Dr. Dov Rand Helps Men by Pinpointing Why They Are Experiencing Erectile Dysfunction

Dr. Dov Rand specializes in helping older people feel young again. He is a bioidentical hormone specialist who restores his patients balance between their good and bad hormones like they were when younger. He also treats other age-related issues such as erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction can be frustrating for both spouses. Men can also be embarrassed by it which means they’ll avoid bringing it up with their physician. They can become depressed and the issue will have a negative impact on other parts of their lives. The thing to know is that physicians like Dr. Dov Rand know it’s a common thing and no reflection on their patient to have this issue. It’s normal and be treated.

Dr. Dov Rand says that to know what’s going on you should know the anatomy of an erection. There are multiple systems that all need to sync in order for this to take place and to maintain. When a man with a normal sexual system becomes aroused his nervous system will signal the circulatory system that it’s time to send more blood flow to the penis. This fills up a pair of spongy cylindrical structures called the corpora cavernosa. Once these are engorged they restrict blood from flowing back out. This is the way that an erection can form and be maintained as long as everything is working the way it’s supposed to. If part of the system stops working then it shuts the whole process down.

Dr. Dov Rand runs a private practice he established. He knows what to examine when it comes to erectile dysfunction and how to get things back on track for his patient. He says that the system behind erections is interconnected just like so much of the health of the body is. He keeps up on the latest research and takes an evidence-based approach to help his patients with this issue and all others.

He says that it can be difficult to pinpoint just where the problem of erectile dysfunction is occurring in any individual patient. Once Dr. Dov Rand has figured it out, though, it’s a medical issue that is very much treatable.

Find out more about Dr. Rand´s method at http://releasefact.com/2018/05/dr-dov-rand/

“Fighting Burn Out In Workplaces “

Paul Saunders is the chairman and CEO of James River Capital Corp. He has worked with this organization since 1985. He holds a bachelor’s in business administration from the University of Virginia and a master in business administration from the University of Chicago. His passion for finance led him to the investment banking industry. Currently, he is in investment trading and doing exemplary in that field. He loved trading because he felt that it is a field that is based on married and not hierarchy.


Paul Saunders has worked Warburg Paribas Becker in the corporate finance department and at AG Becker in the commodity department. He has also served at Kidder, Peabody & co as the director of managed accounts and commodity funds. He later became the president of KP Futures Management the predecessor of James River Capital Corp. Since 1995; he has held the position of chairman and CEO. Paul Saunders is married and loves involving himself in philanthropic causes. Recently he started the Saunders Family Foundation to assist charitable organizations in accomplishing their goals.


James River Capital


James River Capital Corp was initially formed as an alternative investment department of Kidder Peabody & Co. In 1995, it was secured as an independent investment firm by Paul Saunders.


Burn out


Paul Saunders has an opinion on various matters related to business administration. As a leader at James River Capital Corp, he has come to learn about many things pertaining to the management of a business. One of the things he highlights is the management of employees’ burnout. He treats this as one of the major causes of poor performance in a business environment.


Burnout is emotional or physical exhaustion due to stress. Burnout is common in workplaces due to personal and work-related stress. However, it has the potential to create poor performance in an organization. Employees who experience burnout are likely to doubt their competence and ability to obtain their objectives.


Paul Saunders has a few points that he would like to share with other business leaders. There are some steps that need to be taken in order to address early signs of burn out as well as dealing with already taken cases of burnout.




Paul Saunders value communication and honesty in the management of a business. Employees need to be treated as valuable partners in a business, and they should, therefore, be incorporated in every decision-making process.

When organizations are making important decisions on matters such as promotions and compensation, all workers should be involved. It is good to ensure that some employees do not feel ignored. Discrimination among employees can lead to low motivation in your workplace. The criteria used in awarding employees should be clear to everyone to create a level playing ground. Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/company/james-river-capital-corp


Louis Chenevert: How to Make your Workers Productive

Louis Chenevert retired just recently from his position in one of the leading organizations in the world. The businessman has been holding top positions in prestigious firms, and this is why he has learned so much about businesses. His career accomplishments have been used to educate other young people who want to become successful in the tough market. In one of his recent publication, the American based professional advices his followers about one of the issues that make them have sleepless nights; increasing profits in business. Every company looks for all possible ways of ensuring that they are growing their business. The competition, however, doesn’t make things easy. Louis Chenevert has given people the secret to successful businesses. According to him, company employees have the key to success. Use the following tips to make your company workers happy.

