Paul Herdsman On Navigating Good Business


Dreamer turned visionary turned success story, Paul Herdsman is an eager businessman of lofty pursuits. Born in the heart of Jamaica, Herdsman fostered his dream of becoming a top dog in business during his adolescence, eventually realizing his aspirations as he transitioned into a young adult.

Now the CEO and co-founder of NICE Global, Herdsman illustrates how industrious efforts breed triumph. A nearshore business solutions company, NICE Global seeks to assist companies in the following fields: boosting revenue, retaining customers, and technical support. Some of their most raved about services include cross-selling and up-selling.

As a man who managed to go from rags to riches, Herdsman has keen insight into the do’s and don’t s of business. More specifically, Herdsman knows what it takes to create a well-oiled organization. Above all else, establishing a convivial and uplifting company culture is paramount. When workers feel valued and respected, their loyalty to the company deepens. For Herdsman, he strives to create a “family feel” in the office. Herdsman states that he cares about his staffers on both a personal and professional level and that this sincere concern inspirits employees.

Moreover, Paul Herdsman finds it crucial to “invest in players.” From training programs to educational outlets, Herdsman is of the school of thought that continuing education bodes well for a harmonious work environment. Similarly, employees who avail themselves of these perks should be acknowledged and rewarded for their efforts to go above and beyond. Herdsman refers to this tactic as “driving momentum.”

Finally, Herdsman puts a premium on hiring the best of the best. With that said, he’s implemented a robust hiring process that guarantees no glaring issues are overlooked. Both experienced and insightful, Herdsman’s pearls of wisdom are highly sought-after. Click Here for more information about Paul Herdsman.


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