Alastair Borthwick was a Reputable Author and Journalist

Alastair Borthwick was a Scottish hero. He was a proficient author. Alastair was gifted with good command of English. His writings have appealing and enchanting language. Alastair Borthwick included humor in his work. He loved living a balanced life. Exploring mysteries of nature and beauty of God creation was the most exciting moments of his life. He enjoyed taking graphic pictures in the mountain. He traveled across the globe climbing mountains. He loved the geographical feature on the mountain top. At the peak, he could capture the picture of the flatlands areas.

Alastair Borthwick had a bold personality. He could walk in a war zone without shaking and capture the events.

Alastair Borthwick Compassion for Mankind

He was compassionate about humankind. His sanguine character helped in forming friendships with other people quickly. His choices of words were very illuminating, and he had abilities to gain confidence from strangers without taking much time. Ideally, he socialized with folks from the middle class, berry pickers. As an idealist, he lived a simple life with simple goals. He believed before anything else; he had to write a thousand words every day to freshen up.

Alastair Borthwick Author and Journalist

Alastair Borthwick was talented and had a passion for writing. Despite the fact he came from the humble beginning nothing could divert his attention in achieving his mission and vision. Through his books, Alastair has inspired a lot of generation. He had an in-depth understanding of general ideas. His first novel Always A little Further published in 1939. It gained popularity due to the wise choice of word and captivity nature. The suspense leaves the reader a dilemma. The novel thrilled millions of reader worldwide. The story made him an icon in literature. Shortly after, he published his second novel in 1946. Due to the second-word war atmosphere, most of the writing revolved around the subject of war. In the 1980s his first novel covering stories of war released. He later wrote the battalion in early 1990.

As a renowned journalist, Alastair Borthwick was an exceptional his work. He was passionate about broadcasting and covered war stories. He gained vast experience and veteran in the history of war stories. Along with that, Alastair Borthwick appeared in the national exhibition. He was a versatile writer. For more information, visit facebook page.


ClassDojo Is Finding New Ways To Fund Their Development For Students

ClassDojo has been bringing parents, students, and teachers closer together in the classroom environment through better communication and a positive approach. Not only can teachers communicate with their students more effectively, but they can also stay in contact with parents on a regular basis, even every day through direct messaging on the ClassDojo app. Since the company first started in 2011, they have added support for more than 30 languages on their platform and it can be used on nearly any smart device as well. Although the primary application is free, they are making use of monetization methods for parents to support the platform and keep it growing for students around the world.

Since the company was founded, they have done well to keep growing and receive funding from various sources to keep operations going in the right direction. As ClassDojo continues to grow, they need even more funding in order to maintain this growth and to upgrade their platform for students and teachers. This is why ClassDojo is adding a membership for parents to invest in that will give them access to ClassDojo Beyond School. This platform is completely optional and doesn’t have to be used in tandem with the main app, ClassDojo. Beyond School is a way for ClassDojo to bring their educational platform to student’s home to help them continue learning while also building a stronger connection with their parents relating to the classroom.

Currently, ClassDojo boasts great numbers in terms of app usage all over the country, with one in six families that have children in elementary or middle school using the platform. This number has grown every single year and in recent years they have taken on a larger role outside of the nation. With many other countries adopting the program, it opens up new communication possibilities for students.

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Rick Cofer On Juvenile Arrests


After almost nine years as a prosecutor, Rick Cofer opened up his own law practice; Rick Coffer Law PLLC, representing people charged with crimes in Central Texas. Rick Cofer has extensive experience in criminal matters ranging from drug possession, drunk driving, and family violence, to serious felony offenses like robbery, sexual assault, and murder.

