ClassDojo Is Finding New Ways To Fund Their Development For Students

ClassDojo has been bringing parents, students, and teachers closer together in the classroom environment through better communication and a positive approach. Not only can teachers communicate with their students more effectively, but they can also stay in contact with parents on a regular basis, even every day through direct messaging on the ClassDojo app. Since the company first started in 2011, they have added support for more than 30 languages on their platform and it can be used on nearly any smart device as well. Although the primary application is free, they are making use of monetization methods for parents to support the platform and keep it growing for students around the world.

Since the company was founded, they have done well to keep growing and receive funding from various sources to keep operations going in the right direction. As ClassDojo continues to grow, they need even more funding in order to maintain this growth and to upgrade their platform for students and teachers. This is why ClassDojo is adding a membership for parents to invest in that will give them access to ClassDojo Beyond School. This platform is completely optional and doesn’t have to be used in tandem with the main app, ClassDojo. Beyond School is a way for ClassDojo to bring their educational platform to student’s home to help them continue learning while also building a stronger connection with their parents relating to the classroom.

Currently, ClassDojo boasts great numbers in terms of app usage all over the country, with one in six families that have children in elementary or middle school using the platform. This number has grown every single year and in recent years they have taken on a larger role outside of the nation. With many other countries adopting the program, it opens up new communication possibilities for students.

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