North America Chooses National Steel Car

National Steel Car acknowledges that most of its success came from Gregory James Aziz and his dedication to their company. His faithfulness and loyalty saw to it that National Steel Car dominated the rail car manufacturer industry throughout all of Canada and even into the United States of America. Many executives credit his tenure at the company as the true turning point for National Steel Car. Even though he is no longer affiliated with National Steel Car, he continues as a liaison the parliament and a consultant to National Steel Car when they need him.


Greg James Aziz knew from a young age that he wanted to become a business leader one day. This caused him to begin reading business management books even before he entered into college. He would then go on to gain both a graduate degree and an undergraduate degree from Western University. Here at Western University he learned several principles that could be used to make a business healthy. He found out that healthy business grows and profits naturally.

National Steel Car has been conducting business in North America for around 100 years. Gregory James Aziz wanted to take them past that milestone and promised to work diligently to ensure National Steel Car could host their Centennial celebration.


Greg Aziz spent the better part of his career at National Steel Car helping the company to become healthy. He knew the first factor of good business health all revolved around a successful vision. A vision had the both unite the people and compel them to give it their all.

Gregory James Aziz then began working on the second factor of good business health. The second factor of good business health is for all processes and systems within the company to be aligned according to the vision.


The third factor of good business health that Greg Aziz focused on was giving all employees job responsibilities that would help them push forward and accomplished the vision he gave them.

The fourth factor of good business health that Gregory James Aziz focused on was training each employee for their job. This made sure their skills were enhanced and that they were perfectly trained to secure the mission that Gregory James Aziz unveiled to them all. Read This Article to learn more.


On top of his work at National Steel Car, Gregory James Aziz also worked with the Canadian government to help railways become environmentally friendly.


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Elysium Health: A Growing Consumer Health Company

As people age, maintaining personal well-being is a goal that many strive for. We want to remain active with our friends and family, even as we get older.

Elysium Health is a company making evidence-based dietary supplements. Working together with some of the world’s leading scientists and clinicians, the company translates advances in science and technology to create clinically-validated health products that work.

Elysium Health was started in 2014 by Dr. Leonard Guarente. As the founder and chief scientist of the company, his goal is to help people live healthier, longer. Dr. Guarente also serves as the director of The Paul F. Glenn Center for Biology of Aging at MIT. He has conducted significant research on the molecular and genetic causes of aging during his career.

Lifestyle Choices

There are many people who are not happy with their current level of health. For some, it is because of their sedentary lifestyle. People who work in an office need to exercise each day in order to stay active, but few people have the time and energy to exercise after work. As a result, these people end up with numerous health issues as they get older.

Cellular health is a vital aspect of living a healthy lifestyle. Eating a healthy diet full of natural, non-processed foods is a good way to maintain it. Additionally, taking supplements is a great way to further support your cellular health.


Elysium Health makes a supplement called Basis. This supplement works to support your cellular health by increasing levels of NAD+. NAD+ is an essential coenzyme to many of our cellular functions like circadian rhythms, energy creation, and DNA protection. As we age, our levels of NAD+ decline. By increasing levels of NAD+, Basis supports those functions and our cellular well-being.

To purchase Basis, visit Elysium Health’s website. The company offers individual jars of Basis for $60, which contain about a month’s worth of supplement, and monthly subscriptions ranging from $40-50 per month, depending on the length of the subscription.

Gregory Aziz: Folowing The Dream

Following one’s dream is the thing that we all aspire to do. To reach that plateau of victory through hard work and fierce determination is something we all envision for ourselves. It is not always easy to travel your own road and path to glory but there are those who do so. To desire something and to go for that without any doubt is impressive and so is the story of one of the men who has chased his dreams Gregory Aziz.

Gregory Aziz is a man who wanted to create the largest most dominate railroad freight car manufacturing company ever. He was born on April 30th in 1949. He didn’t originally start in the train car production business. He attended university at Ridley College and then went to the University of Western Ontario and majored in Economics.

After this he joined his family business as a wholesale foods company called Affiliated Foods. With him there, the company grew over a 16-year period to become a world importer of fresh foods from several areas like Central and South America, Europe, Canada and the U.S. This might have been what gave him the idea to start looking at the freight car production business. After working with several investment banking ideas and opportunities in the late 80’s and 90’s James Aziz was able to secure a deal to purchase the company National Steel Car from the company Dofasco. This occurred in 1994 and he was well on his way to carving out his dream into reality.

