Paul Mampilly- Passion for helping the underprivileged

Paul Mampilly is one of the world’s best financial traders and investors. He has done so well in the past few decades to the extent that he is recognized even by the leading business media such as CNBC, Fox Business News, and Bloomberg. Any investor who wishes to make huge returns on their investments need to follow the advice of Mampilly. He has everything that an average trader would need to be successful. For two decades, he worked in Wall Street helping the ultra-wealthy to make millions of dollars. He understands how renowned financial experts in Wall Street do in order to succeed since he has been one of them. His advice is clearly not based on nothing. It comes from many years of experience that he has had working in Wall Street.

Leaving Wall Street

After two decades working in Wall Street, Paul Mampilly got tired of working for a small group of people who were not interested in the welfare of millions of other investors. He had traded accounts worth billions for the few Americans that were benefiting from Wall Street deals, but he was not satisfied. He saw that a majority of Americans were struggling to make ends meet because they lacked the information needed to make the right investment decisions. Paul Mampilly was not pleased with what he could see and decided to leave Wall Street to use the knowledge he had acquired on the millions of average investors who needed his investment advice the most.

Profits Unlimited

After leaving Wall Street, Paul was determined to help the average investors apart from spending more time with his young family. He started the Profits Unlimited newsletter, a publication that he uses to address his followers on some of the investment options available. This newsletter has been helpful to thousands of people who have subscribed already. They received regular updates from Paul Mampilly on the stocks that he is recommending. Paul Mampilly says that it is better to help thousands of average American investors who he calls “ Main Street Americans,” instead of following a few billionaires who have no interest in the welfare of the underprivileged. His Profits Unlimited has over 100,000 subscribers today.

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