europe and there are a few big names known for helping move teams up the ranks thanks to their ownership Gino Pozzo and the rest of the Pozzo family are some of these names and have been owners of football clubs since 1986. Since then, they have gone on to acquire 2 more teams and became the first family to own this many clubs at once.

Prior to getting into the business of football club ownership, the family of Gino Pozzo had a long history of woodworking. The family had run a business surrounding the field for a few generations already. While they may have ended up selling the business in order to put more focus on sports, the parents of Gino Pozzo now have an electrical appliance business.

When the family purchased their first team, the Udinese Calcio football club. They managed to help the team move up to the Premier League and became well known for their capable style of ownership. No matter how busy Gino Pozzo happens to be with his other investments, he still makes sure that he does the football clubs that he owns correctly.

Gino Pozzo moved to the United States and earned his Master’s Degree from Harvard University. After this, he moved to Spain after he married his wife and in 2013 moved once again to London with his wife and their 3 kids. He made this decision to give his newest team the attention that it needed. In 2013, Gino Pozzo purchased the Waterford Football Club who were only playing the 4th Division at the time. With goals of making it to the Premier League, the team has been showing improvement since it was acquired by Gino Pozzo. This year, all of their teams played at a high level in their leagues.

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Steve Ritchie Of Papa Johns Looks To Restore Company Reputation


Papa Johns International has been enduring a slump recently as its sales have steadily declined since the summer of 2018. The main reason why sales have declined is because the founder John Schnatter made remarks that were regarded as racially insensitive. In response to the backlash, Papa Johns Chief Executive Officer Steve Ritchie apologized to all members of the company and its customers.

He said that they all expect Papa Johns International to be more respectful and accepting of all types of people. Despite the effort to restore the company’s reputation by Ritchie, John Schnatter is looking to get back control of the restaurant chain. He has put together a website and a campaign to encourage people to help him become the chairman again.

Steve Ritchie Papa Johns addressed the company and its customers about the decline in sales. According to his findings, Papa Johns has been experiencing a decline in sales since the summer of last year. Sales dropped by 6% back in the summer and the decline peaked at over 10% in late July. The sales figures do not look to improve in the near future as it is projected that the company will see sales go down by 3% during 2019 as well. Despite the declining sales, Steve Ritchie is looking to find effective ways to boost sales as well as improve the company’s public relations.

During the next year, Steve Ritchie plans to introduce diversity training programs that will encourage people in the company to be more accepting towards one another. Steve Ritchie PapaJohns will bring in experts to help Papa Johns embrace people from all walks of life and refrain from racism and bigotry. Steve believes that the values of Papa Johns include diversity and acceptance. A new program will consist of participation in the community by members of Papa Johns such as employees and franchisees. View More Information Here.

Over the course of the next year, Steve Ritchie will also be active in devising strategies to earn more revenue and increase sales. He will introduce promotions that will consist of regular discounts. With lower prices, Papa Johns will hopefully increase sales in volume as opposed to dollar amount. As a result, Papa Johns will likely gradually work itself back to becoming a profitable restaurant chain again soon.


More about  Steve Ritchie PapaJohn’s: Continues to Invest In Their Business does not stop moving as quickly as possible, year after year they have been proving that they will continue to be a strong e-commerce market player as is evidenced by their different strategic moves. Year after year they continue to invest their earnings into their business and use it to grow their business, they keep proving to investors that they are invested for the long-haul. If Jingdong continues on the current path it is certain to add to their cash base and will likely a significant store of value as a long-term asset. Their recent quarterly earnings were quite promising and their announcements don’t seem to slow down on a quarterly basis either. Let us take a look at a few of their recent announcements.

Jingdong and the Farfetch Connection

Jingdong will continue to stick with its specialties and move forward with branching out with partners who are more focused and specialized in a specific business vertical. As most investors would know, a few of the most valuable aspects of is that of their real estate possessions, their platform, their logistics, and their treasure trove of immense data that they have collected over the years. These different components provide them with significant value and have contributed to the rise of the revenues on a regular basis. The value of the platform is evidenced by the Farfetch connection.

First, in a strategic move, Jingdong invested in Farfetch, it is one of the strongest shareholders in the company, second, Jingdong partnered with Farfetch to launch their brand, Toplife in 2017.  They relied on their partnerships with people like Farfetch to enter the luxury market in a more concentrated manner and thwart the creeping of competitors such as Alibaba who has launched their own luxury-focused segment. is able to provide Farfetch with its platform, and provide the brand with the treasure trove of data has compiled over the past few years. and Farfetch seem like they are headed in the right direction as incomes rise and more individuals are able to spend and purchase luxury items. They are laying down the foundation to be powerful consumer-centric brands in the near future.