Gregory Aziz wanted to turn this company into the largest freight car manufacturer in North America. He started to work on this by utilizing the company’s assets like superior engineering abilities, teamwork and heavy investments and by 1999 he was closer to his goal. They had gone from producing about 3,500 cars a year to 12,000 in a year. Get More Information Here.


The company expanded, and they stared hiring more workers from 600 to about 3,000. As the years went by he steady progress and now his company is the only railroad freight car manufacturers in North America certified as ISO 900I:2008. A true testimony to his hard work and endurance. His story is a true example of following a dream every step of the way.


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US Money Reserve Looks to Help Hurricane Recovery Efforts

During the late summer, the state of Texas was hit hard by Hurricane Harvey. The storm hit parts of Texas such as Houston and the surrounding area. With the storm a lot of damage took place and altered the lives of many residents. The damage from the storm contributed to destroyed homes, lost property, flooding and forcing people to be displaced. As a result, relief efforts were necessary to help the community recover. Some of organizations have contributed to the relief effort including the Austin Disaster Relief Network and US Money Reserve. The two organizations have worked together to help a number people more easily recover from the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey.


With the devastation of the storm in mind, both US Money Reserve and the Austin Disaster Relief Network have looked to find a number of ways to help restore the community. Both organizations have provided funding, clothing, food and support for those who have experienced the effects of the hurricane. For US Money Reserve, it is taking the storm’s effects very seriously as a number of its employees have been impacted by the storm. Since a number of employees have been affected by the storm, US Money Reserve is very determined to help them recover and provide them with all of the assistance they need. Some of the executives of US Money Reserve have expressed their sympathy and motivation to help their employees get their quality of life restored.


US Money Reserve is a company that was founded in 2001 which provides precious metals for consumers to purchase. The company has established itself as one of the most legitimate entities to purchase these valuable assets. For consumers who are looking to buy precious metals such as gold and silver, they will be able to choose from a wide selection of items which will help them enhance their investment portfolio. As well as being a retailer of precious metals, US Money Reserve is also a company that provides investors with support and education. This helps them gain the knowledge and assistance they need in order to acquire the best metals that will give them the highest returns on a regular basis.


When looking to buy metals from US Money Reserve, you will have a variety of products to take advantage of. You can purchase coins, bars and bullion in gold. These products will allow you to get one of the most prized assets in the world. With gold, you can possess an asset that will stay valuable over time. Investors can also purchase bars, bullion and coins that are made up of silver. Having silver is another valuable asset that will go up in value as well. Whenever you are looking to buy precious metals products, you can also purchase platinum coins and bullion as well. All of these products will definitely provide investors with assets that can enable them to build wealth and protect themselves from inflation.

The Chainsmokers Interview

In a recent interview with the Chainsmokers, the members Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart open up about who they were before hitting it off big, and how they got to where they are.

Alex Pall was a regular guy that lived in New York city. DJing was a hobby of his at the time and he had a small career going on with it. DJing didn’t seem like a real job to him because he had so much fun doing it, so it was scary to him. But one day, Alex decided to give DJing a real chance, and he realized that he wanted to try and make a real career out of DJing, so his manager at the time, which is his formal manager introduced him to Andrew Taggart, and they started working immediately.

Andrew Taggart was a college student in Maine who had a love for electronic music and an interest in DJing. After a while he started to like producing, so he produced some songs and put them on SounCloud. He also performed at a couple of shows, but even though it was only a couple, it inspired him to continue his dreams. He planned on moving to a bigger city after college to pursue a career in DJing, but he finally got the break he was looking for. One day, someone that knew and worked for his former partner Alex’s manager told Andrew that the Chainsmokers needed another member, and that they played in many shows. Andrew wasted no time, and took a bus to New York immediately. When he met Alex, they went to his apartment and started making music instantly.

Now they have a few major hits such as “Roses, ” “Don’t Let Me Down,” and their latest “Closer.” They are hoping to grow their audience as they create new music.

How Greg Aziz Drives Innovation At National Steel Car

National Steel Car is a Canadian railcar manufacturer located in Hamilton, Ontario. It was founded in 1912 by several investors, chief among them Sir John Morison Gibson. Right off the bat it was a very successful company that did better than the founders ever expected. It became one of North America’s biggest railcar manufacturers but things went south during the Great Depression.


The advent of World War II revived National Steel Car and it’s been a fairly healthy company ever since that time. However, an investment banker named Gregory James Aziz thought he could do a lot of things with the company that its owner at the time, Dofasco, wasn’t doing. He bought the company in 1994. He is now the chairman of the board and chief executive officer of this firm and his leadership has led to its return to being among the largest railcar manufacturers in North America.


