A Short Biography of Serge Belamant

Serge Belamant is an alumnus of the Witwatersrand University, a higher learning institution located in Johannesburg, South Africa. Belamant pursued Computer Science and Technology while at this institution. Born in Tulle, France in 1953, Belamant relocated to South Africa with his family when he was 14 years old. Consequently, the soon-to-be blockchain pioneer pursued his high school education in South Africa.

Serge Belamant is currently a patent holder in the field of modern blockchain technology while also being a respected expert in the field. Belamant’s experience and expertise in the space of blockchain technology make him one of the most peer respected professionals in the field of blockchain technology. Besides, his years in the industry makes him one of the most sought-after professionals in the blockchain and technology industry. Find out more about Serge Belamant at Bloomberg.com

Serge Belamant’s experience in blockchain technology, coupled with his understanding of the technology space has been providing him with opportunities to work in numerous firms under different capacities. Even before being the seasoned expert he is, Belamant had already discovered his passion for programming and writing code; this played a significant role in his eventual coding of the first digital transaction software. Belamant established himself as a pioneer in the blockchain industry after writing and implementing the first digital transaction software.

While most individuals recognize Serge Belamant for developing and implementing technological solutions for the financial sector, the blockchain pioneer has also worked on other tech solutions for the global financial industry that revolutionized digital financial transactions. Belamant has been prioritizing the creation of tech solutions that enhance the efficiency and security of the commercial banking system.

Belamant established his first company Net1 UEPS Technologies in 1989. The firm specialty was designing the (UEPS) Universal Electronic Payment Systems; this being a solo project. After successfully creating the UEPS, Belamant was approached by VISA (one of the largest issuer of electronic cards) in 1995. VISA wanted Belamant to design a chip offline pre-authorized card.

Belamant successfully designed the chip offline pre-authorized card for VISA. Subsequently, Belamant’s client (VISA) began issuing these cards. Today, the chip offline pre-authorized card is commonly referred to as the chip-enabled credit card or chip-enabled debit card.

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JD.com And Rakuten Comes Into An Agreement To Accelerate The Development And Commercialization Of Unmanned Delivery Solutions in Japan


JD.com, also known as Jingdong Mall, is one of the largest e-commerce companies in China, announced a partnership with Rakuten, Inc., a global innovation company in the e-commerce sector, which will see JD.com’s drones as well as autonomous delivery robots used in Rakuten’s delivery solutions that are unmanned in Japan.

Jingdong Mall is expected to bring its expertise in drones and autonomous delivery robots development while Rakuten bringing expertise in drone delivery service operations throughout Japan including its dedicated shopping apps. The two leading companies will work closely together on the unmanned delivery services of Rakuten to make them suitable for an array of situations and applications.

Rakuten achieved a milestone in 2016 when it launched the Rakuten Drone delivery service. It provided delivery services as well as trials in collaboration with local governments and corporate partners. Rakuten is dedicated to solve the challenges the Japan’s logistics sector faces. Get Additional Information Here.

The Group Managing Executive Officer of Rakuten, Koji Ando, stated that the Rakuten fraternity was delightful to collaborate with Jingdong, a company that has the largest cutting-edge proprietary delivery network in China, knowledge in the use of drones and UGHVs in logistics, and a track record of use of the drones and UGVs. The two partners will combine JD’s drones and UGVs and Rakuten’s unmanned delivery solutions to drive innovation in the logistics sector of Japan as well as allow for provision of greater convenience to Japan consumers.

Jingdong Mall started its drone program in 2015 and in 2016, the company launched the first commercial deliveries in rural China. Currently, the company operates drones in Shaanxi, Jiangsu, as well as other provinces. Since the launch, drones have seen a lot flight time.

JD.com announced the successful development and testing of drones duped as “Indonesia’s first government-approved drone test flight”. The announcement came as good news for Indonesia and Southeast Asia because it marked a start of the use drone for commercial deliveries. Jingdong has also inaugurated smart stations in various cities in China.