Mark Holyoake Takes His Leave From Icelandic Seafood Distributor


Longtime British businessman Mark Holyoake is ending his stint on the board of Iceland Seafood International (ISI). Mr. Holyoake has been involved with ISI since 2010 when he purchased a share of capital in the organization. He was the largest shareholder for a number of years.


ISI is one of the leading seafood supply companies in the world. It is a major supplier of North Atlantic derived fish for markets in the United Kingdom and Spain. The ISI has been a major player in this sector since 1932. It’s roots spring from three previous organizations, The union of Icelandic Fish Producers, The Herring Board and Samband of Iceland.


Departing along with Mark Holyoake from the ISI board is Benedikt Sveinsson. He has been deeply connected to the ISI for more than four decades. After more than 40 years, Sveinsson said “it is time” for him to step aside.


Mark Holyoake has been a leading business figure in Europe since the 1990s. In 2006, he founded the London-based Oakvest in 2006. This firm was involved in buying, developing and managing commercial real estate across the U.K. Among its most high-profile projects was the historic Grosvenor Gardens House, a Grade-II mansion in Belgravia, London. Grosvenor Gardens is famous for having been the birthplace of Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother and other luminaries, such as actor David Niven. It’s a site of enormous historic significance for the British people.


Mark Holyoake currently resides on the Spanish island of Ibiza in a house he acquired from some €10 million, although some reports place the value at €20 million. Mr. Holyoake is also an associate of a Spanish company called Sabina estates, a key real estate company for the island of Ibiza. He partners with the Carvalho Martins family in this venture. Together they are seeking to purchase the Herdade da Comporta. They face heavy competition in the effort with French billionaire Louis-Albert de Broglie.


In leaving Iceland Seafood International, Mark Holyoake praised his former associate Benedikt Sveinsson, saying it had been an honor to work with him in the seafood industry.


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Louis Chenevert: How to Make your Workers Productive

Louis Chenevert retired just recently from his position in one of the leading organizations in the world. The businessman has been holding top positions in prestigious firms, and this is why he has learned so much about businesses. His career accomplishments have been used to educate other young people who want to become successful in the tough market. In one of his recent publication, the American based professional advices his followers about one of the issues that make them have sleepless nights; increasing profits in business. Every company looks for all possible ways of ensuring that they are growing their business. The competition, however, doesn’t make things easy. Louis Chenevert has given people the secret to successful businesses. According to him, company employees have the key to success. Use the following tips to make your company workers happy.

Award those who are working hard: In all working environments, there are some personalities who prove to be better and committed to their responsibilities compared to the others. Louis Chenevert believes that a company will stand to benefit if the top management awards these few who are working. Giving these people recognition will be a way of motivating them to increase their effort. The rest of the team will also be challenged, and they will also increase their efforts in the future. Awarding the employees does not have to cost the company an arm and a leg. There are simple ways that will not require so much money. For instance, two or three days off will make the employee happier and relaxed to resume duty in a better mood. Giving them a certificate is also good.

Best working environment: Everyone wants to spend their time in a working environment that is conducive. The company bosses should do away with any form of negativity because it only affects the workers in a bad way. There are many ways of removing the bad personalities in the working place. Ensure that the offices have been furnished well, regardless of the amount of money you will be forced to spend. The common areas for lunch hours should also be ideal for all workers.

Steve Ritchie Connection And Excellence At Papa John’s


Papa John’s, the restaurant chain popularly known for pizza, revealed in an open letter from the chief executive on its intention to have a friendly working environment. When Steve Ritchie became the chief executive at the beginning of the year equity, inclusivity and diversity became one of his major areas of focus.

This may sound synonymous with what Starbucks did early this year. Starbucks made it public that all their staff would be subjected to compulsory racial discrimination training after two black consumers were indefinitely apprehended in Philadelphia because of a store manager’s misinformed conviction that they were wandering called the cops. The story brewed a national outburst about racial engagement in the United States of America. Some even called for the public to boycott the coffee company. Find Related Information Here.

Steve Ritchie seeks to include the value of equity, inclusion at Papa John’s to make sure the company succeeds and get the public trust. Trust is, of course, a business engine without which a business cannot succeed. He does not want a situation like that of Starbuck’s to happen to Papa John’s. As a leader at Papa John’s he believes he should lead by example and implement these qualities in the daily operations of the pizza chain.

