The Chainsmokers Share Exclusive Details About the Making of “Somebody”

Fresh off of attending the 60th Annual Grammy Awards in January of 2018, The Chainsmokers have released a tutorial on their Facebook demonstrating how their latest hit song came together. Their song, “Somebody,” relies upon the combination of sounds that have made The Chainsmokers stand out from other DJ groups: the unique blend of modular synth work with pitched-up vocals.

In the clip posted to their Facebook, The Chainsmokers relax in their studio and give a key insight into how the song was made. They reveal, for instance, that part of the vocals for “Somebody” were originally composed and recorded for a different song. When the decision was made to add the vocals to “Somebody” instead, this resulted in a need for a pitch change, giving the song the recognizable distinction that fans have come to love.

With their unique sounds and genre-defying music, The Chainsmokers have been one of the most successful American DJ and production duos to emerge in the 21st century. First breaking onto the scene in 2014 with their song “#Selfie,” the band has gone on to release three extended plays and one full-length studio album. The Chainsmokers is composed of Alex Pall, who operates as the DJ, and Andrew Taggart, who operates as the band’s producer and vocalist. As a group, The Chainmakers have been noted for their ability to transcend the boundaries that exist between hip-hop, dance music, indie and pop. Their diverse range likely comes from the diverse group of influences cited by the band, which range from Taylor Swift to Blink-182.

In 2018, The Chainsmokers topped The Billboard Dance 100 Top Artists chart. Billboard praised the group’s crossover savvy and ability to put on fully bombastic arena shows that appealed to more than one type of listener. The group has garnered more than 2 million concert ticket sales and over 10 billion online streaming downloads. Beginning in 2017, The Chainsmokers began a three-year long residency in Las Vegas at the Wynn Nightlife.

The Chainsmokers new single, Somebody, and their success in 2018.

The Chainsmokers have been all over the charts and billboards since the dawn of 2018. The duo has performed their songs on the most hyped platforms and events like the Ultra Music Festival in Miami. This is in loyalty to their long-term plan to put a new face into electronic dance music, a quest they are on the blink of fulfilling. Their new single somebody is the ultimate soundtrack that reflects the daily struggles of our lives. The lyrics to the song are reflective, with a mix of emotional sentiments and some philosophical bits.

Chainsmokers have been on a nice run of success this year, with their acclaimed single hit; don’t let me down, hitting a billion views on Spotify. According to Alex Pall, one of the DJing duo, somebody is projected to be a major success given the level of versatility that they have invested in the track. Success has not ceased following the Chainsmokers as they recently topped the Billboard Dance 100. Andrew Taggart thanked the fans for their support in an appreciation video, saying that they are excited as much as they are honored to top the list, citing that in the previous years they did not even make the cut.

In the new song, Somebody, the Chainsmokers feature Drew Love of THEY, a popular American R&B duo. Chainsmokers always take pride in the fact that they write their own lyrics and in this song, it is no different. Andrew Taggart teams up with Drew Love and Emily Warren in writing the catchy lyrics to the new radio-banger hit. Somebody has received praise from all over the industry for its well-crafted beats that feature somber keys and atmospheric syncs. Most people have described the song as the strongest production in 2018 from the duo.

More about the Chainsmokers

They are an American DJing duo, made up by Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall. The two met in 2012 in New York City and has since grown to a household name. Their major break was in 2014 with their hit single #selfie which featured at top twenty in most charts in different countries. Their first live performance was in September 2014, when they opened for Timeflies.

Mina Ebrahimi-Passionate Cook and Entrepreneur

Mina Ebrahimi is the founder and CEO of Saint Germain, a reputable catering company. She has a real passion for cooking, and she turned it into her career when she started her own catering company. It took a lot of effort and grit, but she now owns a company that delivers high-quality food and superior service.

Mina’s parents first immigrated to the USA in 1978, and she worked in the family bakery, Seven Corners, at the age of 11. There she learned many practical and valuable skills such as customer service and she ran the café when it was relocated to Tyson’s Galleria as the Saint Germain Café.

When she reached the age of 26, she began her own company known as Saint Germain Catering. Her company’s specialty is corporate catering and hosting special events such as weddings. She turned her company into a full-service catering company that hosts weddings, special events, business luncheons, and private parties. Her company has 32 employees that are full-time and eight employees that work for her part-time.

Mina has been recognized for all of her hard work and achievements and has been awarded the Enterprising Women of the Year Award and Top 40 Under 40 Award. She has also received many other awards and recognition as well.

Mina is also very compassionate and has given generously to many non-profit organizations including Operation Homefront DC, and the 25th Project that helps provide food to the homeless in the Northern VA area. She has even sponsored McBaine, a dog that detects cancer.

She also founded the Jack-Ebrahimi Program at the Pennsylvania University which helps women to have a bright future. Mina is all about rising up to your full potential and believe that when you direct your mind to something you can obtain it. She has turned her success into a useful tool to help others to realize and achieve their dreams and has proven that no matter what your passion is, if you want it bad enough and work towards it, it can be done. She is also a strong advocate for women in business.

Betsy DeVos: Doing Her Part to Make America Great Again

There are so many different things that need to change when it comes to systems in America. We live in a time where the current president claims that he wants to “make America great again”, but what does such an assertion mean for every day Americans? It’s true, that they will more than likely expect some types of government overhauls, but what can they do to help enact a real degree of change. Well, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos believes that the first thing they can do is look at their children’s school system and make some very tough decisions about what they believe is going to be best for their children.


By doing this, Betsy DeVos believes that parents will feel a sense of empowerment that needs to accompany more decisions that are being made in this age of American involvement. The problem is, that America isn’t great right now and students are actually being put in a position where they are not getting an education that is competitive with other students around the globe. Parents need to look at this and ascertain whether or not this is going to be something they need to take action on. It might be possible that privatization of the educational system in America can be the only way to help revive that dying system.


Betsy DeVos is one of the major proponents of school choice. Another way of describing school choice is by thinking of a type of private education. Parents can accomplish this through a variety of ways that match a variety of budgets. Homeschooling is a very economical option that parents can elect to go through, it will foster a greater amount of bonding and help parents ensure that their children are receiving a quality education that they understand. They also have the option of sending their children to a virtual school where they have an exposure to children from many different backgrounds that will allow them to gain a deeper knowledge of the world. They also have more time devoted to self-directive activities that will help them develop skills necessary for self-learning. Parents that must work outside of the home or are not available can look into the charter school or private school systems. Both offer superb levels of education that will keep the parents involved in the process throughout their entire learning career.


Betsy DeVos knows that there are options available, parents just need to understand those options as well. While these were just a few of the ones that they can elect to enroll their children, there are new types of hybrid programs springing up every single day. These programs can offer a unique perspective that will allow students to tailor their parental level of involvement based on the schedules that all family members have. The thing is, that this allows parents to customize the education approach instead of plopping their children down into a system that has been operating under the same type of standards for years without adapting in any kind of way. Betsy DeVos knows that change is good, and this change will make America great.


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