Neurocore is a great research group that for years has been studying the brain specifically those with mental disorders. While having a normal brain for comparison is vital the research group has been interested in drug free ways to truly treat those with mental disorders. What the group found was that while every brain is slightly different those with mental disorders have obvious spots on the brain where it is just not functioning correctly at all either in the form of being overactive or underactive. Many of the people with mental disorders actually have many different spots on the brain that have this in common. Read more about Neurocore at

So the group then went to work trying to figure out how to solve with this without using drugs. For those that did use drugs the brain scan was the same or the pills were only a temporary alter which of course did not last past the period in which the pill was in effect. So the group ended up falling into brain training as that had proof in the past to help treat things like focus and minor issues. But what the Neurocore group realized is that this really was altering the brain slowly and causing it to train itself. Thus the brain training in theory should be able to help those with mental disorders and treat these people. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

But there was another hurdle to come across which was no one has ever done this type of brain training before. Because the group was doing something completely new they would have to use all of their resources in order to develop the brain training that is meant for this. But no one size fits all with brain training and quickly they learned it would have to be individualized for each patient. After much testing the group has done it and now is treating mental disorders with brain training. By doing this the group is helping to get people off of medication, actually treat and change their brain, the group even thinks this could be one of the ways to cure these disorders for many people that are able to put the work into the brain training. Those that come to them for brain training are able to overcome many of their problems in time and lead a normal life. The treatment that is offered by them is not yet covered by health insurance but that is something the centers are currently working on. In the meantime the centers are expanding as more people are interested in drug free treatment for mental disorders.


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