Roseann Bennett Of Center For Assessment And Treatment Highlights Her Reasons For Establishing The Organization

Roseann Bennett is a prominent, New Jersey-based licensed family and marriage counselor. She has vast experience in marital therapy, treatment planning, and case management. Over the years, she has been working the adolescents and their families.

With her husband, Bennett has co-founded Center for Assessment and Treatment, a not-for-profit organization, where she serves as the executive director too. She is the head of the American Association for Marriage as well as Family Therapy Approved Supervisor. Currently, she also serves as the president of the Northern Chapter Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.

Her career started when she helped others to make a significant impact in the family system. It’s something she always aspired to do. For that reason, Roseann Bennett obtained her Master’s degree in Psychological Studies from the prestigious Seton Hall University. She then pursued a Specialist Education from the same school, before taking up a course in the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. Bennett is currently helping individuals from different walks of life, including Warren and Somerset. See This Page for related information.

Her business at the Center for Assessment and Treatment primarily entails healing people. Although she doesn’t administer medication to that, Roseann Bennett offers help toward guiding clients to a natural-healing path. Sometimes, a few sessions are enough. Other times it takes years to find support for an individual. The idea of establishing the Center for Assessment and Treatment came after she had worked in the local community for decades, doing in-home based therapy.

Bennett transitioned to outpatient care. Her patient’s long waits to access therapy became a concern to her. They had to wait for six months to see a therapist, a case she describes as especially true for those who came from low-income earning families. The lack of better healthcare systems encouraged her to establish an organization that would offer mental healthcare and treatment to patients from impoverished families.


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