Infinity Group Australia’s Recent AFR Win Show the Company’s Innovation Works

Infinity Group Australia was featured in Stephen Ray’s article for the Premier Gazette titled “Graeme Holm, Founder of Infinity Group Australia, Accepts AFR Award.” The article reveals how the company was selected for the esteem awards created by the Australian Financial Review.


The Australian Financial Review is a prestigious financial publication based out of Australia. Each year they create a list of the 100 most advanced companies for the Top 100 Most Innovative Companies Awards. They use the consulting company Inventium to sift through the thousands of companies all over New Zealand and Australia to find the companies that are having the biggest impact on the population through innovation. Once Inventium reviews the different companies, they judge them on the innovation in company culture, process innovations, and strategic applications of their solution. They also want the companies that will have the biggest impact on the population at large. The companies need to solve a specific problem in new and enticing ways.


Infinity Group Australia was selected as the 58th on the list, demonstrating that despite the youth of the company, they are more than capable of delivering what they promise. The financial company is oriented in finding financial solutions for Australian families. After spending almost two decades in the large financial industry, Graeme Holm saw that most Australian families were living paycheck to paycheck to pay off their loans and the financial institutions were not giving them enough support along the way. Learn more:


When he discovered this large problem at the heart of the loan industry, he discovered a better way to solve the problem after spending six months researching with his partner Rebecca Walker. He created Infinity Group Australia with fitness in mind. He discovered that personal trainers took a personalized approach to each customer and that finances should be treated in the same way. Each client is provided with a personal loan officer who will guide them throughout the entire life-cycle of the loan, unlike other financial institutions who simply abandon their clients to their own devices once they sign the loan. Infinity Group Australia reviews the finances of each client every month, providing a detailed report so their clients can see what they need to work on and what they are doing well. Graeme Holm’s innovative process has led him to be listed as the MPA Top 100 Brokers list for management and customer services as well. Infinity Group Australia has expanded to five different locations and continues to grow.


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