Jacob Gottlieb Contribution in the Healthcare Industry

Altium Capital was founded by Jacob Gottlieb who is often given the title Titan of Healthcare Investing. He serves as its managing director. Jacob Gottlieb is also a prominent financial investor and he started Altium Capital as a way of broadening the product portfolios offered by his investment ventures. This firm is situated in New York and it concentrates on boosting viable investment opportunities exhibited by those companies in the healthcare industry that has growth potential. Altium Capital offers financial assistance to various companies that provide meaningful health and advanced medical services.

Oramed Pharmaceuticals was the first healthcare firm that Altium Capital invested with. This is after it acquired 5.61 % of its shares. Oramed Pharmaceutical is credited with the development of an oral treatment option for patients living with diabetes which will help replace intravenous insulin which has been in use for a long time. The firm managed to successfully test and release an oral insulin capsule and a Glucagon-like Peptide which will greatly reduce the agony that diabetes patients go through when injecting themselves on daily basis. It also boasts of a team of professionals who have vast experience in this sector. The firm also gets assistance from some of the world’s best scientists.

Secondly, Altium Capital established a partnership with the Sellas Life Sciences after purchasing 9.81% of its shares. Sellas Life Sciences is known for the development of technology that would greatly broaden the medical treatment options available for cancer patients. The firm has mainly concentrated on the establishment of immunotherapies that can aid in detecting the presence of cancer through the analysis of various signals that point out to cancer.

Altium Capital third collaboration was with a Pharmaceutical Company known as Amarin which is based in Bedminster. This firm is credited with the discovery of drugs used in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases and other heart-related diseases. Its first drug known as AMR-101 received an FDA Approval the year 2012.

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