Gregory J Aziz grew up in Ontario and attended the University of Western Ontario. After earning his economics degree there he joined the company his family had established a number of years before. This was a wholesale food firm with clients in America and Canada. He spent more than 16 years working there before coming across an opportunity to move to New York and join and investment banking firm.


It was while he was living in New York that he learned about National Steel Car and what an opportunity it would be for him to own it. Gregory James Aziz transformed the company after he bought it and soon it was supplying many more North American companies with railcars. He boosted production by a factor of four and increased the company’s headcount six-fold. They offer a full range of railcars to their clients which includes among other companies Shell Canada, Nova Chemicals, Canadian Pacific Railways, and Dow Chemicals.


Gregory Aziz says that his manufacturing facility is based on 75 acres and has two million square feet of space to it. He now has five production lines at his plant and he has invested more than $350 million into new manufacturing technology as well as plant automation. He has said that at National Steel Car the goal is to honor the past traditions of his company while embarking confidently forward into the future. He also says that his firm is focused on providing quality railcars to their customers and being the leading company in the industry. Go Here for additional information.


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Entreprenurial Ambassedor Shervin Pishevar Has made His Mark

With national and international distinctions, entrepreneur Shervin Pishevar has made an impression on the world. His achievements were recently reviewed in “World Affairs, Conversations That Matter” in a clear-cut manner. What Shevin Pishevar has done and is currently doing is not hype. He is an entrepreneur, a great venture capitalist and investor presently, but has earned the distinction in his career of being chosen by the U. S. Government as an Outstanding American by Choice. He has also earned many other distinctions, leading him to the present apex of his career as co-founder and managing director of Sherpa Ventures, a venture capital firm based in San Francisco.

Although his work has been focused in technology-enabled companies, this visionary gentleman has earned distinctions. He has served on state department delegations to the Middle East as an ambassador. He is a member of the Global Entrepreneurs Council, and he has served as key note speaker at the Summit On Entrepreneurship in Algeria for President Obama. At the age of 21, he co-authored an article in the Journal of the American Medical Association. This article was instrumental in leading to the Istanbul Protocol, a set of guidelines for the documentation of torture. It was adopted by the United Nations as an official document in 1999.

Shervin Pishevar makes a deep impression as an entrepreneur. As well as serving as managing director for Sherpin Ventures, he is the Cofounder and Chairman of Hyperloop Technologies, Inc. In his past investment career, he has founded and directed numerous successful enterprises. These included and HyperOffice as examples, and companies he has founded have an aggregate of $50 million. While serving as managing director of Menlo Ventures, Shervin Pishevar helped launch Menlo’s $20 million Menlo Venture Talent seed fund. This is an example of the versatility and depth of this distinguished human being. See This Page for related information.

Shervin Pishevar will no doubt go forward earning the same kind of respect in the business world he has achieved thus far. With hard work, and a certain brilliance, he has left his mark.


Jeremey Goldstein Attorney at Law

Jeremy Goldstein an attorney in New York City has witnessed firsthand the legal battles that corporations must fight in order to create a favorable economic environment. With experience working for large corporations like Goldman Sachs Verizon and make America he is well-versed in the usage of earnings-per-share among numerous other incentive-based programs.

It is in Jeremy Goldstein’s opinion that earnings-per-share employee incentives are typically a favorable thing for the employee. They almost always have a big influence on stock price in addition to the incentive that they provide companies to increase the amount of pay for their employees. In fact, studies have shown that companies which utilize these programs are more successful than those that do not.

That is not to say that earnings-per-share programs do not have any downsides. Jeremy Goldstein has seen firsthand opponents of earnings-per-share systems using them to lead to favoritism. In fact, it is believed that in corrupt companies higher-ups use these programs in order to skew results to drive share values higher.

In fact, it is argued that these programs are not a valuable measure of a company’s long-term prosperity and are only useful in terms of a company’s short-term profitability. This means that they are not a sustainable metric to measure a company’s long-term financial health.

Jeremy Goldstein recommends that a compromise is made between the pros and cons of systems such as these. The best way is not to do away with these systems as they incentivize employees to perform better but rather find a way that manages to hold higher-ups of a company responsible for their actions. It is in this way that you can provide a platform for long-term financial prosperity for a company.

Jeremy Goldstein began his law practice many years ago in the city of New York working for a large corporate firm and eventually founded his own practice, Jeremy L Goldstein, and Associates. He graduated from the New York University School of Law and has worked on numerous legal cases for large corporations ranging from cellular companies all the way to oil and petroleum companies. In all of these, he has focused his expertise on monetary and compensation legality.

