Making Waves in Mental Health Care With Neurocore

Neurocore is at the center of attention in the medical field. The company is a cutting edge, science based, technology centered mecca for individuals who are experiencing a slew of mental health problems. The company is making headlines, on many forums, across the globe.

One article recently published talked about the company’s courageous journey into helping many patients combat the effects of anxiety disorders and stress. The treatments for anxiety designed by the professionals at Neurocore are noninvasive and drug free. Essentially the treatments are designed to help the patient learn to cope with the triggers and other fundamental parts of their anxiety disorders. Read more about Neurocore at

Another article recently published discussed Neurocore’s motto that eating a healthy diet will increase your brain’s health. The article list a variety of items that people could incorporate into their diets to help increase their heart, brain, and overall health. The article also suggested the individuals who consumed a diet similar to the popular Mediterranean Diet were consistently healthier than the general population.

Neurocore’s motto is basically to inspire people to live healthier lives. The company has designed several different programs that help their patients achieve better concentration, more restful sleep, manage stressful situations, and other various life skills that help reduce anxiety and other mental illness situations. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

The most comprehensive program offered by Neurocore is their Memory Boot Camp. Memory Boot Camp is a twelve week period of various classes and personal coaching sessions. There are a total of twenty-four one on one coaching sessions and thirty additional classes in the entire program. Each participant also gets a complete diagnostic testing panel, vitamins, and other dietary supplements to help aid in the success of their program.

This holistic, drug free, program has gained such popularity and success that Neurocore has opened nine centers since its’ inception in 2006. Six of the centers are located in the state of Michigan. They are located in the cities of Livonia, Grand Rapids, Grandville, Holland, Sterling Heights, and West Bloomfield. The center also has two locations in Florida. They are located in the cities of Boca Raton and West Palm Beach.