Nicolas Krafft as A Leader in Loreal

Nicolas Krafft is the Global Vice President of Business Development. But what is more about this company Nicolas Krafft works in? We look at one event to get a clue about the global fashion brand. On September 2018 L’Oreal in Paris held the yearly fashion and glamour show on a walkway on river Seine at the heart of Paris. The presentation focused not only showcasing the latest trend in beauty and style but also for the company to restate its role in ensuring fashion and glamour are demystified.

The show which was open to everyone was attended by the established names in the fashion, glamour and the film industry. Women’s beauty was showcased in a variety of outfits and an inclusive manner. The sixty-meter runway on river Seine provided an excellent stage for this event. Models such as Eva Longoria and Elle Fanning were also in attendance. So much creativity endowed the show as well and seemed to blend with much of French culture. Actors such as Jaime Lannister of Game of Thrones, was one of the actors who turned up to support the show.

The L’Oreal Paris team created new hairstyles and makeup specifically for this show. Different supermodels also took on stage to showcase the various outfits by the thirteen partner brands such as Chopard for the show. It took more than a week to set up and take down the distinct floating runway.

The marketing and promotion of the event seemed to have been done well. The function was broadcasted in over thirty nations at a go. Big screens were also present in the venue, and drones showed even the most inaccessible area by the large cameras that graced the event. These provided an opportunity for passers-by and tourist to watch from the banks of river Seine.

This event is a clear account of how L’Oreal works its values and open and inclusive business culture. This value is what the company believes are the elements to success besides producing quality fashion and beauty products. With the leaders such as Nicolas Krafft who has held various roles previously the company is headed in the right direction. He has been the Deputy General Manager for Eastern Europe from mid-2011 to 2013.

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