The Power of a Business Deal with Stratford Shields


The legacy of an individual in the financial industry is not the ground breaking deals they help foster, but how well they handled money in that process. Stratford Shields entered the industry with a very rich background. He had obtained his academic degrees from the nationally famous Ohio State University and Columbia University. Upon entering the industry, he quickly found him being shuffled around as he rose through the ranks. He soon had enough experience to branch out into personal ventures. Stratford Shields is presently the Director of the Public Finance Investment Banking group at Loop Capital Market. This position gives him more market influence than ever before.

His market experiences ranges from clerical work, to acting as Head of Public Finance for major corporations. At the height of his career he helped Morgan Stanley improve their standing in how they negotiate deals. This experience would be a strong asset when he meet an individual from Ohio State University. The university was looking to do some internal restructuring such as privatizing their parking spaces, in order to have a better handle on resource allocation. The idea was off to the races, but they stumbled a few times along the way. While the final product did not pan out as expected, Stratford Shields earned the “Deal of the year” award for his efforts.

That idea has copied and refined by other universities in recent years. Stratford Shields believes that the trend towards a greater number of privatized companies is only just the beginning of a bigger trend in the market. As a finance expert, he is on the front lines everyday talking with clients and ensuring their plans are coming to life. He sees the industry for what it is, and has learned the navigation tricks over the last two decades.


Born into the house of an architect, Ashley Braiser always referred herself to be born with a creative background. Her natural skills as an entrepreneur led her to the heights of success and today; she is famously called as Ashley lightspeed.

Ashley Lightspeed is a partner and investor at Lightspeed Venture Partners and holds a very strong position in the firm. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if she is considered as the backbone of lightspeed ventures. Before joining Lightspeed, she had worked in many other companies which garnered her vast experience and opened the horizon of options for her as an entrepreneur. She had previously worked at Bain & Company as a senior associate and consultant right after her studies completed at Duke University. She also holds a degree of MBA from Stanford University. After three years of a successful career, she switched to Thumbtack holding the position of Category manager that helped are create an impressive resume. Soon after that, she felt the urge to work for the startups and joined Lightspeed ventures and partners. Read this article at Forbes to learn more about Ashley

At lightspeed ventures and partners, Ashley prides herself for providing a better podium for the new investors and credits her success to her one habit of staying in touch with her clients and customers. Ashley lightspeed at her firm is known to have a constructive influence on digital media marketing and increased investments in the field. She has a natural make-up to do more of the operational work and has mentioned in one of the interviews that she loves entrepreneur meetings and influx of new ideas from the investors which helps her company and her investors grow more.

Ashley was identified by Lightspeed ventures as the person who is capable of foreseeing the trends before they become established. Her futuristic approach and a naturally creative entrepreneurship talent have enabled her to keep growing the company and that too at a very young age.

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Energized Gulf Coast Western

A Dallas based energy company, Gulf Coast Western, LLC, was founded in 1970. For almost 50 years, this family owned business has focused on expanding its oil and gas reserves throughout the gulf coast region. Currently, the Texas based company has offices in Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Colorado. The success of Gulf Coast Western is good-honest communication coupled with respect and integrity, qualities found at the core of their business model.

Expansion through Partnerships

Gulf Coast Western is the managing entity of Oil and Gas General Partnerships. The partnerships they facilitate have done much to accelerate the growth of the company. These partnerships include:

  • Orbit Gulf Coast and Orbit Energy Partners
  • Warhorse Oil and Gas

These partnerships have served as a catalyst in the growth of Gulf Coast Western.

  • Northcote Energy LTD, along with Zachry exploration, Llox, Union Gas, Endeavor NG, Neumin Production

Leadership and the Future

Outstanding leadership along with creativity and business savvy, have been demonstrated by Mathew Fleeger, the current president and CEO of Gulf Coast Western. Fleeger has a long history of successful entrepreneurships. For instance, he founded a medical waste disposal company called, MedSolutions Inc. Fleeger sold MedSolutions Inc., before coming to Gulf Coast Western.

