Dr. Vijay Eswaran Cites Technology as the Game Changer in Business

The future is diverging from the traditional path business has trod for numerous decades. In the wake of technological advancement assembly lines are becoming automated and production the work of computerization. Even cars are at the threshold of become fully automated. Smartphone apps have changed the game on numerous levels. “Many millennials do not even try for driver’s licenses,” Dr. Vijay Eswaran says, “They do not need them with apps like Uber or Grab.”

Dr. Vijay Eswaran is what is known as a disruptive entrepreneur because his business ethic takes an alternative route to traditional stratagem. In Dr. Eswaran’s opinion he is simply focusing on the future. This is the primary reason he co-founded QI group of companies back in 1998. QI group is a multi-level marketer that is in the business of funding start-ups and acquisitions. The idea is finance the work of others but promote said work under a communal banner. According to Dr. Eswaran it is entrepreneur making and it is the evolution of employment.

In a recent interview Dr. Eswaran talked about his reasons for creating QI. Initially he was not in love with the idea nor believed that it could work. But after a year of sitting in sessions and listening to presentations he was finally sold. Once he saw there was actual money to made he fell in love with it completely. “I wanted to make serious money,” Dr. Eswaran explained.

The new avenue being created by technology is certainly paved with gold. Internet start-ups, fundamental services, and direct-selling are the most successful players currently on the field. As the game continues to change its effects are felt everywhere. According to Dr. Eswaran that place is currently employment. However, by embracing the future one can simply shift to where employment is. If you do not believe Dr. Eswaran, just ask you local Uber driver.

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