Aloha Construction Inc. Confirms Their Commitment to Making Their Clients Feel Secure in Their Homes by Launching a New Product

Product knowledge is an integral part of a competent organization’s sales arsenal. Understanding all the features of your products and services can go a long way in helping you present their value accurately and persuasively. It has also been proven that customers tend to respond enthusiastically to organizations that are passionate about their products and are ready to share their unique benefits with them.


One company that has recently proved that they understand their products and services and that they care about the needs of their clients is the Aloha Construction Inc. The company recently confirmed their commitment to making people feel more secure in their homes by launching a new product—interior remodeling and restoration service. The company opened a new Aloha Builds network branch focused on interior restoration, remodeling of kitchens, basements, bathrooms, natural disaster aide, and water extraction. Having completed hundreds of bathroom and kitchen remodeling projects since 2008 (on ad hoc basis) , the company felt that putting a standalone professional team will allow them to provide high quality and bespoke service to its clients.


To ensure that their clients take full advantage of their new product, the trusted Aloha Construction launched the project in May (2017) when many parts of Northern Illinois had dealt with high winds, storms, and dangerous hail. The company also accompanied the project with a new website that was meant to enable their client get timely expert help.


About Aloha


Aloha Construction Inc. is a North Chicagoland’s reputed general roofing and sliding contractor specializing in roof cleaning, stucco installation, cedar sliding, door and window installation, roof waterproofing, seamless gutter installation, door installation, and soffit installation among other services. The company serves Grayslake, Libertyville, Mchenry, North Barrington, Round Lake, Lincolnshire, Mundelein, Palatine, Wauconda, Lake Zurich, Port Barrington, and Vermont Hills areas.

A day in the life of Bob Reina

Bob Reina is the founder and current owner of Talk Fusion. Talk fusion is a marketing company that specializes in video communication. The company first started selling goods to its customers back in 2007. They have been growing by the hundreds of thousands of customers every year. Learn more:


Reina has been working in marketing related fields for more than two decades. He is a genius when it comes to connecting people with products that they are likely to purchase. Reina is a natural-born leader. He has helped encourage and coach all of the staff that currently work for him.


He is a strong believer in helping others that would do the same for him. Reina spends ample time speaking at charity events and donating money to charities around the world. Learn more:


Reina started out as a police officer. He worked as a law enforcement officer for ten years but was not satisfied with his job. Deep down he knew he was made to do much more. There is more to life than living pay check to paycheck and never having free time.


Reina was helping to direct traffic one day when a man approached him and introduced him to the idea of video marketing. Reina instantly knew this was his calling. Instead of working endless hours and struggle to meet goals he could put a team together and expand his intelligence.


He got the idea for talk fusion when he was not able to adequately send an AOL message to his family members back in 2004. Reina called up his friend and IT expert Dr. Jonathan Chen to discuss more details.


When Reina first launched Talk Fusion, there were plenty of struggles (as you might imagine). There were times when he could barely pay his phone bill because the business was taking a while to bring in any revenue. Now the business relies on the success of others.


Bob Reina is an eager, brilliant man. Some people say he has a great sense of humor while others say he is always focused on work. There are times when Reina has to be serious and take charge. Reina gets up early in the morning so that he can create lesson plans for his team by 8:30 AM. Learn more:


PodcastOne Chairman Norman Pattiz Announces Results of Network’s Brand Lift

Studies, Conducted by Edison Research- Article recap

Norman Pattiz executive chairman of PodcastOne announced results from studies of advertising tests from major national brands from five different categories. These tests showed the impact that podcast advertising had on brand recall. The study was conducted towards the last half of 2016.


The findings of the studies showed that over 60 percent of podcast listeners were able to mention a specific grocery after a brand post campaign. This is a significant increase from 7 percent before the brand campaign.


The findings also showed that product awareness which was unaided increased by more than 47 percent post study in the financial services sector. This increase was also recorded in the automobile and lawn and garden products which had an increase of 37 percent and 24 percent respectively. The findings showed that one third of the respondents had developed a positive opinion of the automobile market post study. The respondents also said that they would consider using lawn and garden products after the study. The findings also showed that there was an increase in the awareness of a specific campaign message post study as opposed to pre-study where the awareness was low.


The studies which were conducted by Edison Research on behalf of PodcastOne was aimed at examining the effectiveness of podcast advertising. They used brands that are well known but were delivering a new message. They also used brands that were not well known but were seeking to get increased awareness. Surveys were conducted before and after the podcast advertising campaigns. The results showed that the audiences were very receptive of the campaigns and were willing to consider the products that were being advertised.


PodcastOne Chairman Norman Pattiz

He served as the Executive Chairman of PodcastOne since June 2016. Norman Pattiz is also the founder of Westwood One. In the recent past he founded PodcastOne which is the leading company in podcast marketing and sales. He has also served in the broadcasting Board of Governors of the USA under President Clinton. He was also appointed to the same position by President George Bush.


Norman Pattiz is in the National radio hall of fame which is as a result of his work and contributions to the radio broadcasting sector. He has also received an award by the Library of American Broadcasting which was Giants of Broadcasting.


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