US Money Reserve Looks to Help Hurricane Recovery Efforts

During the late summer, the state of Texas was hit hard by Hurricane Harvey. The storm hit parts of Texas such as Houston and the surrounding area. With the storm a lot of damage took place and altered the lives of many residents. The damage from the storm contributed to destroyed homes, lost property, flooding and forcing people to be displaced. As a result, relief efforts were necessary to help the community recover. Some of organizations have contributed to the relief effort including the Austin Disaster Relief Network and US Money Reserve. The two organizations have worked together to help a number people more easily recover from the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey.


With the devastation of the storm in mind, both US Money Reserve and the Austin Disaster Relief Network have looked to find a number of ways to help restore the community. Both organizations have provided funding, clothing, food and support for those who have experienced the effects of the hurricane. For US Money Reserve, it is taking the storm’s effects very seriously as a number of its employees have been impacted by the storm. Since a number of employees have been affected by the storm, US Money Reserve is very determined to help them recover and provide them with all of the assistance they need. Some of the executives of US Money Reserve have expressed their sympathy and motivation to help their employees get their quality of life restored.


US Money Reserve is a company that was founded in 2001 which provides precious metals for consumers to purchase. The company has established itself as one of the most legitimate entities to purchase these valuable assets. For consumers who are looking to buy precious metals such as gold and silver, they will be able to choose from a wide selection of items which will help them enhance their investment portfolio. As well as being a retailer of precious metals, US Money Reserve is also a company that provides investors with support and education. This helps them gain the knowledge and assistance they need in order to acquire the best metals that will give them the highest returns on a regular basis.


When looking to buy metals from US Money Reserve, you will have a variety of products to take advantage of. You can purchase coins, bars and bullion in gold. These products will allow you to get one of the most prized assets in the world. With gold, you can possess an asset that will stay valuable over time. Investors can also purchase bars, bullion and coins that are made up of silver. Having silver is another valuable asset that will go up in value as well. Whenever you are looking to buy precious metals products, you can also purchase platinum coins and bullion as well. All of these products will definitely provide investors with assets that can enable them to build wealth and protect themselves from inflation.

The Chainsmokers Interview

In a recent interview with the Chainsmokers, the members Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart open up about who they were before hitting it off big, and how they got to where they are.

Alex Pall was a regular guy that lived in New York city. DJing was a hobby of his at the time and he had a small career going on with it. DJing didn’t seem like a real job to him because he had so much fun doing it, so it was scary to him. But one day, Alex decided to give DJing a real chance, and he realized that he wanted to try and make a real career out of DJing, so his manager at the time, which is his formal manager introduced him to Andrew Taggart, and they started working immediately.

Andrew Taggart was a college student in Maine who had a love for electronic music and an interest in DJing. After a while he started to like producing, so he produced some songs and put them on SounCloud. He also performed at a couple of shows, but even though it was only a couple, it inspired him to continue his dreams. He planned on moving to a bigger city after college to pursue a career in DJing, but he finally got the break he was looking for. One day, someone that knew and worked for his former partner Alex’s manager told Andrew that the Chainsmokers needed another member, and that they played in many shows. Andrew wasted no time, and took a bus to New York immediately. When he met Alex, they went to his apartment and started making music instantly.

Now they have a few major hits such as “Roses, ” “Don’t Let Me Down,” and their latest “Closer.” They are hoping to grow their audience as they create new music.

How Greg Aziz Drives Innovation At National Steel Car

National Steel Car is a Canadian railcar manufacturer located in Hamilton, Ontario. It was founded in 1912 by several investors, chief among them Sir John Morison Gibson. Right off the bat it was a very successful company that did better than the founders ever expected. It became one of North America’s biggest railcar manufacturers but things went south during the Great Depression.


The advent of World War II revived National Steel Car and it’s been a fairly healthy company ever since that time. However, an investment banker named Gregory James Aziz thought he could do a lot of things with the company that its owner at the time, Dofasco, wasn’t doing. He bought the company in 1994. He is now the chairman of the board and chief executive officer of this firm and his leadership has led to its return to being among the largest railcar manufacturers in North America.


Gregory J Aziz grew up in Ontario and attended the University of Western Ontario. After earning his economics degree there he joined the company his family had established a number of years before. This was a wholesale food firm with clients in America and Canada. He spent more than 16 years working there before coming across an opportunity to move to New York and join and investment banking firm.


It was while he was living in New York that he learned about National Steel Car and what an opportunity it would be for him to own it. Gregory James Aziz transformed the company after he bought it and soon it was supplying many more North American companies with railcars. He boosted production by a factor of four and increased the company’s headcount six-fold. They offer a full range of railcars to their clients which includes among other companies Shell Canada, Nova Chemicals, Canadian Pacific Railways, and Dow Chemicals.


Gregory Aziz says that his manufacturing facility is based on 75 acres and has two million square feet of space to it. He now has five production lines at his plant and he has invested more than $350 million into new manufacturing technology as well as plant automation. He has said that at National Steel Car the goal is to honor the past traditions of his company while embarking confidently forward into the future. He also says that his firm is focused on providing quality railcars to their customers and being the leading company in the industry. Go Here for additional information.


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Entreprenurial Ambassedor Shervin Pishevar Has made His Mark

With national and international distinctions, entrepreneur Shervin Pishevar has made an impression on the world. His achievements were recently reviewed in “World Affairs, Conversations That Matter” in a clear-cut manner. What Shevin Pishevar has done and is currently doing is not hype. He is an entrepreneur, a great venture capitalist and investor presently, but has earned the distinction in his career of being chosen by the U. S. Government as an Outstanding American by Choice. He has also earned many other distinctions, leading him to the present apex of his career as co-founder and managing director of Sherpa Ventures, a venture capital firm based in San Francisco.

Although his work has been focused in technology-enabled companies, this visionary gentleman has earned distinctions. He has served on state department delegations to the Middle East as an ambassador. He is a member of the Global Entrepreneurs Council, and he has served as key note speaker at the Summit On Entrepreneurship in Algeria for President Obama. At the age of 21, he co-authored an article in the Journal of the American Medical Association. This article was instrumental in leading to the Istanbul Protocol, a set of guidelines for the documentation of torture. It was adopted by the United Nations as an official document in 1999.

Shervin Pishevar makes a deep impression as an entrepreneur. As well as serving as managing director for Sherpin Ventures, he is the Cofounder and Chairman of Hyperloop Technologies, Inc. In his past investment career, he has founded and directed numerous successful enterprises. These included and HyperOffice as examples, and companies he has founded have an aggregate of $50 million. While serving as managing director of Menlo Ventures, Shervin Pishevar helped launch Menlo’s $20 million Menlo Venture Talent seed fund. This is an example of the versatility and depth of this distinguished human being. See This Page for related information.

Shervin Pishevar will no doubt go forward earning the same kind of respect in the business world he has achieved thus far. With hard work, and a certain brilliance, he has left his mark.