Additionally, while in the tanning industry, he was part of developing one of the largest spray on tan franchises in the world. Fleeger’s ability to create an atmosphere of trust, to build relationships and network with people, have largely contributed to the successes he has experienced in his life.

The future looks bright for Gulf Coast Western, as they continue to expand their oil and gas reserves not only throughout the gulf coast region but in other parts of the United States. The company is continuing to move forward by adding new services, such as: safe on-site cleaning, frac restraints, and implementing containment systems. Gulf Coast Western is energizing the energy industry.

Force of Innovation by Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group is a private firm that was founded in 1998. Since then the company has been setting trends in its activities. In 2007 the company was highlighted as the large scale private company. It has diversified global investments that help it in its management of over $43 billion assets with over 1700 investors in its equity. Fortress Investment group’s investment strategy has a steady risk adjustment that covers long-term investors. The company’s headquarters are based in New York with over 900 employees.

The assets of Fortress Investment group are based on credit funds and private equity and are raised from broad, diversified real estate, capitals, and commercial vehicles that create long term cash flows. The company has essential professionals in financing, owning and managing the physical and financial assets of the company.

Fortress develops robust tools that are used in operation management by extracting intricate investments. Therefore the company excels by the evaluation of structural and operational strategies while managing the company portfolios. Fortress Investment Group has been in existence for more than 20 years has developed a robust professional expert in the management of its mergers and acquisitions with understanding and good relations with a range of board members, corporate stakeholders, and management professionals. The experience has given the company an essential expert for financing equity and market debts.

Fortress Investment groups have an excellent track record in the management portfolio that has given it a great deal of working with a variety of industries. Most of the companies employees have a substantial know how on the global market. The company, therefore, has continued to increase its investment. Over the next ten years, the company will be funding big projects worldwide in transportation and infrastructure.

Overall, Fortress has expanded its services internationally focusing on its portfolio to Italian opportunities. Its leadership has been widely recognized due to its success in innovation practices. The institution has been awarded as the best in credit funding in the year 2010 and 2011 respectively. Being the leader in the alternative investment industry, Fortress was named as the fund manager of the year.

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Kisling Nestico & Redick Deliver Justice for Victims

Experts in personal injury lawsuits, the office of Gary Kisling, Rob Nestico and Robert Redick (KNR) is renowned as one of Ohio’s leaders in assisting victims. After the firm’s opening in 2005, there are now 11 locations in this state. The offices together have 30 lawyers and almost 100 support staff devoted to seeking justice for people injured in accidents. Kisling, Nestico & Redick handles various cases, many of which are from the areas of truck collisions, wrongful death, medical malpractice, workers’ compensation claims and defective products.

All too frequently, those who suffer personal injury become victims in other ways. For, the insurance companies that have covered the person at fault are rarely willing to compensate the victims. Kisling, Nestico & Redick of Akron, Ohio, is a firm that helps individuals not to suffer further victimization from the subsequent litigation. Kisling, Nestico & Redick even has inside knowledge of the insurance industry because one of the managing partners of the firm personally experienced the agony of a lawsuit against him by an insurance company.

Over the years, the firm of Kisling, Nestico & Redick has been successful in obtaining many verdicts in favor of victims. Several of these verdicts have included multi-million dollar settlements. Importantly, after some successful cases, this firm has effectively brought about industry changes, as well as having promoted safer roadways in Ohio. Experienced and knowledgeable, the personal injury attorneys at Kisling, Nestico & Redick are always ready to defend their clients against the unethical practices of insurance companies.

Greg Blatt Makes Incredible Moves For Business

Greg Blatt is a businessman who has achieved great success throughout his career. Mr. Blatt is a prime example of how having a great education and the ability to utilize experiences is a sure formula for prosperity. Greg Blatt has a bachelor’s degree of arts in English Language, literature/ letters and economics. He later studied hard for his Doctor of Law. This wonderful combination of education allowed Greg to work as an associate for law firms for four years and sharpen his ability to conduct business. Greg experience with the law gave him the ability to think in critical ways that solved and analyzed problems.

