Betsy DeVos: Doing Her Part to Make America Great Again

There are so many different things that need to change when it comes to systems in America. We live in a time where the current president claims that he wants to “make America great again”, but what does such an assertion mean for every day Americans? It’s true, that they will more than likely expect some types of government overhauls, but what can they do to help enact a real degree of change. Well, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos believes that the first thing they can do is look at their children’s school system and make some very tough decisions about what they believe is going to be best for their children.


By doing this, Betsy DeVos believes that parents will feel a sense of empowerment that needs to accompany more decisions that are being made in this age of American involvement. The problem is, that America isn’t great right now and students are actually being put in a position where they are not getting an education that is competitive with other students around the globe. Parents need to look at this and ascertain whether or not this is going to be something they need to take action on. It might be possible that privatization of the educational system in America can be the only way to help revive that dying system.


Betsy DeVos is one of the major proponents of school choice. Another way of describing school choice is by thinking of a type of private education. Parents can accomplish this through a variety of ways that match a variety of budgets. Homeschooling is a very economical option that parents can elect to go through, it will foster a greater amount of bonding and help parents ensure that their children are receiving a quality education that they understand. They also have the option of sending their children to a virtual school where they have an exposure to children from many different backgrounds that will allow them to gain a deeper knowledge of the world. They also have more time devoted to self-directive activities that will help them develop skills necessary for self-learning. Parents that must work outside of the home or are not available can look into the charter school or private school systems. Both offer superb levels of education that will keep the parents involved in the process throughout their entire learning career.


Betsy DeVos knows that there are options available, parents just need to understand those options as well. While these were just a few of the ones that they can elect to enroll their children, there are new types of hybrid programs springing up every single day. These programs can offer a unique perspective that will allow students to tailor their parental level of involvement based on the schedules that all family members have. The thing is, that this allows parents to customize the education approach instead of plopping their children down into a system that has been operating under the same type of standards for years without adapting in any kind of way. Betsy DeVos knows that change is good, and this change will make America great.


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