Award those who are working hard: In all working environments, there are some personalities who prove to be better and committed to their responsibilities compared to the others. Louis Chenevert believes that a company will stand to benefit if the top management awards these few who are working. Giving these people recognition will be a way of motivating them to increase their effort. The rest of the team will also be challenged, and they will also increase their efforts in the future. Awarding the employees does not have to cost the company an arm and a leg. There are simple ways that will not require so much money. For instance, two or three days off will make the employee happier and relaxed to resume duty in a better mood. Giving them a certificate is also good.

Best working environment: Everyone wants to spend their time in a working environment that is conducive. The company bosses should do away with any form of negativity because it only affects the workers in a bad way. There are many ways of removing the bad personalities in the working place. Ensure that the offices have been furnished well, regardless of the amount of money you will be forced to spend. The common areas for lunch hours should also be ideal for all workers.


Steve Ritchie Connection And Excellence At Papa John’s


Papa John’s, the restaurant chain popularly known for pizza, revealed in an open letter from the chief executive on its intention to have a friendly working environment. When Steve Ritchie became the chief executive at the beginning of the year equity, inclusivity and diversity became one of his major areas of focus.

This may sound synonymous with what Starbucks did early this year. Starbucks made it public that all their staff would be subjected to compulsory racial discrimination training after two black consumers were indefinitely apprehended in Philadelphia because of a store manager’s misinformed conviction that they were wandering called the cops. The story brewed a national outburst about racial engagement in the United States of America. Some even called for the public to boycott the coffee company. Find Related Information Here.

Steve Ritchie seeks to include the value of equity, inclusion at Papa John’s to make sure the company succeeds and get the public trust. Trust is, of course, a business engine without which a business cannot succeed. He does not want a situation like that of Starbuck’s to happen to Papa John’s. As a leader at Papa John’s he believes he should lead by example and implement these qualities in the daily operations of the pizza chain.

Steve Ritchie has been the Chief Executive of Papa John’s International Incorporation since the beginning of 2018. He has been Director at Papa John’s for since February 2019. He previously was in the position of Senior Vice President of Papa John’s from 2013 to 2015. Steve Ritchie was also the Chief Operations Officer from May 2014 to December 2017.

The 43-year-old was in charge of monitoring global operations and support functions and strategic partnerships and programs. He was also Franchise proprietor of a number of units at Papa John’s International in the Midwest area. Steve Ritchie shares a deep connection with Papa John’s since he started working with Papa John’s as a customer service representative in 1996. He has witnessed the growth of Papa John’s to date when it’s the third largest pizza delivery company in the world. Papa John’s has been rated as the best pizza chain in customer satisfaction in the United States.


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The Work Of Daniel Bethelmy Rada


Daniel Bethelmy-Rada has built quite a name for himself in the business world. Currently Dan Rada serves as the Global Brand President for MATRIX and BIOLAGE L’Oreal Professional Products.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada has served in a number of leadership positions and has proven he has what it takes to run a business. Dan Bethelmy-Rada is committed to producing the best products possible and helping as many people as possible.

Dan Rada is a graduate of Sorbonne where he earned his degree in International Business. Mr. Rada would go on to earn an MBA from the ESSEC Business School in France. The skills he gained at these two schools have allowed him to work for a number of great companies. His career got started when he began working for L’Oreal in Paris in 2003. Dan Bethelmy-Rada served as a product manager at this time. He would eventually move on to serve in several leadership positions including Assistant Vice President of Garnier International, and Product Manager for LaScad. He eventually became the Deputy General Manager for Garnier International in 2014. While at this position he was responsible for the brand’s marketing in major places like India Russia, Singapore and Brazil.

Today Daniel Bethelmy Rada is focused on a new product called R.A.W. In a world where consumers want more truly natural products, R.A.W is Rada’s and his company Matrix response. R.A.W. focuses on 100% natural and sustainable ingredients that have little to no impact on the environment. Rada’s goal was to create a range of products that have great environmental credentials which includes the manufacturing methods and packaging.

