Energized Gulf Coast Western

A Dallas based energy company, Gulf Coast Western, LLC, was founded in 1970. For almost 50 years, this family owned business has focused on expanding its oil and gas reserves throughout the gulf coast region. Currently, the Texas based company has offices in Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Colorado. The success of Gulf Coast Western is good-honest communication coupled with respect and integrity, qualities found at the core of their business model.

Expansion through Partnerships

Gulf Coast Western is the managing entity of Oil and Gas General Partnerships. The partnerships they facilitate have done much to accelerate the growth of the company. These partnerships include:

  • Orbit Gulf Coast and Orbit Energy Partners
  • Warhorse Oil and Gas

These partnerships have served as a catalyst in the growth of Gulf Coast Western.

  • Northcote Energy LTD, along with Zachry exploration, Llox, Union Gas, Endeavor NG, Neumin Production

Leadership and the Future

Outstanding leadership along with creativity and business savvy, have been demonstrated by Mathew Fleeger, the current president and CEO of Gulf Coast Western. Fleeger has a long history of successful entrepreneurships. For instance, he founded a medical waste disposal company called, MedSolutions Inc. Fleeger sold MedSolutions Inc., before coming to Gulf Coast Western.

Additionally, while in the tanning industry, he was part of developing one of the largest spray on tan franchises in the world. Fleeger’s ability to create an atmosphere of trust, to build relationships and network with people, have largely contributed to the successes he has experienced in his life.

The future looks bright for Gulf Coast Western, as they continue to expand their oil and gas reserves not only throughout the gulf coast region but in other parts of the United States. The company is continuing to move forward by adding new services, such as: safe on-site cleaning, frac restraints, and implementing containment systems. Gulf Coast Western is energizing the energy industry.

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