Sharon Prince Announces Partnership To End Modern-Day Slavery And Violence Against Women

Sharon Prince is a businesswoman who lives in New Canaan, Connecticut. She was once the President of 66North which is an Icelandic firm that sells technical outerwear.

She is also one of the founders of the Grace Farms Foundation which created an 88-acre space in New Canaan that serves a community gathering place. The Grace Farms Foundation has a chapel and an award-winning building called “The River Building” that is used to help people engage in the arts, justice, and other purposes.

Sharon Prince is this organization’s chair and president. She recently announced that she had signed an agreement between the Grace Farms, Unchain, and Georgia. This partnership will develop a set of standards and practices in order to end modern-day slavery. Get Related Information Here.

Georgia has been working on developing a green, sustainable, and technologically adept society that will serve as a role model for other countries. They want to teach investors, companies, and other nations on how to create transparency when it comes to global supply chains.

Sharon Prince says that the Grace Farms Foundation will work with both Unchain and the Georgian government to review existing policy and legal frameworks and then further develop them to ensure that supply chains are transparent and function in a transparent manner.

She says that that goal is to disrupt and fight back against human trafficking and violence against women. Sharon Prince says that governments and corporations need to commit to ending these practices everywhere in the world. She said that Georgia, with Grace Farms is setting itself apart as a global leader when it comes to developing a multi-pronged ethical business model which will create positive social change while also accelerating economic growth.


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