Daniel Rada has been pleased with R.A.W. success thus far. The company has received more than ninety percent positive reviews from consumers. The company has plans to launch their products in the United States in coming months. Matrix is committed to producing healthy products that are good for consumers and good for the environment. Find More Information Here.


More about Rada on https://rocketreach.co/dan-bethelmy-rada-email_3658779


Carsten Thiel And Biotechnology’s Golden Age


Humanity is on the cusp of a golden age of biotechnology, and it is entirely possible that we will all soon be leading much longer lives virtually free of disease. Just as the world has been through the space age and the computer age, soon we will be living in the biotechnology age.

The speed of advancement in biotechnology is now exponential; a tipping point has been reached, and as biotechnology expert Carsten Thiel and others explains, there are three main reasons for this.

Progress in Technology

Sequencing the human genome has gotten dramatically cheaper since the process was introduced in the 1990’s, and this is because of the increasing speed and storage capacities of computers. Today, experts like Carsten Thiel can use the human genome itself in their research; whereas, in the past, it was necessary to look at mice.

Better comprehension of human biology

Improved technology leads to improved understanding. Carsten Thiel and other biotechnology experts now see biology more in terms of engineering than ever before.

Carsten Thiel has a Ph.D and was the CEO of Abeona Therapeutics Inc. This is a biopharmaceutical company for clinical-stages that mainly develops gene and cell therapies for genetic diseases that are rare and life-threatening. It is a company that is a major part of the golden age of biotechnology that Carsten Thiel is very much a part of.

Just as in the 1990’s when the target biology revolution made it possible to develop drugs to treat AIDS and other diseases, machine learning, automation and the quantification of biology will likely lead to breakthroughs in medicine in the near future. Go To This Page for additional information.

More tools

Gene therapies, nucleic acids and non-particle delivery systems are just some of the new modalities researchers and doctors are now using to research disease. In short, the future is bright for medicine.


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You Want to Own a Home? Worry no More as New Residential Investment is here for You

New Residential Investment Corp is a global real estate investment firm that majorly focuses on management and investments connected to the residential real estate. The company specializes in various segments which include investments in multiple mortgage rights, in excess mortgage rights, in real estate securities, corporates, and many others. The company has also invested in consumer loans, agency RMBS as well as multiple non-agency RMBS. This investment has transformed the lives of many people.

Currently, around 74% of mortgage servicing rights are owned by banks although the number is expected to reduce with time due to heightened capital reserve requirement, environmental challenges, and regulatory scrutiny. This will create opportunities to entities such as New Residential Investment to take part over through co-investment in the equal excess mortgage servicing rights.

A mortgage servicing rights consist of two components. The first component is a basic fee; which is the amount compensated as a result of performed servicing duty. On the other hand, the second component is the excess mortgage servicing rights. It refers to the amount that surpass the necessary fee. As the sole proprietor of excess mortgage servicing rights, we collect cash flow sourced from it each month, but we do not offer servicing responsibilities and liabilities.

Learn More: www.reuters.com/finance/stocks/company-officers/NRZ

Dr. Vijay Eswaran Cites Technology as the Game Changer in Business

The future is diverging from the traditional path business has trod for numerous decades. In the wake of technological advancement assembly lines are becoming automated and production the work of computerization. Even cars are at the threshold of become fully automated. Smartphone apps have changed the game on numerous levels. “Many millennials do not even try for driver’s licenses,” Dr. Vijay Eswaran says, “They do not need them with apps like Uber or Grab.”

Dr. Vijay Eswaran is what is known as a disruptive entrepreneur because his business ethic takes an alternative route to traditional stratagem. In Dr. Eswaran’s opinion he is simply focusing on the future. This is the primary reason he co-founded QI group of companies back in 1998. QI group is a multi-level marketer that is in the business of funding start-ups and acquisitions. The idea is finance the work of others but promote said work under a communal banner. According to Dr. Eswaran it is entrepreneur making and it is the evolution of employment.

