The Successful Businesses of Isabel Dos Santos

African women are industrious and hard-working people. They are using their skills to achieve their life goals. Throughout history, many Africa men have become billionaires, but there are no women in the list. Isabel Dos Santos changed it, as she became the first female billionaire from Africa.

Her current wealth is estimated to be at two billion US dollars, and because of her active business from different investments, experts are saying that her wealth will continue to grow. Through her father’s legacy, Isabel Dos Santos was able to create a fortune, and she had a lot of investments in Angola and abroad. Here are some of the successful businesses and ventures that she invested in:

Urbana 2000

After staying abroad for so many years, her father asked her to come home in Angola where she can serve the government. She was one of the leaders of the Urbana 2000, and their aim is to clean the streets of Angola. She was successful in leading the program, and the streets of Angola’s largest cities have become free of diseases.


Isabel Dos Santos entered the telecommunications business after she found out that the walkie talkie is becoming a global phenomenon. She wanted to enter the industry and show the people that she can also be a successful telecoms entrepreneur. She helped improve the telecommunications in the country.

Trucking Business

The billionaire from Angola also has a successful trucking business, and she was able to meet her goals in managing the trucking business because of her partners who have expressed their will to become her partner.

Miami Beach Club

The Miami Beach Club is a state-of-the-art bar and restaurant located in Luanda Island. Isabel dos Santos was able to create the bar and promoted it heavily as one of the top destinations in the country. As a result, plenty of tourists starting flocking into Angola hoping to experience the hospitality of the people.

Holdings in Portugal and Angola

She also kept her investments in Portugal and Angola, and this is where most of her wealth comes from. She successfully closed deals and made it possible to buy new investments for her business.

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