Steve Ritchie has been the Chief Executive of Papa John’s International Incorporation since the beginning of 2018. He has been Director at Papa John’s for since February 2019. He previously was in the position of Senior Vice President of Papa John’s from 2013 to 2015. Steve Ritchie was also the Chief Operations Officer from May 2014 to December 2017.

The 43-year-old was in charge of monitoring global operations and support functions and strategic partnerships and programs. He was also Franchise proprietor of a number of units at Papa John’s International in the Midwest area. Steve Ritchie shares a deep connection with Papa John’s since he started working with Papa John’s as a customer service representative in 1996. He has witnessed the growth of Papa John’s to date when it’s the third largest pizza delivery company in the world. Papa John’s has been rated as the best pizza chain in customer satisfaction in the United States.


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Carsten Thiel And Biotechnology’s Golden Age


Humanity is on the cusp of a golden age of biotechnology, and it is entirely possible that we will all soon be leading much longer lives virtually free of disease. Just as the world has been through the space age and the computer age, soon we will be living in the biotechnology age.

The speed of advancement in biotechnology is now exponential; a tipping point has been reached, and as biotechnology expert Carsten Thiel and others explains, there are three main reasons for this.

Progress in Technology

Sequencing the human genome has gotten dramatically cheaper since the process was introduced in the 1990’s, and this is because of the increasing speed and storage capacities of computers. Today, experts like Carsten Thiel can use the human genome itself in their research; whereas, in the past, it was necessary to look at mice.

Better comprehension of human biology

Improved technology leads to improved understanding. Carsten Thiel and other biotechnology experts now see biology more in terms of engineering than ever before.

Carsten Thiel has a Ph.D and was the CEO of Abeona Therapeutics Inc. This is a biopharmaceutical company for clinical-stages that mainly develops gene and cell therapies for genetic diseases that are rare and life-threatening. It is a company that is a major part of the golden age of biotechnology that Carsten Thiel is very much a part of.

Just as in the 1990’s when the target biology revolution made it possible to develop drugs to treat AIDS and other diseases, machine learning, automation and the quantification of biology will likely lead to breakthroughs in medicine in the near future. Go To This Page for additional information.

More tools

Gene therapies, nucleic acids and non-particle delivery systems are just some of the new modalities researchers and doctors are now using to research disease. In short, the future is bright for medicine.


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Richard Liu Qiangdong: Entrepreneur And Business Magnate


The advent of technology has brought with it immeasurable benefits. One of the greatest of such benefits is E-Commerce; a phenomenon that has revolutionized trade globally. One such person that has utilized technology is Richard Liu Qiangdong. Through his joint effort, Richard Liu has built a giant E-Commerce company, which has grown to become the largest E-commerce company in China. More about this astute entrepreneur is found in this article.

Background and Educational Achievements

It was Richard Liu’s upbringing and education that played a pivotal role in shaping him into who he is today. Form an early age, his parents, who were coal merchants instilled values in him that have made him the strong personality he is today. Richard Liu was born in Suqian town, Jiangsu province of China. Liu Qiangdong’s parents were the ones who made sure that he got a good education, one that would make him a respectable member of society.


Richard Liu Qiangdong earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology at The People’s University of China. Although he appreciated his degree and his stint at the university, he saw it fit that he would have access to numerous opportunities by broadening his skills. In so doing, Liu Qiangdong wanted to increase his chance of landing an excellent job in the employment sector; not necessarily in his field of sociology. Therefore, he learned computer coding and excelled at it. Find More Information Here.

Employment and Entrepreneurial Journey

Richard Liu was able to secure a job at Japan Life; a leading provider of natural supplements in Asia. Subsequently, Richard Liu utilized his skills in computer coding as well as other interpersonal skills to rise to the position of the Director of computers. Such an achievement indicates that Liu Qiangdong was dedicated to not only improving his personal life but also the fortunes of Japan Life where he worked.

After that, Liu Qiangdong realized that there was an even more significant opportunity in the world of business. He left his job at Japan Life and started his own retail business of selling magneto-optical goods where efficient customer service and provision of high-quality goods were at the top of his priority list. His retail business later grew in size and birthed, an e-commerce company that is now valued at $12 billion.

Because of Qiangdong’s success in selling other goods online, Richard Liu Quiangdong has now been ranked by Business of Fashion as a top 500 “Most Influential Person In The Fashion Space”. Fashion is, of course, a $2.4 trillion market on its own.

In summary, Richard Liu Qiangdong is a depiction of an individual who took risks and delved into the risky world of business and excelled at it. The success that he has accumulated over the years is a reflection of his dedication and hard work. Indeed, he is a personality who should be emulated by upcoming entrepreneurs.


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