Getting arrested by the police is undoubtedly traumatizing, and for juveniles, it can be even more so. Criminal defense lawyer Rick Cofer out of Austin, Texas is seeing more and more juveniles being arrested. Many times these juveniles are just witnesses. It can be intimidating when police officers show up to a crime scene. Especially for a juvenile who saw what happened and just wants to call his mom. But with the law in the city of Austin being that a juvenile can be detained for questioning without their parents, some juveniles say the wrong thing out of intimidation and wind up in an interrogation room.

If you are bringing children up in Austin, Texas, it is important that they know to tell an officer that they want to talk to a lawyer like Rick Cofer before they talk to the police. Far too often juveniles wind up saying something incrimating and the police jump on the first word they here. Tell this to your children over and over again until it is drilled in their head to always speak to a lawyer first.

Rick Cofer explains that many people are wrong in believing that the purpose of an interrogation is to find out facts about a crime. In reality, they are not used to determine if the person is telling the truth or to find facts about a case. When police officers bring someone in to be interrogated, they have already decided that the person is guilty. They are just waiting to hear a confession or something incriminating so that it can be brought to the prosecutors to incite a guilty verdict. Click Here to learn more about Rick Cofer.

The problem that Rick Cofer sees with juveniles being brought in to be interrogated is that they are much more fragile than adults. Their brains have not yet developed, and they lack what’s called the “executive function” which allows them to manage their thoughts, emotions, and actions in the proper way. They get scared and just want to tell the police what they want to hear. This often elicits a false confession out of the juvenile through seeking a short-term benefit rather than long-term.


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Agera Energy Cares

Agera Energy is an independent supplier of energy and natural gas. The company works hard to provide green products and solutions with an eco friendly mind set and approach. They want to be a partner within the local community. Agera Energy has achieved the Westchester Green Business certification and was the first energy service company to become certified in the county.

Agera Energy is a proud employer within the community and wants employees to be involved in green initiatives. At Agera Energy they encourage an aggressive recycling program and encourage employees to use reusable water bottles which can save 13,000 plastic bottles per year.

Agera Energy also supports businesses who transition to LED lighting options in their buildings. The switch to LED lighting can be an eco friendly energy solution. With potential money saving programs across the country this switch can also save businesses money.

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Drones Take Flight in Indonesia Thanks To JD.Com


The government of Indonesia has approved drone delivery for the first time in the country’s history, thanks to a successful lobbying effort by Chinese retailer

On January 8,’s drone took off from Jagabita Village in West Java carrying backpacks and text books to the MIS Nurul Falah Leles Elementary School. donated the school supplies to these students, part of their philanthropic commitment to education. has been a big player in expanding Indonesia’s e-commerce. Since starting operations in 2016, JD.ID has serviced more than 20 million customers in 483 cities. This is an infrastructure and data network that has committed to assisting humanitarian endeavors.

Jon Liao,’s Chief Strategy Officer, extended his thanks to the Indonesia’s government to be part of the country’s history with this drone flight. Liao commented on his experience with drone delivery in China, the convenience it brings to customers, and the implementation of top-tier technology to further the service. Working with the World Economic Fund is and Indonesia’s government is sure to be part of’s future as they look to expand what the company can do for their e-commerce. has long partnered with the World Economic Fund and has been a partner of their Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This part of’s work has been involved in forging partnerships to help frame policy, increase collaboration between stakeholders, and advance the science and technology that helps the business sector. Indonesia provides an opportunity for these parties to meet one of their top priorities, improving drone technology to deliver supplies to remote areas.

Head of Drones and Tomorrow’s Airspace at the World Economic Forum, Timothy Reuter sees the trial run in Indonesia is a bright sign for the country and the future of the technology tested there. By aligning itself with commercial trends in China, Indonesia could become a business leader for Southeast Asia by using drone delivery to expand medical and humanitarian missions where commercial good can now be accessed.

Though there are regulations left to hammer out before drone deliver is the norm, the formal announcement was made at the World Economic Forum at Davos this January. Members of the Ministry of Transportation, Civil Aviation and Air Navigation of Indonesia were present for the inaugural flight. Find More Information Here.


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