Greg later searched for a different career path. He began working at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia as executive vice president in general counsel and business affairs. This was when Mr. Blatt started to realize how valuable his knowledge was. New and exciting work ethics were of high demand and he had exactly what it needed. Due to this realization, he later brought his skills and talents to a new and developing business that needed clever and innovated people like him, the dating app business (TvGuide).

Greg Blatt, fortunately, worked for well-known dating apps. Every time he was welcomed aboard, the app was successful but not performing at its fullest capacity. This was the case for companies like Tinder, Match Group, and IAC. But, as soon as Greg Blatt arrived, the companies all took great strides. This particularly was the case with Tinder. Blatt promoted Tinder Plus Subscription offering. This is exactly what the company had needed to move forward. They gained 1 million new members soon after this new deal was put into effect. Now, Mr. Blatt continues to work as a leader in this in this industry. His abilities will always be helpful in this new business.

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The Successful Businesses of Isabel Dos Santos

African women are industrious and hard-working people. They are using their skills to achieve their life goals. Throughout history, many Africa men have become billionaires, but there are no women in the list. Isabel Dos Santos changed it, as she became the first female billionaire from Africa.

Her current wealth is estimated to be at two billion US dollars, and because of her active business from different investments, experts are saying that her wealth will continue to grow. Through her father’s legacy, Isabel Dos Santos was able to create a fortune, and she had a lot of investments in Angola and abroad. Here are some of the successful businesses and ventures that she invested in:

Urbana 2000

After staying abroad for so many years, her father asked her to come home in Angola where she can serve the government. She was one of the leaders of the Urbana 2000, and their aim is to clean the streets of Angola. She was successful in leading the program, and the streets of Angola’s largest cities have become free of diseases.


Isabel Dos Santos entered the telecommunications business after she found out that the walkie talkie is becoming a global phenomenon. She wanted to enter the industry and show the people that she can also be a successful telecoms entrepreneur. She helped improve the telecommunications in the country.

Trucking Business

The billionaire from Angola also has a successful trucking business, and she was able to meet her goals in managing the trucking business because of her partners who have expressed their will to become her partner.

Miami Beach Club

The Miami Beach Club is a state-of-the-art bar and restaurant located in Luanda Island. Isabel dos Santos was able to create the bar and promoted it heavily as one of the top destinations in the country. As a result, plenty of tourists starting flocking into Angola hoping to experience the hospitality of the people.

Holdings in Portugal and Angola

She also kept her investments in Portugal and Angola, and this is where most of her wealth comes from. She successfully closed deals and made it possible to buy new investments for her business.

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The Rise of Richard Liu Qiangdong

Liu has always thought outside the box, there is no surprise why he is one of the richest men in China. He was a child of entrepreneurs who shipped coal. They understood the need for a formal education and trained him through primary and tertiary education. Right now, his company is worth about 45 billion dollars. Initially he was an employee of Japan life.

He was the head of Computing activities and the experienced upward trajectory because of his leadership in that department. Liu had always known knowledge was power, with this, he found new ways to harness skills. He learnt computer codes and used it to understand e-marketing business. These two skills have gone a long way to make him what he is today.

Luis’ journey in entrepreneurship started when he started selling magneto-optical goods shortly after resigning from Japan life. Fortunately for him, he was quite successful and as a result, opened about 10 other shops around the region. At a point where it seemed like nothing could go wrong, the SARS outbreak broke and was disaster to his plans.

Nonetheless, his company and employees kept pushing on, maintaining their good level of customer service and quality operations. Due to the outbreak, not a lot of people could come directly to the shops, this impacted profits and Liu then made a decision that will change the course of his life. He ended up closing all the shops, and with the money, started a new venture known as

The company was an e-commerce platform that did not require customers to be physically present. Instead all they had to do was purchase an item and expect delivery within a set time. Other companies like WeChat and Walmart saw the potential of and chose to invest in it. WeChat invested a sum of about 250 million dollars for a stake in the company. As a result would be advertised for free on WeChat to a base of almost 1 billion people.

