Kimberly Bakker: How She Achieves Maximum Daily Productivity


With more than 15 years of experience, Kimberly Bakker is an outstanding PR account executive, fundraiser and event planner. She attended the University of Southern California where she studied Business. While at the institution, she was a part of the Panhellenic Board; as the Women’s Advocate. In addition to this, she served as a volunteer teacher. To achieve her goals, she maximizes her productivity every day. How does she do it?

Planning and organization

Kimberly Bakker wakes up early and carefully plans her day. After freshening up and making breakfast, she prepares herself for the day’s activities; both physically and mentally. She delegates tasks and ensures that every single detail of a particular event is taken care of. While an occasion is taking place, she makes sure that everything progresses as planned to avoid failure.

As a successful entrepreneur, she also attributes her success to her organization. It allows for order throughout the entire event. Find More Information Here.


Bakker lets her ambition drive her and this allows her to be extremely productive. There are no limitations for her. When she is discussing her work with her clients, she considers their ideas as well as expectations. She tactfully implements them to provide results that are admirable and sustaining.

Kimberly Bakker has achieved a lot of things. The following are some of them.


When she graduated from the University of Southern California in 1992, she was among the year’s most outstanding seniors. She was appointed as the San Francisco Protocol Officer in 2005 by Mayor Gavin Newsom. Then, she presented on the mayor’s behalf and assisted in producing the World Environment Day’s celebration that lasted a week. Moreover, She runs her own firm; Kimberly Bakker Events. It allows her to serve her clients in a better and more satisfying way.

Being determined and productive has enabled Kimberly Bakker to achieve most of her goals. With her great planning and organizational skills, she delivers great results. This ensures that her clients get what they deserve.


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