Introducing HydraShield from Jeunesse Global

As a health and beauty company, Jeunesse Global is looking to create new and innovative products that people are passionate about. Those products include anything from sleeping supplements to advanced shampoos and conditioners. Jeunesse Global aims to cover a variety of health and wellness needs, including skin care. That is why the company is introducing a new line of Luminesce products called HydraShield.


The makers behind the HydraShield mask recognize a problem in today’s world: pollution and its negative effects on the human body. The consumption of pollutants is linked to a higher risk of health issues such as premature aging, organ damage, or even cancer. Proper skin care is needed to combat visible aging of the skin. That is where the Luminesce line of dermatological products come in.


The HydraShied mask is designed with some of the most effective ingredients in order to protect your skin against harmful environmental agents. Antioxidant-rich shea butter, coconut, aloe, and Asian grass are just some of the science-tested ingredients used in this Luminesce line. HydraShield uses these ingredients to protect, hydrate, and soothe the skin. The product’s technology ultimately works to restore the skin’s original, youthful complexion. The HydraShield Mask is made up of bio cellulose sheets, a natural fiber that brings beneficial properties the wearer’s skin. Made up of bacteria, bio cellulose masks are able to attract and retain moisture to properly hydrate the skin.


Other Luminesce products include a cellular rejuvenation serum for tired skin, a daily moisturizing complex for all skin types, an advanced night repair cream, a youth-restoring cleanser, an essential body renewal lotion, a skin brightener, a lifting masque for the spa. Luminesce’s HydraShield has an advantage over other skincare products; it’s designed to fight against environmental agents as well as create soft, smooth skin. The HydraShield mask is just one product in a long line of innovations that Jeunesse Global has to offer.


The Work Of Daniel Bethelmy Rada


Daniel Bethelmy-Rada has built quite a name for himself in the business world. Currently Dan Rada serves as the Global Brand President for MATRIX and BIOLAGE L’Oreal Professional Products.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada has served in a number of leadership positions and has proven he has what it takes to run a business. Dan Bethelmy-Rada is committed to producing the best products possible and helping as many people as possible.

Dan Rada is a graduate of Sorbonne where he earned his degree in International Business. Mr. Rada would go on to earn an MBA from the ESSEC Business School in France. The skills he gained at these two schools have allowed him to work for a number of great companies. His career got started when he began working for L’Oreal in Paris in 2003. Dan Bethelmy-Rada served as a product manager at this time. He would eventually move on to serve in several leadership positions including Assistant Vice President of Garnier International, and Product Manager for LaScad. He eventually became the Deputy General Manager for Garnier International in 2014. While at this position he was responsible for the brand’s marketing in major places like India Russia, Singapore and Brazil.

Today Daniel Bethelmy Rada is focused on a new product called R.A.W. In a world where consumers want more truly natural products, R.A.W is Rada’s and his company Matrix response. R.A.W. focuses on 100% natural and sustainable ingredients that have little to no impact on the environment. Rada’s goal was to create a range of products that have great environmental credentials which includes the manufacturing methods and packaging.

Daniel Rada has been pleased with R.A.W. success thus far. The company has received more than ninety percent positive reviews from consumers. The company has plans to launch their products in the United States in coming months. Matrix is committed to producing healthy products that are good for consumers and good for the environment. Find More Information Here.


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