Igor Cornelsen; a Successful Entrepreneur Focused on Investment Banking

Igor Cornelsen, born on 4th October 1947 in Brazil, attended an engineering school at the University of Parana which was the only school of engineering in Santa Catarina and Parana states at that time. After two years of studies, Igor decided to switch to economics in the same institution, graduated in 1970 and started working for an investment bank. This was due to his unique abilities in calculations of compound interest rates using sliding rules given the scarcity of calculators and computers at that time. Igor later went to Rio and became an investment handling banker. Being the best, he received multiple promotions, until in 1974 when he became a member of the directors’ board of Multibanco then two years later the CEO.

Due to the acquisition of Multibanco by Bank of America, Igor pursued different opportunities and moved to Unibanco, a leading Brazilian investment bank. In 1985, he moved to London and worked for Libra Bank and for the first time his salary was in US Dollars. Igor Cornelsen together with his colleagues later moved to Standard Chattered merchant Bank where he served as a board member for seven years. Igor later left and formed an investment bank in his name and to date he stills performs his managerial duties in operating his daily investment funds.

Igor Cornelsen derived his business idea consequential to his experience as a banker in investments. His ideas are brought to life by his economical follow-up and sale of assets in countries whose possible future deteriorations regarding political or economic problems and decisions can be predicted. Igor becomes excited when he presents his perception of a new market changing trend before others. He views markets as ideologically biased which is not advised for investments.

Cornelsen as an entrepreneur greatly benefits from the information he directly obtains from Reuters rather than other investors’ analyses since Reuters deliver non-bias information. Advising young managers, he encourages them to focus more on reading information and less on other market participants’ opinions. Cornelsen’s main business growth strategy is through the early realization of depreciating assets ahead of the others. In his last sentiments, Cornelsen avoids other analysts’ influence and believes in making personal decisions through facts than opinions.