Jeremey Goldstein Attorney at Law

Jeremy Goldstein an attorney in New York City has witnessed firsthand the legal battles that corporations must fight in order to create a favorable economic environment. With experience working for large corporations like Goldman Sachs Verizon and make America he is well-versed in the usage of earnings-per-share among numerous other incentive-based programs.

It is in Jeremy Goldstein’s opinion that earnings-per-share employee incentives are typically a favorable thing for the employee. They almost always have a big influence on stock price in addition to the incentive that they provide companies to increase the amount of pay for their employees. In fact, studies have shown that companies which utilize these programs are more successful than those that do not.

That is not to say that earnings-per-share programs do not have any downsides. Jeremy Goldstein has seen firsthand opponents of earnings-per-share systems using them to lead to favoritism. In fact, it is believed that in corrupt companies higher-ups use these programs in order to skew results to drive share values higher.

In fact, it is argued that these programs are not a valuable measure of a company’s long-term prosperity and are only useful in terms of a company’s short-term profitability. This means that they are not a sustainable metric to measure a company’s long-term financial health.

Jeremy Goldstein recommends that a compromise is made between the pros and cons of systems such as these. The best way is not to do away with these systems as they incentivize employees to perform better but rather find a way that manages to hold higher-ups of a company responsible for their actions. It is in this way that you can provide a platform for long-term financial prosperity for a company.

Jeremy Goldstein began his law practice many years ago in the city of New York working for a large corporate firm and eventually founded his own practice, Jeremy L Goldstein, and Associates. He graduated from the New York University School of Law and has worked on numerous legal cases for large corporations ranging from cellular companies all the way to oil and petroleum companies. In all of these, he has focused his expertise on monetary and compensation legality.

Currently, he is listed among the top lawyers for legal counsel in Chambers USA guide to America’s leading lawyers for business. He has been published in a number of journals of Law and is a regular contributor to NYU Journal of lawn business as part of the professional advisory board. Goldstein belongs to the American Bar Association business section and he frequently donates two fountain house in order to support and aid those who are affected by mental illness. Learn more:

Gregory Aziz – Moving Forward with National Steel Car

National Steel Car is owned by Gregory James Aziz. A native of Ontario, he went to Ridgely College then afterward pursued Economics which he finished at the Western Ontario University. His family owned Affiliated Food, and he joined the business in 1971. The family venture was centered on importing fresh food products from Europe and South America and distributed them in Canada and the United States.

At the end of the 1980s and beginning of the 1990s, Gregory James Aziz worked with numerous banks in New York, and 1994 purchased The National Steel Car Company from Dofasco.



National Steel Car is the only freight car and rail car manufacturer in North America. It was created in 1912 and was called Imperial Car Company during that time. A month after its inception, Imperial Car company became The National Steel Car Company. The company’s operation had a good start in the beginning, but around 1990 the success it experienced died down and was declining when Dofasco, then owner of the company, sold it to Greg Aziz in 1994.

As James Greg Aziz took the helms of the management, he saw that the company needs to have more manpower and additional capital. After investing more money and hiring more people to work, the company steadily grew in terms of manpower and assets. By 1999, National Steel Car can manufacture 12,000 freight cars in a year and already had 2,000 employees.


As a way of giving back, the company sponsors the following causes and charities: the Hamilton Opera, the Salvation Army, the Theater Aquarius, the United Way and other local charitable and social activities that are intended for those in need. Also, the company sponsors the National Steel Car Annual Christmas Party that is joined by past and present employees.



The best thing that National Steel Car did for the local residents of Ontario is the creation of jobs that are well-paid that greatly benefits each employee’s family. With the expert management of Gregory James Aziz and the support and dedication of the employees at National Steel Car, the company was able to maintain the production of quality, innovative and durable rail cars that have been recognized by the issuance of the ISO9001:2008 and honor of being awarded the TTX SECO award.



Greg Aziz comments that the continued success of the company is due to the hard work of his employees who have unfailing dedication and commitment in the pursuit of their common goals.


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Dick DeVos Has Always Been A Part Of Making Grand Rapids Michigan A Great City To Live In

In 1991, Dick DeVos caught wind of a plan to construct a multi-purpose convention and sports arena in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and he began to lobby against it as soon as he could. The reason he opposed the convention center was that he believed it would not be a good thing for the downtown area of the city. He encouraged people to look at the lesson of how the Pontiac Silverdome and Palace of Auburn Hills hurt the city of Detroit when the Pistons and Lions vacated in the 1970s. His opposition to the convention center started up Grand Action, which is a body of leaders in business who were the main reason for the building of Michigan State University’s medical school, the DeVos Performance Hall, Van Andel Arena, and many others.


Dick DeVos and his Wife, Betsy DeVos, have always focused their efforts on changing state laws that effect labor and education to align more closely with their GOP leanings. Mr. DeVos was the reason for the 2012 law that changed the state of Michigan into a place where workers do not have to be in a union to get a job. While most people know Dick DeVos for his political opinions, the truth is he also donates plenty of his own money to culture and the arts, programs that build leaders, healthcare and services for people, churches, and initiatives that improve scholarships for private schools and the reforming of the educational system. His wife and himself donated $12.5 million to help with the building of a $103 million children’s hospital that was named after his mother.


Educational reform has always been a top matter of concern for Dick DeVos, and a lot of his focus has been to ensure that kids from poor families get the same opportunities as any other kid does. While he has met resistance, his wife and him have been able to make some progress, and now 24 states have vouchers for private schools, which gives parents more choices as to where their children can attend school. Recently, unrelated to the educational industry, Dick DeVos has been appointed to oversee the Federal Aviation Administration as a part of its top civilian panel. Along with 12 others, he will help to advise the senior management of the FAA on matters of spending, regulations, planning for the long-term, and policy. The position is voluntary and lasts for three years.


Dick DeVos was the President of Amway, in the past, which was co-founded by his father. He is now the CEO of The Windquest Group, which is a holding company based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. His work on improving the Gerald R. Ford International Airport is known to most people who live in Michigan, and Jim Gill, CEO of Ford airport, expressed his belief that Dick DeVos will be a great asset to the FAA Management Advisory Council. Dick DeVos is also the co-founder of the charter school, the West Michigan Aviation Academy, which helps to get students ready for aviation related careers.


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