New Trends Get Set at The RealReal

Fashion enthusiasts and brand conscious people always look up for something that ensures quality, authenticity, and durability. The only reality of this contemporary scenario is The RealReal. The RealReal is an online luxury consignment site which provides stuff like shoes, watches, handbags, clothing, perfumes, jewelry, and many more things both in second hand as well as with tags. It is not just an online store like all others out there rather there are some real facts about The RealReal which make it a reliable center for online luxury purchasing. It has sold over 8 million items.

The RealReal store features major designer brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and many more. Prices are not really cheap but very less than the real ones. You might be thinking that there is nothing new in it. But, wait! The RealReal induces a whole long process to verify the authenticity of the products. It includes various steps.

At first, the products arrive at the main branch of The RealReal. A special team unpacks whole luggage and check its quality. They separate broken, torn and rough stuff and keep the high-quality products for further processing.

Next step involves the complete inspection and monitoring of products to make sure they are original. They check trademarks and brand identifiers and also look for things like stitching pattern and color matching in the particular catalogs in which they were first exhibited. The RealReal also conducts an internal contest namely “Find the Fake” where the team member who identifies and finds out the fake product is given a prize. Sounds interesting?

In the next step, the experts strictly analyze the products. Jewelry is examined by some fine gemologists and horologists. Likewise, every product is tested by its field experts, and once they are satisfied, the copywriting begins. It includes metadata comprising of all details and characteristics of a product, from its length to its shape, color and diameter. Prices are determined by keeping the market rate in view and then each of the products is professionally photographed. All the products are then moved to e-commerce centers according to their listing on the website from where they are finally sold.

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