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Hussain Sajwani is the founder of DAMAC Properties, which he created in 2002. Currently, he serves as the chairman as the company is a real estate developer. It has provided individuals with great living experiences in Dubai. DAMAC has become one of the best real estate developers with working on different projects in the Middle East and the United Kingdom. With its passion for quality and design, DAMAC has built a foundation and the reputation for creating great properties in the region. One of the projects of the DAMAC is called the Nine Elms Property Limited. It is one of the tallest buildings in London and is a prestigious spot for guests and renters alike. Another place is called the Mina Al Sultan Qaboos, another project owned by Hussain Sajwani. The place is being developed into a luxurious tourist port filled with hotels and residencies. The last spot owned by the DAMAC Owner is AYKON Maldives Resort, which is on an island. Located on it is a five-star hotel with luxury suites. On the resort, there are fitness, spas, and other entertainment places.

An article on Hussain Sajwani website gives details of who he is as an individual and owner. Sajwani is a graduate of the University of Washington where he started out his career as a contracts manager in GASCO. After a short while, he started his own business where his brand has grown tremendously. Hussain Sajwani is largely responsible for the expansion in Dubai with his properties. The DAMAC owner has created a lot in the area of Dubai and London. The company has even partnered with some of the highest fashion and lifestyle brands in the market. DAMAC Properties in 2011 even expanded to hospitality, which will provide service to hotels and apartments. Hussain Sajwani is responsible for the growth in the company with his entrepreneurial skills. He has expanded upon his clear vision. Currently, he stays in Dubai with his family of four and wife.

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