OSI Industries expands through acquisition deals

OSI Industries is the best food production company in the globe. It has the best presence in the world since it has production facilities in 17 different countries. The company has in recent times been focusing on local and international expansion. In the past five years, CEO Sheldon Lavin has been directing his energy to the expansion of this facility. The company has made some purchases, as well as acquisitions that, will improve the services from this company and enable it o reach out to a higher number of customers around the globe.

Purchase in Chicago

OSI Industries purchased a food production plant that was previously owned by Tyson Foods. The purchase took place in 2017 and saw OSI acquire 200,000 square feet of space enabling the company to have sufficient space to do their production work and produce enough supplies for the local market. OSI also had another plant in Chicago meaning they will be able to smoothen the operations of food production due to the proximity of the two facilities. Although the new production facility was designed to produce chicken products, it will be modified to produce other products as well.

Flagship Europe

About OSI industries also acquired Flagship Europe, a U.K-based food production company. The plan to acquire this plant is based on the need to expand the operations of OSI in Europe. The company is planning to have a better and solid presence in Europe. Flagship Europe was later renamed Creative Foods Europe. With this acquisition, both companies will reap huge benefits from this partnership. It is an acquisition that will increase the company’s market value in the region and even help Creative Foods Europe to increase its products portfolio.

Spain’s expansion

OSI Industries has targeted Europe as one of the areas where it would like to engage in business even more. Due to the demand for their products coming from this region, the company has expanded its food production in different locations in Europe. In Spain, they have expanded the food production plant based in Toledo. This plant will now be producing double the amount of quality chicken products that it used to produce.

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