History Of OG Juan Perez And Jay-Z

Juan “OG” Perez (age 50) is a Harlem, New York native and attended the Brandeis High School in Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Jay-Z and OG Juan started their friendship back in the mid-90’s when they were introduced by one co-founders of Roc-A-Fella Records , Kareem Burke, also known as “Biggs.” They instantly had a bond over New York and the love of sports. OG Juan received his first shout out from Jay-Z in a lyric on The Black Album in 2003. The lyrics was: “OG Juan, What up? Whatssup Dez?” also referencing OG Juan’s wife Desiree Perez. At this time OG Juan was the owner of Baseline Studios. In 2003 the couple started ventures in the opening of sports bars and lounges in New York City. This includes the famous 40/40 club.

New York City Sports have always been one of the main factors of the relationship between Jay-Z and OG Juan. Celebrities gravitated to the 40/40 club for this reason as Jay-Z and OG Juan were often spotted out at major sporting events. These athletes would often ask Jay-Z and OG Juan for advice which sparked the idea of creating an area for a sports agency in Roc Nation.

In 2013 they announced Roc Nation Sports, securing Yankees second baseman, Robinson Cano. This took Cano from up under top sports agent Scott Boras. Of course, Jay-Z aggressively called out Boras in lyrics from the Magna Carta Holy Grail album. At this time he also confirmed signing NBA player Kevin Durant.

OG Juan is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Roc Nation Sports and mirroring their mission statement in the same way it manages its other artists in the music industry. The success has proven itself to be a great venture for the two as working partners.

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