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Isabel Dos Santos Penetrates the Male-Dominated Business Sector

Isabel dos Santos is one of the business icons not only in Africa but also in the entire world. Isabel has proved that gender is not a determining factor in success. She is among the African entrepreneurs that have made names for themselves in the industry. The Angolan businessperson involves herself in infrastructure and economic development strategies.

Additionally, her contribution to telecommunications and modern technology is admirable. Over 50,000 employees depend on her busy career for their daily lives in her home country, Angola, and beyond. The Forbes list of the African millionaires is not complete without mentioning Isabel dos, Santos. According to the 2019 list of the 20 African millionaires, Isabel sits at the eight position.

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Even though many lost the grip of their previous positions, Isabel made a tremendous improvement. Her expertise and aggressiveness in the entrepreneur sector are unmatched. Dos Santos overcame the devaluation of the continent’s currencies and the prices of the shares that headed south in the better part of the year.

The Forbes survey noted that the fortunes of Isabel dos Santos declined despite rising to number eight from the previous year’s ninth position. Falling of share prices in Nos and Galp companies contributed to the decline of her fortunes to €2 billion from €2.3 billion in 2018. Additionally, Unitel suffered a massive decrease in its value; hence her fortunes also. She owns a stake of 25% in the company. Unitel and Nos are prominent telecommunication firms in Angola. Their performance in the last financial year was not commendable.

However, Isabel dos Santos is not the only one that felt the heat because even Aliko Dangote, the richest person in Africa suffered the same. Dangote’s equity value dropped by about $2 billion cumulatively. The Nigerian’s company recorded an equity value of $ 10.3 billion because of a 20% decline in the share prices of the firm. Dangote makes most of his profits from the cement industry. Mike Adenuga sits at number two with a fortune of $ 9.2 billion driven from communications and oil industries.

Isabel dos Santos leads the women in Africa together with Nigeria’s Folorunsho Alakijada valued at €1.6 billion. She attends various summits to share her experience story and mentor the women around the world on matters touching entrepreneurship.


Paul Mampilly- Passion for helping the underprivileged

Paul Mampilly is one of the world’s best financial traders and investors. He has done so well in the past few decades to the extent that he is recognized even by the leading business media such as CNBC, Fox Business News, and Bloomberg. Any investor who wishes to make huge returns on their investments need to follow the advice of Mampilly. He has everything that an average trader would need to be successful. For two decades, he worked in Wall Street helping the ultra-wealthy to make millions of dollars. He understands how renowned financial experts in Wall Street do in order to succeed since he has been one of them. His advice is clearly not based on nothing. It comes from many years of experience that he has had working in Wall Street.

Leaving Wall Street

After two decades working in Wall Street, Paul Mampilly got tired of working for a small group of people who were not interested in the welfare of millions of other investors. He had traded accounts worth billions for the few Americans that were benefiting from Wall Street deals, but he was not satisfied. He saw that a majority of Americans were struggling to make ends meet because they lacked the information needed to make the right investment decisions. Paul Mampilly was not pleased with what he could see and decided to leave Wall Street to use the knowledge he had acquired on the millions of average investors who needed his investment advice the most.

Profits Unlimited

After leaving Wall Street, Paul was determined to help the average investors apart from spending more time with his young family. He started the Profits Unlimited newsletter, a publication that he uses to address his followers on some of the investment options available. This newsletter has been helpful to thousands of people who have subscribed already. They received regular updates from Paul Mampilly on the stocks that he is recommending. Paul Mampilly says that it is better to help thousands of average American investors who he calls “ Main Street Americans,” instead of following a few billionaires who have no interest in the welfare of the underprivileged. His Profits Unlimited has over 100,000 subscribers today.