Betsy DeVos the Education Secretary Progress

Betsy DeVos has served the whole Trump presidency as the education secretary of the nation. She has led the education department with grace and sophistication, and above all awareness of the flaws within the education department that ought to be addressed. The nation’s education department has become a place that has lost its touch with training students to become the workforce and the intellectuals of the future. There are only certain students that get the education that is best suited for them, and then may still not go on to get a degree in college that they can actually use.


Betsy DeVos has openly discussed this problem and has been focusing on revamping the education system to focus more on trade education and on science and math education. Students in the United States are lacking trade, math, and science education. This has been a highlight of her time as education secretary and the president and vice president of the nation have also voiced support for science education and trade school education being introduced to students earlier on. The focus on these being a part of education in the United States is a new element for the nation that will hopefully last a while with students needing to focus more on science and trade skills to be a part of the workforce of tomorrow.


Betsy DeVos may seem like someone who is too polite to make efforts within the education department that are difficult. This is certainly not the case. Betsy DeVos may be polite, but she is also capable of putting forward difficult issues on the table. She has put forward the issues of transgender student and staff bathroom rights and safety in schools to the attention of the media and to Congress. She encouraged schools to make rules to protect transgender student and staff bathroom rights to keep the rights protected, so they would feel safe within the schools of the nation. She additionally pushed for debates in Congress over student safety following the school shootings and students calling for more to be done to keep schools safe from future shootings.


Being polite should not be viewed negatively in the case of Betsy DeVos. She’s proof that you can be a combination of strength and grace to keep the education department functioning powerfully and serving students of the nation. Betsy DeVos has also succeeded in getting more media attention for issues in the education department, compared to other education secretaries.


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