President of JD-X, Jun Xiao, said that the e-commerce platform has been leveraging drones and autonomous delivery robots to make deliveries across China for more than two years. JD.com is dedicated to innovating in the logistics sector to increase accessibility, reliability as well as cost-effectiveness. JD.com is also known for various humanitarian efforts and charity contributions. Now, Rakuten’s unmanned delivery solutions in China will be developed and commercialized faster in the wake of JD.com-Rakuten agreement.


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Richard Liu Qiangdong: Entrepreneur And Business Magnate


The advent of technology has brought with it immeasurable benefits. One of the greatest of such benefits is E-Commerce; a phenomenon that has revolutionized trade globally. One such person that has utilized technology is Richard Liu Qiangdong. Through his joint effort, Richard Liu has built a giant E-Commerce company, JD.com which has grown to become the largest E-commerce company in China. More about this astute entrepreneur is found in this article.

Background and Educational Achievements

It was Richard Liu’s upbringing and education that played a pivotal role in shaping him into who he is today. Form an early age, his parents, who were coal merchants instilled values in him that have made him the strong personality he is today. Richard Liu was born in Suqian town, Jiangsu province of China. Liu Qiangdong’s parents were the ones who made sure that he got a good education, one that would make him a respectable member of society.


Richard Liu Qiangdong earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology at The People’s University of China. Although he appreciated his degree and his stint at the university, he saw it fit that he would have access to numerous opportunities by broadening his skills. In so doing, Liu Qiangdong wanted to increase his chance of landing an excellent job in the employment sector; not necessarily in his field of sociology. Therefore, he learned computer coding and excelled at it. Find More Information Here.

Employment and Entrepreneurial Journey

Richard Liu was able to secure a job at Japan Life; a leading provider of natural supplements in Asia. Subsequently, Richard Liu utilized his skills in computer coding as well as other interpersonal skills to rise to the position of the Director of computers. Such an achievement indicates that Liu Qiangdong was dedicated to not only improving his personal life but also the fortunes of Japan Life where he worked.

After that, Liu Qiangdong realized that there was an even more significant opportunity in the world of business. He left his job at Japan Life and started his own retail business of selling magneto-optical goods where efficient customer service and provision of high-quality goods were at the top of his priority list. His retail business later grew in size and birthed JD.com, an e-commerce company that is now valued at $12 billion.

Because of Qiangdong’s success in selling other goods online, Richard Liu Quiangdong has now been ranked by Business of Fashion as a top 500 “Most Influential Person In The Fashion Space”. Fashion is, of course, a $2.4 trillion market on its own.

In summary, Richard Liu Qiangdong is a depiction of an individual who took risks and delved into the risky world of business and excelled at it. The success that he has accumulated over the years is a reflection of his dedication and hard work. Indeed, he is a personality who should be emulated by upcoming entrepreneurs.


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Information About JD.com As A Retail In China


JD.com or Jingdong Mall is one of the largest retailers that is based in China. There are many of the corporate social responsibility that has issued with regards to the role that is playing on the matters of the commitment as far as global sustainability is concerned. The retail has also made its move in the mission of giving back to the community.

The report as per the CSR shows the accomplishment that it had in the year 2013 on the issues of the innovation, sustainability and also the empowerment on the operations of the company. The report also entails the issues of the description of the company. Many things have made JD.com to be at the position that it occupies at the moment. For instance, the excellent leadership that has been set in place. Furthermore, the management of the company has insisted on the specialization among the staffs to make the process of its operation flow smoothly.

Some of the projects that are run by Jingdong Mall, which includes the “Green Stream Initiative” and “Recycling Program” has enabled the company to foster the mission of waste reduction in the environment.

JD.com has also invested in the field of technology in pushing for many programs within the company. The platform that has been created by the firm has made the organization be one of the self-inventory on the matters of the speedy supply and the donations. Some of the projects have also made the stakeholders and the many suppliers to believe in the processes and the transaction of the JD. Additionally, it has boosted the level of transparency within the company and increased the level of efficiency. Find More Information Here.

Most of the people and different organizations have supported the work and the efforts that have been set in position by the company. As the most significant retail in China, it has also approved the drone flight. This was one of the best technology to be integrated into the system with an effort of opening up commercial purposes in Asia.