In a recent interview Dr. Eswaran talked about his reasons for creating QI. Initially he was not in love with the idea nor believed that it could work. But after a year of sitting in sessions and listening to presentations he was finally sold. Once he saw there was actual money to made he fell in love with it completely. “I wanted to make serious money,” Dr. Eswaran explained.

The new avenue being created by technology is certainly paved with gold. Internet start-ups, fundamental services, and direct-selling are the most successful players currently on the field. As the game continues to change its effects are felt everywhere. According to Dr. Eswaran that place is currently employment. However, by embracing the future one can simply shift to where employment is. If you do not believe Dr. Eswaran, just ask you local Uber driver.

Roseann Bennett Of Center For Assessment And Treatment Highlights Her Reasons For Establishing The Organization

Roseann Bennett is a prominent, New Jersey-based licensed family and marriage counselor. She has vast experience in marital therapy, treatment planning, and case management. Over the years, she has been working the adolescents and their families.

With her husband, Bennett has co-founded Center for Assessment and Treatment, a not-for-profit organization, where she serves as the executive director too. She is the head of the American Association for Marriage as well as Family Therapy Approved Supervisor. Currently, she also serves as the president of the Northern Chapter Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.

Her career started when she helped others to make a significant impact in the family system. It’s something she always aspired to do. For that reason, Roseann Bennett obtained her Master’s degree in Psychological Studies from the prestigious Seton Hall University. She then pursued a Specialist Education from the same school, before taking up a course in the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. Bennett is currently helping individuals from different walks of life, including Warren and Somerset. See This Page for related information.

Her business at the Center for Assessment and Treatment primarily entails healing people. Although she doesn’t administer medication to that, Roseann Bennett offers help toward guiding clients to a natural-healing path. Sometimes, a few sessions are enough. Other times it takes years to find support for an individual. The idea of establishing the Center for Assessment and Treatment came after she had worked in the local community for decades, doing in-home based therapy.

Bennett transitioned to outpatient care. Her patient’s long waits to access therapy became a concern to her. They had to wait for six months to see a therapist, a case she describes as especially true for those who came from low-income earning families. The lack of better healthcare systems encouraged her to establish an organization that would offer mental healthcare and treatment to patients from impoverished families.


Visit her on https://gazetteday.com/2018/05/roseann-bennett-center-assessment-treatment-qa/

Alastair Borthwick was a Reputable Author and Journalist

Alastair Borthwick was a Scottish hero. He was a proficient author. Alastair was gifted with good command of English. His writings have appealing and enchanting language. Alastair Borthwick included humor in his work. He loved living a balanced life. Exploring mysteries of nature and beauty of God creation was the most exciting moments of his life. He enjoyed taking graphic pictures in the mountain. He traveled across the globe climbing mountains. He loved the geographical feature on the mountain top. At the peak, he could capture the picture of the flatlands areas.

Alastair Borthwick had a bold personality. He could walk in a war zone without shaking and capture the events.

Alastair Borthwick Compassion for Mankind

He was compassionate about humankind. His sanguine character helped in forming friendships with other people quickly. His choices of words were very illuminating, and he had abilities to gain confidence from strangers without taking much time. Ideally, he socialized with folks from the middle class, berry pickers. As an idealist, he lived a simple life with simple goals. He believed before anything else; he had to write a thousand words every day to freshen up.

Alastair Borthwick Author and Journalist

Alastair Borthwick was talented and had a passion for writing. Despite the fact he came from the humble beginning nothing could divert his attention in achieving his mission and vision. Through his books, Alastair has inspired a lot of generation. He had an in-depth understanding of general ideas. His first novel Always A little Further published in 1939. It gained popularity due to the wise choice of word and captivity nature. The suspense leaves the reader a dilemma. The novel thrilled millions of reader worldwide. The story made him an icon in literature. Shortly after, he published his second novel in 1946. Due to the second-word war atmosphere, most of the writing revolved around the subject of war. In the 1980s his first novel covering stories of war released. He later wrote the battalion in early 1990.

As a renowned journalist, Alastair Borthwick was an exceptional his work. He was passionate about broadcasting and covered war stories. He gained vast experience and veteran in the history of war stories. Along with that, Alastair Borthwick appeared in the national exhibition. He was a versatile writer. For more information, visit facebook page.