Isabel Dos Santos Penetrates the Male-Dominated Business Sector

Isabel dos Santos is one of the business icons not only in Africa but also in the entire world. Isabel has proved that gender is not a determining factor in success. She is among the African entrepreneurs that have made names for themselves in the industry. The Angolan businessperson involves herself in infrastructure and economic development strategies.

Additionally, her contribution to telecommunications and modern technology is admirable. Over 50,000 employees depend on her busy career for their daily lives in her home country, Angola, and beyond. The Forbes list of the African millionaires is not complete without mentioning Isabel dos, Santos. According to the 2019 list of the 20 African millionaires, Isabel sits at the eight position.

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Even though many lost the grip of their previous positions, Isabel made a tremendous improvement. Her expertise and aggressiveness in the entrepreneur sector are unmatched. Dos Santos overcame the devaluation of the continent’s currencies and the prices of the shares that headed south in the better part of the year.

The Forbes survey noted that the fortunes of Isabel dos Santos declined despite rising to number eight from the previous year’s ninth position. Falling of share prices in Nos and Galp companies contributed to the decline of her fortunes to €2 billion from €2.3 billion in 2018. Additionally, Unitel suffered a massive decrease in its value; hence her fortunes also. She owns a stake of 25% in the company. Unitel and Nos are prominent telecommunication firms in Angola. Their performance in the last financial year was not commendable.

However, Isabel dos Santos is not the only one that felt the heat because even Aliko Dangote, the richest person in Africa suffered the same. Dangote’s equity value dropped by about $2 billion cumulatively. The Nigerian’s company recorded an equity value of $ 10.3 billion because of a 20% decline in the share prices of the firm. Dangote makes most of his profits from the cement industry. Mike Adenuga sits at number two with a fortune of $ 9.2 billion driven from communications and oil industries.

Isabel dos Santos leads the women in Africa together with Nigeria’s Folorunsho Alakijada valued at €1.6 billion. She attends various summits to share her experience story and mentor the women around the world on matters touching entrepreneurship.


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