JD has managed to achieve a lot in the field of business and environmental sustainability through the application of technology.


Watch their video on https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj1O__aZW_05RdTCL8E3kUA


Drones Take Flight in Indonesia Thanks To JD.Com


The government of Indonesia has approved drone delivery for the first time in the country’s history, thanks to a successful lobbying effort by Chinese retailer JD.com.

On January 8, JD.com’s drone took off from Jagabita Village in West Java carrying backpacks and text books to the MIS Nurul Falah Leles Elementary School. JD.com donated the school supplies to these students, part of their philanthropic commitment to education.

JD.com has been a big player in expanding Indonesia’s e-commerce. Since starting operations in 2016, JD.ID has serviced more than 20 million customers in 483 cities. This is an infrastructure and data network that JD.com has committed to assisting humanitarian endeavors.

Jon Liao, JD.com’s Chief Strategy Officer, extended his thanks to the Indonesia’s government to be part of the country’s history with this drone flight. Liao commented on his experience with drone delivery in China, the convenience it brings to customers, and the implementation of top-tier technology to further the service. Working with the World Economic Fund is and Indonesia’s government is sure to be part of JD.com’s future as they look to expand what the company can do for their e-commerce.

JD.com has long partnered with the World Economic Fund and has been a partner of their Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This part of JD.com’s work has been involved in forging partnerships to help frame policy, increase collaboration between stakeholders, and advance the science and technology that helps the business sector. Indonesia provides an opportunity for these parties to meet one of their top priorities, improving drone technology to deliver supplies to remote areas.

Head of Drones and Tomorrow’s Airspace at the World Economic Forum, Timothy Reuter sees the trial run in Indonesia is a bright sign for the country and the future of the technology tested there. By aligning itself with commercial trends in China, Indonesia could become a business leader for Southeast Asia by using drone delivery to expand medical and humanitarian missions where commercial good can now be accessed.

Though there are regulations left to hammer out before drone deliver is the norm, the formal announcement was made at the World Economic Forum at Davos this January. Members of the Ministry of Transportation, Civil Aviation and Air Navigation of Indonesia were present for the inaugural flight. Find More Information Here.


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JD.com Strengthens Its Autonomous Logistics Capabilities With Launch Of Smart Delivery Stations

A few days before one of the largest e-commerce platforms in China making a debut in the largest consumer electronics show in the world, JD.com launched two smart deliveries in Hohhot and Changsha. This move has strengthened the China’s largest retailer’s autonomous logistics capabilities.


JD.com is striving to solve problems associated with last mile delivery. Currently, it is undertaking R&D, testing as well as personnel training in the stations. The JD’s robots can deliver up to 30 parcels autonomously within a radius of 5 kilometers. The robots are designed to plan routes, avoid obstacles and even recognize security lights. The use of facial recognition enables the vehicle to authenticate the customer and allow them to collect the parcels. The stations have been enabled to run full capacity and both robots as well as couriers are responsible for achieving the target of 2,000 package deliveries a day.


The launch of the stations came at a time when JD was preparing to attend the first Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. The show is one of a kind in the world for innovation, latest technology as well as critical thinking.


JD.com planned to showcase the cutting edge technology that is transforming how items are being delivered in China. JD has been known for developing advanced technologies for e-commerce across the world. Attendees of the event also witnessed the first fully-automated fulfillment center as well as how underground urban logistics is transforming how shopping is done as well as how cities work. Find Additional Information Here.


Aside from the drones and robots, attendees at the event also enjoyed drone flights in virtual reality, and JD’s augmented reality fitting as well as styling software. Visitors of the event also got to know how JD is developing “Internet of Things” to the benefit of e-commerce world. JD.com also gave visitors a chance to experience how it feels wearing a special exoskeleton worn by staff when lifting heavy objects which typically makes lifting heavy objects easier.


JD is dedicated to its course of enabling people to shop whatever they want, wherever as well as whenever they want it. JD.com started back in 1998 as an offline store selling electronics. It later went e-commerce after sars outbreak and realized its potential to have over 1 billion products. The company has emerged the world’s third largest internet company with over 300 million active users.


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