Currently, he is listed among the top lawyers for legal counsel in Chambers USA guide to America’s leading lawyers for business. He has been published in a number of journals of Law and is a regular contributor to NYU Journal of lawn business as part of the professional advisory board. Goldstein belongs to the American Bar Association business section and he frequently donates two fountain house in order to support and aid those who are affected by mental illness. Learn more:

Gregory Aziz – Moving Forward with National Steel Car

National Steel Car is owned by Gregory James Aziz. A native of Ontario, he went to Ridgely College then afterward pursued Economics which he finished at the Western Ontario University. His family owned Affiliated Food, and he joined the business in 1971. The family venture was centered on importing fresh food products from Europe and South America and distributed them in Canada and the United States.

At the end of the 1980s and beginning of the 1990s, Gregory James Aziz worked with numerous banks in New York, and 1994 purchased The National Steel Car Company from Dofasco.



National Steel Car is the only freight car and rail car manufacturer in North America. It was created in 1912 and was called Imperial Car Company during that time. A month after its inception, Imperial Car company became The National Steel Car Company. The company’s operation had a good start in the beginning, but around 1990 the success it experienced died down and was declining when Dofasco, then owner of the company, sold it to Greg Aziz in 1994.

As James Greg Aziz took the helms of the management, he saw that the company needs to have more manpower and additional capital. After investing more money and hiring more people to work, the company steadily grew in terms of manpower and assets. By 1999, National Steel Car can manufacture 12,000 freight cars in a year and already had 2,000 employees.


As a way of giving back, the company sponsors the following causes and charities: the Hamilton Opera, the Salvation Army, the Theater Aquarius, the United Way and other local charitable and social activities that are intended for those in need. Also, the company sponsors the National Steel Car Annual Christmas Party that is joined by past and present employees.



The best thing that National Steel Car did for the local residents of Ontario is the creation of jobs that are well-paid that greatly benefits each employee’s family. With the expert management of Gregory James Aziz and the support and dedication of the employees at National Steel Car, the company was able to maintain the production of quality, innovative and durable rail cars that have been recognized by the issuance of the ISO9001:2008 and honor of being awarded the TTX SECO award.



Greg Aziz comments that the continued success of the company is due to the hard work of his employees who have unfailing dedication and commitment in the pursuit of their common goals.


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Dick DeVos Has Always Been A Part Of Making Grand Rapids Michigan A Great City To Live In

In 1991, Dick DeVos caught wind of a plan to construct a multi-purpose convention and sports arena in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and he began to lobby against it as soon as he could. The reason he opposed the convention center was that he believed it would not be a good thing for the downtown area of the city. He encouraged people to look at the lesson of how the Pontiac Silverdome and Palace of Auburn Hills hurt the city of Detroit when the Pistons and Lions vacated in the 1970s. His opposition to the convention center started up Grand Action, which is a body of leaders in business who were the main reason for the building of Michigan State University’s medical school, the DeVos Performance Hall, Van Andel Arena, and many others.


Dick DeVos and his Wife, Betsy DeVos, have always focused their efforts on changing state laws that effect labor and education to align more closely with their GOP leanings. Mr. DeVos was the reason for the 2012 law that changed the state of Michigan into a place where workers do not have to be in a union to get a job. While most people know Dick DeVos for his political opinions, the truth is he also donates plenty of his own money to culture and the arts, programs that build leaders, healthcare and services for people, churches, and initiatives that improve scholarships for private schools and the reforming of the educational system. His wife and himself donated $12.5 million to help with the building of a $103 million children’s hospital that was named after his mother.


Educational reform has always been a top matter of concern for Dick DeVos, and a lot of his focus has been to ensure that kids from poor families get the same opportunities as any other kid does. While he has met resistance, his wife and him have been able to make some progress, and now 24 states have vouchers for private schools, which gives parents more choices as to where their children can attend school. Recently, unrelated to the educational industry, Dick DeVos has been appointed to oversee the Federal Aviation Administration as a part of its top civilian panel. Along with 12 others, he will help to advise the senior management of the FAA on matters of spending, regulations, planning for the long-term, and policy. The position is voluntary and lasts for three years.


Dick DeVos was the President of Amway, in the past, which was co-founded by his father. He is now the CEO of The Windquest Group, which is a holding company based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. His work on improving the Gerald R. Ford International Airport is known to most people who live in Michigan, and Jim Gill, CEO of Ford airport, expressed his belief that Dick DeVos will be a great asset to the FAA Management Advisory Council. Dick DeVos is also the co-founder of the charter school, the West Michigan Aviation Academy, which helps to get students ready for aviation related careers.


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